Missouri Family Group Sheet for the Elias W. WILLIAMS Family #2

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Submitted by: J T Mayes
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Husband: Elias W WILLIAMS
Birthdate: Mar 6 1827 McMinn Co MO
military service: Soldier Union Army Sgt
Death date: Sep 4 1900
father: John WILLIAMS
mother: Elizabeth MASSEY
other marriages: (1)Elisabeth Ann ELLIS

Marriage date: Mar 6 1864
Marriage place: Barry Co MO

Wife: Cynthia Jane LEMASTER
Birthdate: Sep 1 1846 Barry Co MO
Death date: Nov 5 1928 Barry Co MO
father: Jacob LEMASTER
mother: Lucinda RICKMAN


Child No. 1: Mary Malinda WILLIAMS
Birthdate: Jan 19 1865 Barry Co MO
Marriage date:
Death date: Apr 23 1965 Barry Co MO

Child No. 2: William Tecumpsey WILLIAMS
Birthdate: Mar 10 1866 Barry Co MO
Spouse: Carrie COOK
Marriage date: Jan 23 1887 Verona MO
Death date: Aug 15 1903 Lawrence Co MO

Child No. 3: Eliza May WILLIAMS
Birthdate: Dec 23 1867 Barry Co MO
Spouse: James HARGARTY
Marriage date: Abt 1891
Death date: Dec 2 1959 St Clair Co IL

Child No. 4: Jacob Isaac Grant WILLIAMS
Birthdate: Feb 2 1870 Baarry Co MO
Spouse: Sarah MATHIS
Marriage date:
Death date: Sep 15 1915 McCurtain Co OK

Child No. 5: Albert Elias WILLIAMS
Birthdate: Jul 2 1872 Barry Co MO
Marriage date:
Death date: Dec 15 1878 Barry Co MO

Child No. 6: George Allen WILLIAMS
Birthdate: Apr 16 1874 Barry Co MO
Spouse: Mary E ZINN
Marriage date:
Death date: abt 1947 Jupiter Florida

Child No. 7: Effie Rozella WILLIAMS
Birthdate: Jan 23 1877 Barry Co MO
Spouse: Andrew SUTTLES
Marriage date:
Death date: Jul 26 1974

Child No. 8: Elbert W WILLIAMS
Birthdate: Apr 2 1879 Barry Co MO
Spouse: Margaret WAGNON
Marriage date: Jul 12 1903 Barry Co MO
Death date: Dec 26 1965 Barry Co MO

Child No. 9: Otis Otto WILLIAMS
Birthdate: Feb 11 1882 Barry Co MO
Marriage date:
Death date: Sep 28 1900 Barry Co MO

Child No. 10: Essie Inez WILLIAMS
Birthdate: Oct 1 1884 Barry Co MO
Spouse: William LATHAM
Marriage date:
Death date: Mar 11 1912

Child No. 11: Ula Olive WILLIAMS
Birthdate: May 11 1887 Barry Co MO
Spouse: Asron COBB
Marriage date: Dec 20 1906 Lawrence Co MO
Death date: May 24 1974 Lawrence Co MO
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