Texas Family Group Sheet for the John Cowen Family #3

Husband: John COWEN
Birthdate: July 5, 1853 - (approx. birth yr) NC
Death date: Jan 30, 1923 - Bowie County, TX Buried Springhill Cem.
father: Joseph COWEN
mother: Mary Malinda LONG
other marriages: Virginia Jones, Sally Gay

Marriage date: 1892
Marriage place: Bowie County, TX

Wife: Cora Edna ASKEW
Birthdate: Aug 3, 1874
Death date:
Burial: Springhill Cem.
father: Britton Gatewood ASKEW
mother: Susan Powell WARD


Child No. 1: Maggie May COWEN
Birthdate: Jan 1, 1893 TX
Spouse's name:
Marriage date:
Death date: June 20, 1909, Bowie County, TX
Burial: Springhill Cemetery

Child No. 2: Thomas Powell COWEN, Sr (I)
Birthdate: Nov 24, 1894, TX
Spouse's name: Abbie Lee MANOR
Marriage date: July 14, 1913, TX
Death date: Mar 23, 1917, DeKalb, TX
Burial: Springhill Cemetery

Child No. 3: Susan Vela COWEN
Birthdate: Sept 18, 1896, TX
Spouse's name: Quitman "Son" POPE
Marriage date: Dec 21, 1913
Death date: March 3, 1917, TX
Burial: Springhill Cem

Child No. 4: Madie Ora COWEN
Birthdate: Sept 7, 1898, TX
Spouse's name: Arthur DUNSON
Marriage date: Dec 20, 1918, TX
Death date: Aug 24, 1956, TX

Child No. 5: Vadie COWEN
Birthdate: Dec 18, 1900, TX
Spouse's name: Julian Ambrose BREWER
Marriage date: Dec 18, 1918 Bowie County, TX
Death date: Oct 2, 1983
Burial: Woodmen Cem. DeKalb, TX

Child No. 6: Johnnie Aubrey COWEN
Birthdate: June 1, 1902, TX
Spouse's name: Myrtle Louise CLEGHORN
Marriage date: June 16, 1928 TX
Death date: Sep 3, 1969 TX
Burial: Springhill Cem

Child No. 7: Myrtle E. COWEN
Birthdate: May 8, 1904, TX
Spouse's name:
Marriage date:
Death date: Aug 9, 1907 Bowie Co., TX
Burial: Springhill Cem

Child No. 8: Ruby COWEN
Birthdate: Jan 3, 1909, TX
Spouse's name: SEMLINGER
Marriage date:
Death date: Dec 27, 1984
Burial: Springhill Cem.
* Census records,
* Burial records,
* Land records,
* Numerous descendants of this line.

* John was a respected businessman. It is known that on display for many years, in the bank of Clarksville, TX., there was a IOU written on a piece of bark signed by John Cowen.
* In about 1863, a Methodist Church was organized at Spring Hill, Bowie Co. TX. In the early 1890's, Rev. J.T. Johnson was pastor and also school teacher. In 1896-97 Rev. R. J. Smith reorganized the church at Spring Hill and the Ingram family gave 7 acres of land for the purpose of having a church and burying grounds. Chris Fromm, Hardy Jones, and R.A. Jones were trustees of the church at that time. Mrs. Silas (Clemmie) Jones collected enough funds to buy the lumber. Then she called the people together and all the could hammer and nail were put to work. By that evening the church was ready for services. The church building was a one room box house, stripped up to keep the wind out. It was built on a knoll just west of the present building. Some of the early members were William Jones, Bob and Hardy Jones, who had come to this community in 1862, the Joseph W. Gay family, the Murray family, the Farris family, the John Cowen family, the Chris Fromm family, and the McCrary family.
* In the town of Marsh (ten miles northwest of DeKalb.) John Cowen was appointed Postmaster on June 7, 1888. The office was discontinued Dec, 26, 1888: after that date, mail ordered was sent to DeKalb.
* Virginia Jones (1st wife of John Cowen) was the grand daughter of Silas McCRARY, a very prominent man in Bowie County, TX.
* About 1880 Miss Sally Gay (2nd wife of John Cowen) taught two to three terms, at Springhill School Dist 52. These consisting of two or three months each in the summer for which she was paid $12.00 or $15.00 per month. In 1885, J. W. Gray and others went to Boston, the County seat, and made arrangements for publlic money to pay the teachers. The teacher then received about $35.00 per month as a salary for two or three months. This was paid by the county. Johnson, a preacher taught for several years. Then a Dr. Williams taught the school. He later built himself a home and practiced medicine at Spring Hill. Charles Hightower, a Mr. Strong, Mrs. Bell Cain and Bat Merchant were all teachers, during the period from 1880 to 1900. During this period J. W. Gay, John Cowen, Bill Day, Boy Gay, Norman Hamilton and B. P. Phillips were among those who served as trustees of the school.

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