Texas Family Group Sheet for the Henry Bankston Salters Family

Husband: Henry Bankston SALTERS (1,2,3)
Birthdate: 14 Aug 1856 MS (4,1,5,6,7)
Residence: 1860 Daleville, Lauderdale Co., MS (4)
Residence: 1870 Lauderdale Co., MS (1)
Residence: 1900 Limestone Co., TX (5)
Residence: 1910 Palo Pinto Co., TX (8)
Residence: 26 Mar 1915 Gorman, Eastland Co., TX (9)
Residence: 1920 Harbin, Erath Co., TX (10)
Residence: 1930 Dallas, Dallas Co., TX (6)
Residence: 1931 2710 Parnell, Dallas, Dallas Co., TX (11)
Residence: 1932 1310 First Ave, Dallas, Dallas Co., TX (12)
Residence: 1938 1306 Peabody St. Apt. 3, Dallas, Dallas Co., TX (13)
Residence: 8 Feb 1939 1306 Peabody st., Dallas, Dallas Co., TX (7)
Death date: 8 Feb 1939 Dallas, Dallas Co., TX (7,14)
Burial: 9 Feb 1939 Oakland Cemetery, Dallas, Dallas Co., TX (7,15,14)
Father: William J. Salter (1818-<1860)
Mother: Nancy Loyd Hunt (1822-1915)
Other Spouses: Callie Blanchard
Marriage: 1876 (5)
Wife: Dorothy Ann "Dolly" MOSLEY (5,16,17,3)
Birthdate: 1855 AL (5)
Residence: 1860 Kemper Co., MS (18)
Residence: 1870 Lauderdale Co., MS (1)
Church Member: 30 Jul 1871 Pine Groove Baptist Church, Collinsville, Lauderdale Co., MS (19)
Residence: 1900 Limestone Co., TX (5)
Death date: 1901 Stephen Co., TX (20,21)
Burial: 1901 Stephen Co., TX Wayland cem Sec/Row/Plot:North/28/3 (21)
Father: William E. Mosley Sr. (1817-1889)
Mother: Lydia (1819-1904)
1 F: Lula Salters (22,23,24,25)
Birthdate: 18 Dec 1876 (25)
Death date: 8 Jan 1900 (5,25)
Spouse: Jim William Harris
2 M: James William "Sam" Salters (5,24,26)
Birthdate: 2 Jan 1880 Meridian, Lauderdale Co., MS (5,8,3,26)
Death date: 4 Dec 1942 Dallas, Dallas Co., TX (3,27,26)
Burial: 7 Dec 1942 Evergreen Cemetery, Ranger, Eastland Co., TX (3,27)
Spouse: Beulah Belle Bowers
Marriage: 1903 Erath Co., TX (28,3,27)
3 F: Eva Jane Salters (5,29,24)
Birthdate: 18 Jun 1882 Meridian, Lauderdale Co., MS (5,30,31)
Death date: 24 Dec 1965 Irving, Dallas Co., TX (32,30,31)
Burial: 27 Dec 1965 Crown Hill, Dallas, Dallas Co., TX (32)
Spouse: Mark Steverson
Marriage: 1898 (29,5)
4 F: Lydia Salters
Birthdate: 31 Jul 1886 MS (6,33)
Death date: 21 Dec 1940 2600 Idaho, Dallas, Dallas Co., TX (34,33,35)
Burial: 23 Dec 1940 Oakland Cemetery, Dallas, Dallas Co., TX (34)
Spouse: Newberry
Marriage: abt 1908
Spouse: Walters
Spouse: Joe Strange
5 F: Lucille Salters
Birthdate: 11 Dec 1890 MS (36)
Death date: 6 Feb 1957 Dallas, Dallas Co., TX (36,37)
Burial: 8 Feb 1957 Laurel Land Cemetery, Tarrant Co., TX (36)
6 F: Laura Levenia Salters (5,16,2,24)
Birthdate: 29 May 1893 Jackson, MS (5,16,38)
Death date: 21 Apr 1976 Houston, Harris Co., TX (16,39,2,40,38)
Burial:  RestHaven, Houston, Harris Co., TX (2)
Spouse: John Walter Holt
Marriage: 24 Jun 1911 Eastland Co., TX (2,41)
7 M: Gordon Bankston Salters (42,24)
Birthdate: 15 May 1899 Axtell, McLennan Co., TX (10,43,44)
Death date: 3 Dec 1971 Fort Worth, Tarrant Co., TX (45,44)
Burial: 6 Dec 1971 Laurel Land Cemetery, Tarrant Co., TX (45,44)
Spouse: Minnie Beamon Hill
Marriage: 1932 Ft. Worth, Tarrant Co., TX (45,46)
Notes for Henry Bankston Salters
1860 census shows Henry R.
1870 census shows Henry B.
1900 Limestone Co., TX census shows Bank H.
1910 Palo Pinto Co., TX shows Henry
1915 obit for Nancy Loyd shows H. B. (lives in Gorman, Eastland Co., TX)
1920 Erath Co., TX census shows H. B.

