Texas Family Group Sheet for the Alonzo BEEMAN Family

Husband: Alonzo BEEMAN
Birthdate: 15 June 1800
Birthplace: Vergennes, Addison CO., VT.
Death date: 31 December 1869
Place of death: Moffat, Bell CO., TX.
Father: Reuben BEEMAN
Mother: unknown

Marriage date: 18 September 1832
Marriage place: Bedford, Lawrence CO., IN.

Wife: Adeline DEMING
Birthdate: 18 September 1810
Birthplace: New Haven, CT.
Death date: 05 January 1899
Place of death: Comanche, TX
Father: Josiah DEMING
Mother: Martha BROWN


Child No. 1: Julia Mary BEEMAN
Sex: F
Birthdate: 23 June 1833
Birthplace: Bedford, Lawrence CO. ,IN.
Death date: 19 September 1833
Place of death: Bedford, Lawrence CO. ,IN.
Marriage date:
Marriage place:
Spouse's name: NONE

Child No. 2: Cora Elizabeth BEEMAN
Sex: F
Birthdate: 02 October 1835
Birthplace: Bedford, Lawrence CO. ,IN.
Death date: 12 December 1922
Place of death: Uvdale,TX.
Marriage date: 28 January 1861
Marriage place: Moffat ,Bell CO., TX.
Spouse's name: Josiah PHILLIPS

Child No. 3: Harriet Emeline BEEMAN
Sex: F
Birthdate: 20 November 1837
Birthplace: Bedford, Lawrence CO. ,IN.
Death date: 1876
Place of death: Moffat, Bell CO. TX.
Marriage date: 1. 1855 / 2. 1866
Marriage place: 1.& 2. Moffat, Bell CO. TX.
Spouse's name: 1.N.S.WHITE 2. Nathaniel Johnson FRANKLIN

Child No. 4: Rinaldo Rinaldini BEEMAN
Sex: M
Birthdate: 19 September 1840
Birthplace: Bedford, Lawrence CO. ,IN.
Death date: 02 June 1910
Place of death: Comanche ,TX.
Marriage date: 1870
Marriage place: Clark, AR.
Spouse's name: Sarah Catherine BAKER

Child No. 5: Mary Miranda BEEMAN
Birthdate: 25 December 1842
Birthplace: Bedford, Lawrence CO. ,IN.
Death date: 17 October 1932
Place of death: Brown ,TX.
Marriage date: 28 January 1861
Marriage place: Moffat, Bell CO., TX.
Spouse's name: James Johnson FRANKLIN

Child No. 6: Geraldo Alonzo BEEMAN
Sex: M
Birthdate: 11 August 1845
Birthplace: Springville, IN.
Death date: 29 March 1927
Place of death: Comanche,TX.
Marriage date: 30 August 1866
Marriage place: Comanche,TX.
Spouse's name: Susan Cornelia RUPE

Child No. 7: Alberta BEEMAN
Sex: F
Birthdate: 11 March 1848
Birthplace: Bedford, Lawrence CO., IN.
Death date: 08 August 1924
Place of death: Sadler, TX.
Marriage date: 1.16 October 1870 / 2. 26 October 1882
Marriage place: 1. Bell CO., TX. 2. Comanche, TX.
Spouse's name: 1.James B. ALLEN 2.William Jordan MCLANE

Child No. 8: Sarah Alice BEEMAN
Sex: F
Birthdate: 30 April 1850
Birthplace: Heltonville , IN.
Death date: 27 May 1936
Place of death: Comanche,TX.
Marriage date: 04 July 1872
Marriage place: Copano Bay, TX.
Spouse's name: Henry B.RUSSELL
1. Royal Line of the Beeman­Deming Family from William the Conqueror ---LYMAN BRIGHTMAN RUSSELL [son inlaw to ALONZO BEEMAN]
2. In the book "Counties of Morgan, Monroe & Brown, Indiana, Historical and Biographical" edited by Charles Blanchard, 1884, the reproduction of which was made possible through the sponsorship of the Monroe County Library Foundation, page 503 gives a history of "Richland, or Elletsville".
3. 1869."published book "Texas Masonic Deaths".

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