Texas Family Group Sheet for the Wiley Blount Dennim SMITH Family

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Husband: Wiley Blount Dennim SMITH
Birthdate: Abt 1806
Birthplace: Kentucky
Death date: 1848
Place of death: Montgomery County, TX
Father: Richard SMITH
Mother: Margaret B. LOCKWOOD

Marriage date: 4 Oct 1834
Marriage place: Tuscaloosa County, AL

Wife: Laurietta JOHNSON
Birthdate: Abt 1816
Birthplace: Alabama
Death date: Aft 1870
Place of death: Texas


Child No. 1: Henry Washington SMITH
Sex: M
Birthdate: Abt 1835
Birthplace: Montgomery County, TX
Death date:
Place of death:
Marriage date:
Marriage place:
Spouse's name:

Child No. 2: William Richard SMITH
Sex: M
Birthdate: Abt 1838
Birthplace: Montgomery County, TX
Death date:
Place of death:
Marriage date:
Marriage place:
Spouse's name:

Child No. 3: James W. SMITH
Sex: M
Birthdate: Abt 1840
Birthplace: Montgomery County, TX
Death date:
Place of death:
Marriage date:
Marriage place:
Spouse's name:

Child No. 4: Emeline SMITH
Sex: F
Birthdate: Abt 1848
Birthplace: Montgomery County, TX
Death date: Aft 1910
Place of death: Lee County, TX
Burial: Guthrie Cemetery, Lee County, TX (not  located presently)
Marriage date: 25 Jun 1870
Marriage place: Burleson County, TX
Spouse's name: Charles Franklin GUTHRIE

1850 Montgomery County, TX U.S. Census; Montgomery
County, TX Probate records; In 1827, Wiley arrived in Texas from Alabama
and received one quarter (1/4) league of land from Stephen F. Austin
located in his second colony in Washington County. Austin's second
colony's southern boundary line was ten leagues inland parallel to the
coast, extending from the Lavaca River from its intersection with this
line to its source and thence due north to the San Antonio Road; its
western line followed the Lavaca River ten league line to its source and
thence due north to the San Antonio Road. When Montgomery County was
established in December 1837, this quarter league was found in the new
Wiley B. D. was listed as one of the Montgomery County, Texas Original
Grantees with certificate #530-1574 and #38. Montgomery County, Texas,
Deed Book C, pages. 152-154, dated the 5th April 1831, stated W. B. D.
was a "Bachelor in enterprise of Stephen F. Austin. 1/4 league of land
situated upon a stream, a branch of the San Jacinto, called Bedie Creek,
east of a league surveyed for Noah Griffith and south of one surveyed for
Z. Landrum, once following the western boundary of the league called Iron
Mound league surveyed for Empresario Austin. Miguel Arciniega,
Commissioner. Of assistance: Robert Taylor, Jr., C. C. Givens" The GLO
File #1808, Abstract 323, Bexar First Class for 3/4 league, duplicate
Certificate #32/153R located in Ochiltree County, Clay Land District,
original Certificate #80, First Class issued by the Board of Land
Commission of Montgomery County the 19th January 1838.
W. B. D. returned to Alabama sometime after establishing his homestead on
his quarter league. There he married in Tuscaloosa County on the 4th
October 1834, Miss Laurietta Johnson. On the 28th April 1835, W. B. D.
applied for three quarter (3/4) league of land as he was now married to
Lorretta (sic). This application showed his age to be 29 years and
classed him as a farmer. The San Jacinto Muster Roll listed Wiley B. D.
Smith as a San Jacinto Volunteer in Captain Ware's Company enlisting on
the 12th of April. He was furloughed on the 18th of April returning on
the 1st of May, therefore missing the Battle of San Jacinto.
The Republic of Texas issued certificate #1574 Bounty Warrant to W. B. D.
Smith for three hundred twenty (320) acres of land on the 4th January
1838, for service from April 12 until July 13, 1836 in the Texas Army.
This land was surveyed the 11th November 1845, and was patented to him on
the 17th October 1846 (Patent #261 Volume 3 Abstract #530 GLO File
Montgomery Bounty 148). It was located in Montgomery County adjoining the
lands of A. W. Alexander and Francis Cookson. A note was given the 3
January 1852 to W. H. Fowler for $22.50 from the estate of W. B. D. Smith
"for obtaining a certificate or claim against the Government of Texas for
service of deceased on the Somervell Campaign of 1842 amounting to
On the 18th of November 1842, seven hundred men, armed and equipped for a
campaign, were assembled in the shadow of the twin towers of the old
Mission Concepcion in San Antonio, Texas, under General Alexander
Somervell, who was appointed by President Samuel Houston. Their orders
were to attack the retreating Mexican forces under General Adrian Woll
who had attacked and sacked San Antonio and to release the Mexican Army's
prisoners. After several days' march they camped at Laredo on the banks
of the Rio Grande River. They expected to cross the border into Mexico
but General Somervell ordered his men back to Gonzales for disbanding.
Three hundred of the seven hundred refuse to comply with the order and
became the Mier Expedition. The remaining returned with General Somervell
to San Antonio and missed the deprivations of a Mexican prison and the
drawing of the black beans. [The seventeen men who drew the black beans
were executed by the Mexicans immediately.] Wiley B. D. paid taxes in
Washington County, Texas, only for the year of 1837, for 1111 acres of
land valued at $1111.00, 3 horses valued at $158.00, 4 cows valued at
$225.00, $180.00 worth of equipment, one poll tax at $1.00, with a total
tax paid of $9.37. The rest of his life his tax bill was from Montgomery
County, Texas.