Author: lynn  Date: 26 Jun 2006 10:59 PM GMT
   In Reply to: Obituary of Henry B. Salter wanted  by:  Mary Lou Trice
In the index of Texas deaths, 1903 - 1940, there is this entry:
Henry B. Salter d. 2-8-39 Dallas Co. death certificate # 6688
Oakland cemetery
3900 S Oakland Ave  Dallas, TX 75215  214-421-2244
H. B. Salter is buried in grave 35-21-26
Notes for Dorothy Ann "Dolly" Mosley
Dorothy is probably the same Dorothy Ann that is a sister to William Ely Mosley Jr.

Since they were living in Ben Hur in 1900 she is probably buried there

Found her in Wayland Cemetery in Stephens county, TX
Notes for Lula (Child 1)
did Ella marry Jim Harris?  see 1900 census Limestone co., TX
Notes for James William "Sam" (Child 2)
Bette Stone: Sam died in Dallas 2 Dec 1942

Evergreen cemetery in Ranger, TX; also Beulah
Notes for Eva Jane (Child 3)
From SS Index:
EVA STEVERSON  b 18 Jun 1882; d Dec 1965 75217 (Dallas, Dallas, TX) (none specified) 454-36-9190 Texas

death notice in Dallas morning news gives middle name: Jane
Notes for Lydia (Child 4)
1930 census dallas texas
1900 census as liddee
Notes for Lucille (Child 5)
Laurel Land Cemetery: 7100 Crowley Rd, Ft. Worth, TX 76115
aka Parklawn or Parkland
Notes for Laura Levenia (Child 6)
married in E. from bobbie
Notes for Gordon Bankston (Child 7)
SS death index:
GORDON SALTERS  15 May 1899 Dec 1971 76110 (Fort Worth, Tarrant, TX) (none specified) Texas

Laurel Land Cemetery: 7100 Crowley Rd, Ft. Worth, TX 76115

aka Parklawn or Parkland
1. [cen47] US 1870 Lauderdale Co., MS LDS Film 552,234; series M593, Roll 735; Township 6; Pg 32; dwelling no. 202:
Robert J. Mosley, Sheriff, 38, AL;
Susan J. 36 AL,
Mary S. 2, MS,
No name male 1 MS;
William Thurmond 38 VA;
John W. Thennel 35 VA,
Thomas S. Goodloe 22 AL;
Manfred Alfred 25 OH;
Josephine Alfred 23 LA;
Lloyd Ellan 22 Bavaria;
John Davis 23 MS;
Thomas Polk 21 MS,
Mollie Bachman 34 VA;
Mollie Frazier 21 TN,
Wesley Reisen 21, TN;
Township 8; Pg 141-142A, dwelling no. 111: William E. Mosely 50 GA, Lydia 50 GA, James R. P. 17 AL, William E. 15 AL, Dorothy 13 AL, Lucy 11 AL, Medora 9 MS, Wiley W. 7 MS, Mary E. 5 MS, John Cates 28 AL, Martha A. Cates 26 GA;
Township 8; Pg 142A, dwelling no. 112: Elijah C. Mosley 27 GA, Margaret E. 18, MS, Mary M. 2/12 MS;
Township 8; Pg 142A, dwelling no. 113: John H. Mosley 30 GA, Mary J 22 MS, William T. 2 MS;
Pg 145, dwelling no. 171: John Duncan 56 SC, Sarah 55 SC, Catherine 24 AL, Elizabeth 19 MS, Sarah M. 16 MS, Elteuh 14 MS, George W. 11 MS;
dwelling no. 166: John W. Hunt 45 AL, Julia 40 AL, William H. 19 AL, Mary E. 18 AL, James F. 16 AL, Eliza 12 AL, John 11 MS, Clemintine 9 MS, Ellen 4 MS, Margaret 2 MS;
dwelling no.173: Nancy Salder 52 SC, Mary 26 AL, James 20 MS, John 21 MS, Nancy C. 16 MS, Henry B. 14 MS, Sarah 12 MS, Lizzie 11 MS.

