Missouri Family Group Sheet for the James Edward Tucker Family

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Submitted by: Dona Marie Tucker
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Husband: James Edward Tucker
Birth date: June 25, 1840
Birthplace: St. Clair Co.,MO.
Death date: Sept 23, 1924
Place of death: Eldorado Springs , MO
Burial: Hazel Dell
Father: Granville Tucker
Mother: Rebecca Ware

Marriage date: May 7, 1868
Marriage place: Vernon Cty, MO

Wife: Mary Susan Alkire
Birth date: Nov, 18, 1850
Birthplace: Holt Cty. MO
Death date: March 27,1936
Place of death: ElDorado Springs, MO
Burial: Hazel Dell
Father: Michael Stumph Alkire
Mother: Maragret Richey Darst


Child No. 1: Elizabeth Jane Tucker
Sex: F
Birth date: July 29,1870
Birthplace: Bigelow, Polk Co. MO
Death date: Jan 11, 1960
Place of death: Eldorado Springs, MO
Burial: unknown
Marriage date: Sept.27, 1891
Marriage place: ElDorado Springs, MO
Spouse's name: Theodore Alberti

Child No. 2: Rev. Luther Leroy Tucker
Sex: M
Birth date: Oct.13, 1875
Birthplace: Labadonie, Franiklin Co, MO
Death date: Sept 19, 1957
Place of death: Stockton, MO
Burial: Stockton
Marriage date: unknown
Marriage place: ElDorado Spring,MO
Spouse's name: Ida Anna Preston

Child No. 3: Rev.Charles Bethel Tucker
Sex: M
Birth date: Feb18,1878
Birthplace: St. Clair Co.Johnson City,MO
Death date: Dec.14, 1953
Place of death: Springfield
Burial: Springfield
Marriage date: unknown
Marriage place: MO.
Spouse's name: Grace Haggard

Child No. 4: James Washington Tucker
Sex: M
Birth date: April 7, 1893
Birthplace: Holt or Franklin Cty,MO
Death date: Jan 19, 1937
Place of death: St. Louis MO
Burial: Clintonville
Marriage date: Feb. 15, 1895
Marriage place: Cedar Cty., Eldorado Springs , MO
Spouse's name: Alice Matilda Dale

Child No. 5: infant
Sex: M

Documentation: Family Bible, Hand written documents.