Texas Family Group Sheet for the Henry Mims Family

Husband: Henry MIMS
Birthdate: Abt. 1797 - Jones County, Georgia
Death date: June 16, 1864 - Marion County, Texas
father: John Mims
mother: Anna Edwards

Marriage date: April 07, 1818
Marriage date: Jones County, Georgia

Wife: Sarah WIMBERLY
Birthdate: Abt. 1798
Death date: Bet. 1850 1860 - Marion County, Texas
father: Probably John Wimberly
mother: Probably Sarah (Sally) Perry


Child No. 1: Anna Mims
Birthdate: Abt. 1819, Talbot County, Georgia
Spouse's name: Hamilton Duke
Marriage date: Talbot, Georgia
Death date: August 18, 1841, Macon County, Alabama, near Auburn

Child No. 2: Emily Mims
Birthdate: Abt. 1820, Georgia
Spouse's name: Andrew Jackson Raines
Marriage date: January 18, 1840, Macon County, Alabama
Death date: Bef. 1850, Macon County, Alabama

Child No. 3: Mary Elizabeth Mims
Birthdate: March 24, 1823, Georgia
Spouse's name: Jethro Walker
Marriage date: December 22, 1844, Macon County, Alabama
Death date: February 21, 1846, Auburn, Alabama

Child No. 4: Robert Mims
Birthdate: Abt. 1824
Spouse's name:
Marriage date:
Death date:

Child No. 5: David W. Mims
Birthdate: Abt. 1828
Spouse's name:
Marriage date:
Death date: December 01, 1912, Jefferson, Marion County, Texas

Child No. 6: John Wesley (Squire) Mims
Birthdate: August 12, 1829, Macon Georgia
Spouse's name: Elizabeth Georgiana Smisson
Marriage date: May 23, 1858, Cass County, Texas
Death date: February 20, 1907, Marion County, Texas

Child No. 7: Sarah J Mims
Birthdate: Abt. 1832, Georgia
Spouse's name: James Cheatham
Marriage date: May 16, 1848, Texas
Death date: August 28, 1854, Newton County, Texas

Child No. 8: Lucinda A Mims
Birthdate: Abt. 1833
Spouse's name:
Marriage date:
Death date:

Child No. 9: Lewis Davis Wimberly Mims
Birthdate: February 25, 1834, Alabama
Spouse's name: Celuda Frances Pattillo
Marriage date: Abt. 1864, Cass County, Texas
Death date: December 01, 1876, Cass County, Texas

Child No. 10: Henry Augustus Mims
Birthdate: February 26, 1840, Marian County, Alabama
Spouse's name: Susie F Allen
Marriage date: Abt. 1884, Texas
Death date: April 05, 1915, Avinger, Cass County, Texas
other marriages: Emma Clay Webb, Delia Grogan Sutton
* Birth/marriage/death records,
* Census records,
* Family interviews.
1820: Georgia
1830: Talbot County, Edwards Township, Georgia
1840: Macon, Alabama
1850: Cass County, Texas, 2nd Precinct
1860: Marion County, Texas, Beat 1

Mims Chapel Cemetery adjoins the property of the Methodist church and both are on land in Avinger Texas donated before the Civil War for that purpose. A State Historical Marker for Mims Chapel was obtained in the spring of 1983 and reads as follows: "This church was organized by pioneer area settlers before the Civil War. The first building here was a log structure known as The Rock Church because of a large nearby rock where early meetings were held. The church was later named Mims Chapel Methodist Church in honor of brothers John W Mims (1829-1907) and Henry Mims (1839-1915) who were instrumental in securing this site for the congregation. Graves in the cemetery date from the 1870s and include prominent early community leaders. A school house here was in use until about 1906".
Henry Augustus Mims was in the CSA, PVT, Co D, 32nd Regiment, Texas Calvary, CSA (Crump's Battalion, Mounted Volunteers). He enlisted 11/4/1861, was captured 4/8/1865, at Spanish Fort, Alabama, and exchanged at Camp Townsend 5/6/1865; also that he surrendered at Citronelle, Alabama, 5/11/1865 and was paroled out of the CSA in Meridian, Mississippi on the same day. REF. War Department note to Commissioner of Pensions, State of Texas, Austin, dated 12/23/1910.
Henry Augustus and John Wesley Mims along with other Mims family members are buried in Mims Chapel Cemetery, Avinger, Cass County, Texas.

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