2. [sal37] Information about ancestors and descendants of Bobbie Levee on website:
Includes descendants of Henry Bankston Salters.

3. [death086]  Funeral Book of J. W. "Sam" Salters. Place and date of birth: Meridian, MS Jan 2, 1880; date of death Dec 4, 1942; parents: H. B. & D. A. Salters; wife Beulah Bowers; children: G. K. Salters, Mrs. M. C. O'Neal, H. A. Salters, B. F. Salters, Mrs. E. R. Harmonson, V. O. Salters, Mrs. C. A. Wheeler; buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Ranger, Eastland Co., TX on 7 Dec 1942.

4. [cen16] US 1860 census Lauderdale Co., MS; LDS film 803,585; Beat No. 3; P. O. Daleville; Pg 101; dwelling no. 704: Nancy Salter 38 SC, William L. 17 AL, John W. 15 AL, Obediah 12 MS (idiot), James A. 10 MS, Nancy C. 8 MS, Henry R. 6 MS, Sarah A. 1 MS;
dwelling no. 706 J. W. P. Hunt 35 SC, Julia A. 31 AL, Mary E. 9 AL, William 8 MS, James F.
5 MS, John 3 MS, Jane L. 2 MS, Rachel Powell 70 SC;
dwelling no. 707 John Duncan 40 SC, Sarah D. 30 SC, William 17 AL, Jeremiah 19 AL, Catharine 15 AL, Nancy 10 MS, Sarah 6 MS, Caroline 5 MS, George W. 1 MS;
Pg 109, dwelling no. 757 B. Martin 36 GA, Nancy 34 AL, Mary E. 9 MS, Sarah S. 7 MS, John 3 MS, Ann 1 MS.

5. [cen66] US 1900 census Limestone Co., TX; Series T623 Roll 1655 Pg 103; Precinct 2; enumeration date 10 Jun 1900; dwelling 74; family 76; Line 21
Bank H. SALTER head        44 MS MS AL
Dottie A.      wife        43 AL SC SC
Samson/Samuel  son         21 MS MS AL
Liddee         dau         14 MS MS AL
Minnie Lou     dau          8 MS MS AL
Laura          dau          7 MS MS AL
Jack (Gordon)  son          1 TX MS AL
Nancy          mother      75 SC VA SC (6 kids born, 6 living)
Mark STEVERSON son-in-law  21 MS MS MS
Eva            dau         17 MS MS AL
Jim HARRIS     son-in-law  28 MS MS AL
Henry          G son        5 MS MS MS
Jim L.         G son        3 TX MS MS
Annie B.       G dau      5MO TX MS MS.

6. [cen73] US 1930 Dallas Co., TX; Series T626; Roll 2316; Dallas City, Pg 63, 64; enumeration date: 17 Apr 1930; Precint 1, Parnell St.;
Newberry, Lydia      head,   44, MS MS MS
          Royce W.   son,    21, TX TX MS
          Lucille L. dau,    19, TX TX TX
          Margurete  dau,    17, TX TX TX
Salter, Henry B.     father  74, MS NC SC
Davis, Marjotis      boarder 17, TX TX TX
Strange, Joe         boarder 38, TX France, Italy
Pg 179; enumeration date: 6 Apr 1930, Brooklyn Ave
Salter, James L.     head    64, AL AL AL
        Laura A.     wife    57, MS MS MS
        Luciel       dau     31, TX AL MS
        Lillie A.    dau     28, TX AL MS
        Annie M.     dau     19, TX AL MS

7. [death062] death Certificate for Henry Bankston Salter; certificate Number: 6688; date of birth: 14 Aug 1856; date of death: 8 Feb 1939; address at time of death: 1306 Peabody, Dallas, TX; name of last wife: Mary Salter; age: 83 yrs 5 mo 24 days; birthplace:MS; informant: Miss Lucille Salters, 1306 Peabody, Dallas, TX; cemetery: Oakland Cemetery; Funeral Home: Suggs Funeral Home.

