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Husband: James Ely WHITFIELD
Birthdate: 27 Feb 1790 Pitt, NC, USA.2
Death date: 11 Apr 1858 Brooks, GA, USA.2
Father: Alexander Ely WHITFIELD (b. 1767, d. c1834)
Mother: Nancy (--?--)

Marriage: 16 Apr 1815 Jefferson, GA, USA.

Wife: Sarah M. BLACKMOND
Birthdate: 31 Aug 1791 1
Death date: 27 Jan 1860 Brooks, GA, USA.1
Father: William BLACKMAN (b. c1760)
Mother: Ann MONTGOMERY (b. c1760)

?/M William H. WHITFIELD
Birthdate: 20 Feb 1816 Jefferson, GA, USA.3
Death date: 16 Aug 1820 Irwin, GA, USA.3

?/F Frances Elizabeth WHITFIELD
Birthdate: 26 Dec 1817 Jefferson, GA, USA.3
Marriage* 12 Mar 1852 George W. WARREN 4
Death date: 25 Aug 1852 Thomas, GA, USA.3

?/F Martha Jane WHITFIELD
Birthdate: 08 Oct 1819 Jefferson, GA, USA.5
Marriage* 29 Jul 1846 Samuel B. SIMMONS (b. 1828, d. Jun 1860),
son of John Frederick SIMMONS and
Sarah STEWART (4732); Thomas, GA, USA.6,7

?/F Sarah Ann P. WHITFIELD
Birthdate: 23 Dec 1821 Irwin, GA, USA.3
Marriage* 18 Dec 1839 John McPherson Berrien GROOVER; Thomas, GA, USA.

?/M James Alexander WHITFIELD
Birthdate: 11 Jul 1824 Irwin, GA, USA.8
Marriage* 12 Jan 1851 Pamelia Ann Adeline BANNINGTON, daughter of
Thomas, GA, USA.9
Death date: 10 Mar 1867 4

Birthdate: 14 Jun 1827 Thomas, GA, USA.10
Marriage* 07 Jan 1849 Virginia SPANGLER (b. 26 Apr 1833, d. 12 Apr 1892),
dau of John R. SPANGLER; Thomas, GA, USA.11
Death date: 11 Mar 1887 Thomasville, Thomas, GA, USA.10
Burial* cir 13 Mar 1887 Thomasville City Cemetery, Thomas, GA, USA.12

?/F Ann Montgomery WHITFIELD
Birthdate: 25 Feb 1830 Thomas, GA, USA.13
Death date: 10 Oct 1832 Thomas, GA, USA.13

?/M Andrew Kilpatrick WHITFIELD
Birthdate: 17 Mar 1832 Thomas, GA, USA.13
Marriage* 13 May 1852 Samantha Ann BRASWELL, dau of James BRASWELL;
Thomas, GA, USA.
Marriage* 26 Dec 1875 Savannah Florida SALTER (b. c1843;
Decatur, GA, USA.4
Death date: __ ___ 1907 GA, USA.4

?/M John Henry WHITFIELD
Birthdate: 29 Nov 1835 Thomas, GA, USA.13
Marriage* 04 Jan 1854 Rebecca WILLIAMS, dau of Thomas WILLIAMS and
Sophia DEKLE (2553); Thomas, GA, USA.14
Death date: 22 Jan 1863 Institute Hospital, Jackson, MS, USA.4


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Whitfield, James E. 1790-1858 Thomas (Co.) James E. Whitfield was born Feb.
27, 1790, but where he was born or who his parents were is not known. The 1850
Census of Thomas County, Ga., did not show the state he and his
wife were born in and both of them were dead by the time of the 1860
Census. James E.Whitfield was married in Jefferson County, Ga., April 16, 1815, to
Sarah M. Blackmond, born Aug. 31, 1791. They had nine children according to their old
family Bible record:
1. William H., b. Feb. 20, 1818, died Aug. 16, 1820
2. Frances Elizabeth, b. Dec. 26, 1817, m. George W. Warren, March12, 1852, died Aug 25, 1852.
3. Martha J., b. Oct 8, 1819, m. Samuel Simmons, July 29, 1846.
4. Sarah Ann P., b. Dec 23, 1821, m. John M. Groover, Dec 18, 1839.
5. James A., b. July 11, 1824, m. Pamelia A. Bannington, Jan. 12, 1851.
6. Thomas B., b. June 14, 1827, m. Virginia Spangler, Jan. 7, 1849, dau. of J.R.
7. Ann Montgomery, b. Feb 25, 1830, died Oct 10, 1832.
8. Andrew K., b. Mar 17, 1832, m. Samantha Ann Braswell, May 13, 1852, dau. of James.
9. John Henry, b. Nov 29, 1835, m. Rebecca Williams, Jan 4, 1854, dau. of Thomas.
James E. Whitfield is shown as James Whitfield in the Jefferson County 1820 Census, and
moved shortly afterwards to Irwin County and settled in the 13th land district which went
into the formation of Thomas County when it was made in 1825. In time, Mr. Whitfield
acquired a tract of 4000 acres of land in Grooverville district where he had a very large
plantation and also operated a mercantile business.
Mrs. Whitfield and daughter, Mrs. Groover, were among the original or organizing members
of Liberty Baptist Church in 1841. This church was the first Missionary Baptist Church in
present Brooks County into which county it was placed when Brooks County was made in 1858
partly out of Thomas county. They died members of Liberty Church.
James E. Whitfield died April 11, 1858, and his wife died Jan 27, 1860. They were
buried on their homeplace in a now abandoned burying ground; graves unmarked.

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