North Carolina Family Group Sheet for the Arthur TAYLOR Family

Husband: Arthur TAYLOR
Birthdate: abt 1742-44
Birthplace: Edgecombe Co North Carolina or Va
Death date: Dec 8, 1781
Place of death: Revolutionary Battlefield SC Line
Burial: Rutherford Co NC
Father: Robert Taylor of White Oak
Mother: Susannah Anderson

Marriage date: abt 1767
Marriage place: Old Tryon or Edgecombe Co NC

Wife: Celia unknown
Birthdate: Abt 1750
Death date: after 1808
Place of death: Old Pendleton Co SC
Burial: unknown


Child No. 1: Charles Taylor
Sex: M
Birthdate: abt 1766
Birthplace: Old Tryon or Cumberland Co NC
Death date: 1844
Place of death: Henderson Co NC
Burial: Henderson Co NC probably Refuge Baptist Church Cemetery
Marriage date: May 5, 1788
Marriage place: Rutherford Co NC
Spouse's name: Elizabeth Potts

Child No. 2: Arthur Taylor Jr.
Sex: M
Birthdate: abt 1770
Birthplace: Rutherford or Anson Co NC
Death date: Abt 1844
Place of death: Anson Co NC
Marriage date:
Marriage place:
Spouse's name: unknown

Child No. 3: Martha Patsy Taylor
Sex: F
Birthdate: 1777
Birthplace: Anson or Old Tryon Co NC
Death date: 1852
Place of death: Pickens Co SC
Marriage date: Dec 20, 1797
Marriage place: Rutherford Co NC
Spouse's name: Rowland Hunnicutt

Child No. 4: Mary Taylor
Sex: F
Birthdate: 1780
Birthplace: Rutherford Co NC
Death date: abt 1872
Place of death: Coffee Co Tn.
Marriage date: 1798
Marriage place: Union Co SC
Spouse's name: Millington Ledbetter

Child No. 5: unknown Taylor
Sex: M
Birthdate: 1768
Birthplace: Cumberland or Edgecombe Co NC
Death date:
Place of death:
Marriage date:
Marriage place:
Spouse's name:

Child No. 6: unknown Female Taylor
Sex: F
Birthdate: Feb 1782
Birthplace: Rutherford Co NC
Death date:
Place of death:
Marriage date:
Marriage place:
Spouse's name:
* Arthur Taylor has been proven as a son of old Robert of White Oak Rutherford County NC by a cousin participating in the Taylor DNA Project. Old Robert was a proven son of Robert of Edgecombe and his wife Mary Hudson.
* Arthur Taylor was my gggg grandfather on my Father's side of the family. His brothers John and James were also my GGGG grandfathers. His brother Joshua was my husband's GGGG grandfather through his daughter Sarah Grizzle, wife of Andrew Grizzle of Rutherford County. Many cousins married in this Rutherford County Taylor family.
* My great grandmother was Martha Taylor, daughter of Joseph (Charles Taylor) and Mary Taylor (John, brother of Arthur and Mary Taylor of Sycamore /Buncombe. Martha Taylor married Greenberry Sanders who was born in Rutherford Co in 1826. He was Clerk of the Court for Polk Co NC and a music teacher. His parents were William Moses and Priscilla Coker Sanders.
* Arthur Taylor is mentioned in several places in the data for early NC. He owned land in RUTHERFORD, Anson and old Tryon, which possibly was Anson at the time. He also owned land in Rutherford as proved by his wife Celia settling his estate in Rutherford. This was on Cathey's Creek.
* Charles is mentioned as owning land on Cathy's Creek in Rutherford Co NC in 1788. Celia transferred land into his name at one point in the Rutherford Co records (Rutherford Co NC Deeds) Deed from Hugh Dodd to Arthur Taylor for 200 acres of land on Cathy's Creek Main Broad River, proved by Robert Shipley. (Charles owned land on Cathy's Creek Rutherford Co NC in 1788 based on Rutherford Co NC deeds.) He is mentioned April 17, 1772 Anson Co NC: Arthur Taylor 100 acres by Solomon Gross. Arthur Taylor and Frances Lee to Archibald Campbell deed processed by Alexander Martin Tuesday, July 12, 1774. 50 acres on Riggs Creek on the waters of Little River, Anson Co.
* Robert and Arthur were mentioned several times in old Tryon in 1774. Source: Tryon Co Court documents 1769-1778. Index to land surveys Old Tryon Co NC Arthur Taylor File # 1109, 1775 Cathey's Creek. (This was the Rutherford Co area of old Tryon.)
* Old Tryon Co NC Deeds: July term 1775/ Ordered that Arthur Taylor be appointed overseer of the road leading from Col Walkers to the Wagon Ford from the mouth of Green River in that part between Col Walkers and James Adears and that he enter on the duty of it accordingly and James ADEAR SERVE AS OVERSEER BETWEEN HIS HOUSE AND THE WAGON FORD BELOW THE MOUTH OF THE RIVER.
* Tryon Co NC Minutes of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions: 1769-1779 Jan term 1778: A deed of sale from Arthur Taylor to Wm Gilbert for 300 acres of land dated the 21st day of January in open court ordered to be registered.
* North Carolina Abstracts of Minutes: Court of Pleas and Quarter sessions 1779-1786 Hedy Hughes Newton: Jan 1780: Deed from Hugh Dodd to Arthur Taylor 200 A/ Cathey's Creek Main Broad River proved by Robert Shipley. (Charles owned this land in 1788.)
* Montgomery Co NC land entries: April 14, 1779, Arthur Taylor 50 acres on Big Creek off Little River.
* Arthur Taylor: Patriot Revolutionary War: Source: Roster of SC Revolutionary Patriots By Bobby Gilmer Moss: Entry: A. A. 7635A. page 917
* Arthur Taylor he married Selah "Celey". He was killed after serving in Captain Robert Maxwell's Company of Rangers. This company was raised under the orders of Colonel Anderson and General Pickens to defend the upper part of the state. This Regiment was attached to the Army of the Carolinas led by General Nathaniel Greene. They were commissioned to order Indians off their lands at an Indian town called Tessenty. Joseph Chapman was also wounded in this battle and mentions the information in his pension application.
* Some say Arthur was a Tory like his father and brothers, but they all were tried in Rutherford County and released to serve the State. They received a trial by Jury in Rutherford Co and their lands were returned. Nothing is mentioned about Arthur and wife Celia during this time except she states in the court records in 1782, when filing for his estate, in many entries, he died in the service of his country. Arthur's service record and Celia's pension application are in my possession from the SC Archives. It names his company, his leaders, when and where he died. The record contains 29 pages. Most of the record contains letters from Thomas Haslip for Celia Taylor, wife of Arthur requesting back pay and a widow's pension. Celia stated she raised 6 children by husband Arthur. She was big with the 6th child when he was killed. According to her statement, she migrated to upper Greenville Co SC after 1790. Despite several affidavits to dispute her claim, she received funds. One person who was in the same unit with Arthur gave an affidavit supporting her claim. This was also signed by Col. Anderson his commanding officer. He was buried somewhere in Rutherford Co NC. An affidavit of someone who had known Arthur for many years in the file of Celia, stated he never lived in SC, mostly Rutherford, but owned lands in upper NC. (which would have been Anson) His sons Charles and Arthur were in Rutherford until just before 1800. They had migrated to Anson by 1800. (They probably inherited his land there.)
* Charles moved back to the Buncombe/Rutherford area by 1830, but his brother Arthur stayed in Anson and later had a much younger Charles Taylor living next door, which I assume was his son.
* Brother, Joshua Taylor was also listed as Private in the 2nd NC Reg Batt. Possibly this unit was sent to SC. This was very common in the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. Their father Robert furnished supplies to the Army.
* Arthur Taylor is listed as a son of Robert Taylor and Susannah Anderson of Tryon to Rutherford Co NC in all the family records I have found, including the Rutherford and Old Buncombe Co Heritage Books. Celia is also mentioned as the wife of Arthur in these sources and in the court records of Rutherford Co. She is also mentioned in 1770's court records with Arthur's father, Robert Taylor.
* Charles is listed as the son of Arthur in Sanders family Bible records. Charles was listed in several court records with Celia and was living next door to her in 1790 Rutherford Co NC.
* Joseph is listed as the son of Charles in family records and Henderson Co Heritage Books.
* Arthur is mentioned with wife Celia as the son of Arthur in all Heritage Books of that area including Old Buncombe.
* I have only documented evidence that Charles, Arthur Jr., Mary, and Martha are children of Arthur. Other information came from other's research and proximity records.

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