8. [cen72] US 1910 census Palo Pinto Co., TX; Series T624 Roll 1583 Pg 7A; enumeration date May 2 1910; dwelling 105 Family 106; Line 2;
Henry Salters head, 5x, MS, MS, MS
Callie            wife, 43, TX, TX, TX
Josie B.          dau,  17, TX, TX, TX
Laura             dau,  16, MS, MS, MS
Andrew            son,  10, TX, MS, MS
Annie B. Harris   GDau,  ?, TX, MS, MS
dwelling 167 Family 175; Pg 190 Line 57
Stephenson, Mark    head, 32 MS NC SC
            Eva     wife, 27 MS MS MS
            Gracie  dau    7 TX MS MS
            Flora   dau    6 TX MS MS
            Clara   dau    4 TX MS MS
            Bernice dau    1 TX MS MS
dwelling 168 Family 176; Pg 190 Line 63
Salter, Samuel     head,  32 MS MS MS
        Bulah      wife,  25 TX TX TX
        Gordon     son     4 TX MS TX
        Lula       dau     2 TX MS TX
        Hewlette   son  3/12 TX MS TX

9. [death023] Obituary for Nancy Loyd Salter: Obit for "Mrs. Salter, Aged 93, Died Last Night "Has Twenty-seven Grandchildren and Forty-five Great-Grandchildren. "Mrs. Nancy Lloyd Salter died last night at 10:10 o'clock at the home of her daughter, Mrs. W. E. Mosley, Third and Gurley  streets.  Mrs. Salter was 93 years of age, and on account of her advanced years had been in ill health for some time. "She is survived by four children, as follows:  Mrs. W. E. Mosley of Waco, J. W. and J. A. Salter of Gholson and H. B. Salter of Gorman. "The funeral services were held this afternoon at 2 o'clock from the residence. Rev. O. E. Bryan, pastor of the Clay Street Baptist church, officiated.  Burial was at Park Lawn. "In addition to the children above names, Mrs. Salter had twenty-seven  grandchildren and forty-five great-grandchildren."   Waco Times Herald, Sat Mar 27, 1915.

10. [cen67] US 1920 census Erath Co., TX; Series T625 Roll 1801 Pg 250; Location: Harbin; Precinct 7; enumeration date Feb 1920; dwelling 762; family 477; Line 26
B. H. SALTER head        64 MS SC SC
H. C.        wife        63 TX MO MO
family 478; line 28:
Stevenson, Mrs. E. J. head 36 MS MS MS
Stevenson, Bessie     dau  11 TX MS MS
Stevenson, Wilmer     son  10 TX MS MS
Stevenson, Cleo       dau   6 TX MS MS
Salter, Gordon        bro  20 TX MS MS
Page 247, family 423, line 94:
Salters, Sam,        head 40 MS MS MS
         Bula,       wife 36 TX TX TX
         Gordon,     son  14 TX MS TX
         Lula,       dau  12 TX MS TX
         Hewlette,   son  10 TX MS TX
         Benjamin,   son   8 TX MS TX
         Charlotte,  dau   5 TX MS TX
         Vardiman,   son   1 TX MS TX

11. [dir43] Dallas, Dallas Co., TX 1931 City Directory
Pg 1044:
Holt Chas H. eng r901 W. Jefferson av
Holt, Laura Mrs mgr Tyler Hotel h901  W Jefferson av
Pg 1407:
Newberry, Lucille clk Sears  Roebuck & Co. r2710 Parnell
Pg 1600:
Salter, Annie M. sten J E Earnest & co h2647 W Brooklyn av
Salter, Jas M (Laura) eng h2647 W Brooklyn av
Salter, Lillie A. clk T & P Ry r2649 W Brooklyn
Salter, Lucell bkpr B. F. Goodrich Rubber Co r2647 W Brooklyn
Salters, Henry B r2710 Parnell
Pg 1718:
Steverson, Eva J  (wid Mart K) lunch rm mgr Sam Houston r1700 2 S Akard
Pg 1729:
Strange, Jos  (Gertrude)  emp Coca Cola Bottling Co r2710 Parnell

12. [dir44] Dallas, Dallas Co., TX 1932 City Directory
Pg 880:
Holt, Laura Mrs mgr holt Hotel h901  W Jefferson av
Pg 1211:
Newberry, Lucille clk Sears  Roebuck & Co. r1310 1st av   ***
Pg 1388:
Salter, Annie M. clk Industrial Ins Co h2647 W Brooklyn av
Salters, Henry B 1310 1st av
Salter, Jas M (Laura) eng h2647 W Brooklyn av
Salter, Lillie A. clk T & P Ry r2649 W Brooklyn
Pg 1499:
Steverson, Bernice h2808 McKinney av
Steverson, Edna r2808 McKinney av
Steverson, Eva J  (wid Mart K) lunch rm mgr Sam Houston r2808 McKinney av
Steverson, Wilmer r2808 McKinney av
Pg 1508:
Strange, Jos  (Gertrude)  emp Coca Cola Bottling Co r1310 1st Ave

13. [dir49] Dallas, Dallas Co., TX 1938 City Directory
Pg 635:
Holt, Frank (Laura) eng Allen Bldg  h905  W Jefferson av
Holt Hotel (Mrs Laura Holt)  905  W Jefferson av
Holt, Laura Mrs (Holt Hotel) 905  W Jefferson av
Holt, Laura (wid Walter) r1306-8 Peabody Av Apt 4
Pg 968:
No Lucille Newberry   ***
Pg 1221:
Salter, Annie M. clk Travelers Ins Co r2647 W Brooklyn av
Salter, Barney J (Juanita) slsmn 720 N Ewing av
Salter, Henry B h1306-8 Peabody av Apt 4
Salter, Jas M (Laura)  h2647 W Brooklyn av
Salter, Juanita Mrs solr Dallas Employment Agency r720 N Ewing av
Salter, Lillie A. clk T & P Ry r2647 W Brooklyn
Salter, Lucille div hd Sears Roebuck & Co r1306 Peabody Av apt 4
Pg 1334:
Steverson, Eva J (wid Mark) r1406 S Henderson av
Steverson, Bernice B ) r1406 S Henderson av ***
Steverson, Wilmer G (Lela) fnshr ) h1406 S Henderson av
Pg 1344:
Strange, Jos  (Gertrude)  slsmn Coca Cola Bottling Co h2600 Idaho Av   ***
Strange, Elmore C (Zena) barber Adolphus Barber Shop h2747 W Brooklyn av

14. [death67] Obituary for Henry B. Salters, died Wed Feb 8, 1939:
SALTERS, Henry B. age 83, 1306 Peabody died Wednesday morning.  Survived by four daughters, Mrs E. J. Stevenson, Mrs. Joe Strange, Mrs. Laura Holt and Miss Lucille Salters; two sons, Sam and Gordon Salters, one sister, Mrs. W. E. Mosley; twenty two grand children and twenty-two great-grand children.  Chapel services Thursday 2:30 p.m.  Interment in Oakland Cemetery.  Pall bearers Joe Strange, Jesse Stretch, Marvin Dempsey, Joe Hood, Alvin Goss, Wilmer Steverson.  Direction of service with Suggs Funeral Home 1001 Second Ave 4-2424.

15. [death64] Interment card from Oakland Cemetery, 3900 Malcom X, Dallas, TX for Henry B. Salter: No: 17743; Section-Pt.Lot Tier-No.LotSpace: 35-21-26; Lot Owner: Lucile Salter 2600 Idaho; Funeral Director: Suggs.  Photographed at Oakland cemetery 22 Aug 2006.

16. [sal36] Message posted on RootsWeb Salters board Sep 2002:
I am looking for my ggrandmothers parents and have little to go on but there names : HENERY BANKSTON SALTERS and DORTHY ANN MOSELY. My ggrandmother was LARA LEVENIA SALTERS born May 29, 1893 in Jackson MS she married JOHN WALTER HOLT June 24, 1911 they lived in Ranger Tx for awhile she died April 21,1976 Houston, TX.
I have not been able to find any thing on her family. She had 3 brothers and 5 sisters Sam, Gordon, Lula, Evie, Ella, Lydia,Lucllie. Hope to learn more about them. please e-mail me or post here any info you might have thanks.

17. [Mosley06] Information received from Thelma Jo White Gifford regarding the Mosley and related families.  Including:
Nancy loyd Salter's maiden name is HUNT
Nancy Loyd Salter's mother's maiden name is Powell
Cleveland Mosley's real name is Clifton Cleveland and he was born 6 Jan 1892.

18. [cen84] US 1860 Kemper Co., MS; series M653, Roll 584; P. O. DeKalb; Pg 739-740; dwelling no. 54;
Mosley, Will E.  41 GA,
        Lydia    39 GA,
        Jno H.   20 GA,
        Eliza    17 GA,
        Martha   15 GA,
        Polk     11 AL,
        Will      9 AL,
        Dorithy   7 AL,
        Lucinda   5 AL,
        Jane      2 MS,
Lang, Jas        25 MS.

19. [church03] Pine Grove Baptist Church Minutes 1870 - 1876; Collinsville, Lauderdale Co., MS; mentions Wm E. Mosley and D. A. Mosley (Dorothy Ann?) as new members 30 Jul 1871; mentions receiving Carolyn Salters and Mary Martin as members (Sep 3, 1871) and records their baptism (Sept 13, 1871).  Nncy Salters, M. J. Mosley, John Mosley and Sister M. E. Hill were given letters of dismissal Aug 3, 1872. Nancy Martin was a member in 1873 - 1879, 1881 1882, 1883, 1884 and was given a letter of dismissal Nov 6, 1887.  Mary Salters was a member in 1873 - 1878.  This document consists of transcribed pages of handwritten records at the Dept of Archives & History in Meridian, MS on 19 Apr 2005. d:/genealogy/family/research/trips past/April 16 2005/Meridian,MS/Pine Grove Baptist Church

20. [mar65] Marriage License of H. B. Salter and Callie Blanchard Dec 11, 1902; McLennan Co., TX Court House BK O, Pg 295.

21. [Cem13]  Salter and Mosely information from Wayland cemetery in Stephen County Texas.  Viewed from

22. [bible09] Copy of 3 pages of bible belonging to Laura Salters Holt.  First page showing Laura's parents names and dates, their siblings names; and Laura's siblings names including Ella.  Second page showing Laura's husband's name and his siblings names, and her husband's parent's names.  Third page shows Laura's children, their dates and their spouses.

23. [sal40] Interview with Opal Levina White Hargrave in Houston, TX, Nov 1, 2006.  Recieved information about Laura Levina Salters Holt, her descendants and siblings.

24. [court26] Probate papers of Lucille Salter, died intestate, Dallas, TX 1958.  Lists living brother: G. B. Salters; living sisters: Eva Salters Steverson, Laura Salters Holt; deceased brother: J. W. Sam Salters; deceased sisters: Lula Salters Harris, Lydia Salters Walters Newberry Strange; living children of deceased brother, Sam: Lula O'Neal, H. A. Salters, B. F. Salters, Charlotte Salters Harmonson, V. O. Salters, Anna Mae Cockrell; living children of deceased son of Sam Salters, Gordon Knox: Bette Irene Salters Stone, Gordon Nelson Salters, Mona Lee Salters Hart, Olivia Mae Reams.

25. [sal42] E-mail from Nancy Ann Sutphen to Jay Harris.  Contains birth and death dates of Lula Salters and Jim Harris.  Lula Salters (Dec 18, 1876 - Jan 8, 1900)
Jim Harris (Jan 19, 1869 - Dec 31, 1948).

26. [death090] Death Certificate for William Sam Salters.  Includes the following information: death date: Dec 4, 1942; address: 707 Genoa, Dallas, TX; Date of birth: Jan 2, 1880; Birth place: Miss; Father's name: Henty B. Salters; father's birth place: Miss; Mother's maiden name: Dorothy A. Mosley; Mother's birthplace: Miss; Informant: Lucille Salters; Place and date of burial: Ranger, Dec 5.
Death Certificate# 53052.
Repository: Texas Dept of Health, Bureau of Vital Statistics.

27. [sal39] Information received from Bette Irene Salters Stone regarding the descendants of James William "Sam" Salters and allied families; 25 Oct 2006.

28. [cen74] US 1930 census Eastland Co., TX; Series T626 Roll 2325 Pg 71; enumeration date Apr 14 1930; Route 2- Cross Road Distr;  dwelling 84; Line 27;
Salters, Sam          head 50 MS MS MS
         Beulah Bell  wife 46 TX TX TX
         Hewlette     son  20 TX MS TX
         Bennie       son  18 TX TX TX
         Charlotte    dau  17 TX TX TX
         Vardiman     son  12 TX TX TX
         Annie Mae    dau   8 TX TX TX
Salters, Gordon B.    bro  31 TX TX TX
Page 67, dwelling 15 line 57
Salters, Gordon      head 24   TX US US
         Catherine   wife 24   TX MO MO
         Betty Irene dau  7 mo TX TX TX

29. [dir42] Dallas, Dallas Co., TX 1930 City Directory
Pg 1123:
Holt, Laura Mrs mgr Tyler Hotel h911  W Jefferson av
Pg 1501:
Newberry, Gertrude L. Mrs h2710 Parnell
Newberry, Lucille clk Sears  Roebuck & Co. r2710 Parnell
Newberry, Royce r2710 Parnell
Salter, Annie M. sten Beaton-Chambers Co r2647 W Brooklyn av
Salter, Benj r1426 Victor
Salter, Claude W (Bonnie B) soda dispr Skillern & Sons (Inc) r305 S Willomet av
Salter, Jas M (Laura)  asst eng city hall h2647 W Brooklyn
Salter, Lillie A. clk T & P Ry r2647 W Brooklyn
Salter, Lucille bkpr B. F. Goodrich Rubber Co r2647 W Brooklyn
Salter, Wilburn M  (Ruth) mgr Skillern & Sons (Inc) No 2 h305 S Willomet av
Pg 1825:
Steverson, Bernice r1815 N Washington av
Steverson, Eva J  (wid Mart K) lunch rm mgr Sam Houston Sch h1815 N Washington av
Pg 1836:
Strange, Jos  (Gertrude)  slsmn Coca Cola Bottling Co r2710 Parnell

30. [death65] From SS Index: EVA STEVERSON  b 18 Jun 1882; d Dec 1965 75217 (Dallas, Dallas, TX)  454-36-9190 Texas

31. [death102] Death certificate for Eva Jane Steverson.  death 24 Dec 1965, 1604 So. Nursery Rd, Irving, Dallas Co., TX; birth July 18, 1883 Meridian, MS.

32. [death66] obituary for Eva Jane STEVERSON; Dallas Morning News Dec 25 1965 and Dec 26, 1965:
  Mrs. Eva Jane, 1604 S Nursery Rd, living.  Survived by daughters Mrs. J. S. Stretch, Dallas, Mrs. C. F. Tanner, Mrs. E. A. Annable, both of Irving; three grandchildren, four great-grandchildren; brother Gordon B. Salters, Fort Worth, sister, Mrs. Laura Holt, Houston, several neices and nephews.
  Chapel service 10 am Monday, Rev C. H. Pritchard officiating; interment Crown Hill; Pall bearers: Norman Davis, Chuck Haver, Walter Holt, Rexford Holt, Kenneth Holt, Freddie Holt.
  Dudley M. Hughes Funeral Home 100 E. Jefferson.

33. [death097] Picture of Lydia Gertrude Salters Newberry Walters Strange's grave marker in Oakland cemetery in Dallas, TX.  She is buried in section 35, row 23, grave 25.

34. [death094] Dallas Morning News Monday 23 Dec 1940 Section II Page 9
  Strange, Lydia Gertrude, age 54 residence 2600 Idaho, passed away Friday night.  Survived by husband, Joe Strange, two daughters, Mrs. Lucille Dempsey, Mrs Nell Goss; son Royce Walters; two brothers Sam Salters of Albany, Texas; Gordon Salters, Goldwaithe, Texas; three sisters Mrs. John W. Holt, Mrs. Evie Stevenson, Miss Lucille Salters; three grandchildren.  Chapel services 10 a.m. Monday.  Rev. D. F. Summerall officiating.  Interment Oakland Cemetery.
  Direction of service with Suggs Funeral Home, 1001 Second Ave, phone 4-2424.

35. [death101]  Death Certificate for Lydia Gertrude Strange; death Dec 20. 1940; residence 2600 Idaho St., Dallas, Dallas Co., TX; birth July 31 1886, MS; father H. B. Salters; mother Dorthy Mosley; informant Joe Strange; Oakland cemetery, Dallas.  File number 3556.

36. [death075] Funeral Memorial Book of Lucille Salters.  Contains her birth and death information; her parents and grandparents names; pall bearers, relatives who attended services; folks who sent flowers and friends who attended services.

37. [death104] Death Certificate for Lucille Salters.  death Feb 6, 1957, 707 Genoa, Dallas, Dallas Co., TX; birth 11 Dec 1890, MS; father Henry Bankston Salters; mother Dorothy ann Mosley; informant Mrs. Eva J. Steverson; Laurel Land cemetery in Ft. Worth.

38. [death100] Death certificate for Laura Lavinia Holt; Apr 21 1976; Parkway Hospital Houston, Harris Co., TX; date of birth 29 Apr 1893, Jackson, MS; father Henry B. Salters; mother Dorothy A. Mosley; informant Mrs Elaine White. State File No. 29001.

39. [death070] Social Security Death Index for Laura born 29 May 1893 died Apr 1976 77038 (Houston, Harris, TX)
Also In the file:
Name: Holt, Laura L
Death: 21-Apr-1976
Sex: F

40. [birth22]  Holt deaths in Harris Co., TX.  Includes:
Holt, Laura L. died 21 Apr 1976
File located:

41. [mar67]  Copy of original marriage license for Laura Salters and Walter Holt dated June 24, 1911 in Eastland Xo., TX.  Recorded in Marriage Book 6 Page 121.

42. [sal35] Conversation with Dorothy Ann Salters Garrison on Oct 4, 2006 regarding descendants of Henry Bankston Salters.

43. [birth24] Delayed Birth Certificate of Gordon Bankston Salters: born in Axtell, McLennan Co., TX, Father: Henry Bankston Salters, Birth Place of Father: MS, Father's age at time of Birth: 45, Trade: farmer; Mother: Dorothy Ann Mosley, Age of mother at time of birth: 44, number of children born to this mother including this birth: 8; number of children born to this mother and now living: 5. Delayed birth Certificate issued Dec 14, 1942 attested to by: Lucille Salters, James E. Worthy.

44. [death116] Death Certificate for Gordon Salters; date of birth: 15 May 1899; residence at death: 2201 Alston, Ft. Worth, Tarrant Co., TX; date of death: 3 Dec 1971; place of death: Ft. Worth Osteopathic Hospital; father's name: Bankston Salters; mother's maiden name: Dorothy Ann Mosley; informant: Minnie Salters - wife; burial: Laurel Land Memorial Park, Ft. Worth.

45. [death68] Obituary of Gordon Salters, 72, 220 Aiston.  Survivors: Wife, Minnie, daughter, Mrs. Joe Garrison, Vernon, sister, Mrs Laura Holt, Houston, three grandchildren.  Services 3 p.m. Monday, Owens-Brumley Chapel, Interment Laurel Land, Arrangements Owen-Brumley, 425 S. Henderson, 335-4557. This obituary appeared in Fort Worth Star Telegram on 4 Dec 1971, Fort Worth, Tarrant Co., TX.

46. [death074] Minnie Salters, 81, dies
Minnie H. Salters, 81, of 2629 Stephens died Saturday in a local nursing home following a lengthy illness.
  Funeral services will be conducted at 10 a.m. Monday in Sullivan Funeral Home Chapel with the Rev. John Klappenbaugh, pastor of Odell Baptist Church, officiating. Interment will be in Laurel Land Cemetery in Ft. Worth at 3 p.m. Monday.
  Mrs. Salters was born March 12, 1906 in Winnesboro. She married G. B. Salters in 1932 in Ft. Worth, and he preceded her in death in 1971.
  She was a retired employee of General Dynamics of Ft. Worth where she spent most of her life. She had been a resident of Vernon about five years.
  Surviving are one daughter, Mrs. Joe Garrison of Vernon and; one brother, the Rev. Earl Hill of Corpus Christi; three granddaughters; and six great-grandchildren.
  Family members will receive friends at 3318 Bismarck.
From the Sunday, Nov. 22, 1987 issue of the Vernon Daily Record.
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