Missouri Family Group Sheet for the Daniel Wesley SCONCE, Sr. Family

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Submitted by: Lanita Sconce Smith
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Husband: Daniel Wesley SCONCE Sr.
Birthdate: 1835
Birthplace: Williamson Co., TN
Death date: 1877
Place of death: Sharp Co., AR
Burial: Perry Cemetery, Sharp Co., AR
Father: Green H. SCONCE
Mother: Matilda BOYD

Marriage date: 1864
Marriage place: Randolph Co. AR

Wife: Julia MARIOTT
Birthdate: 1845
Birthplace: Yadkin, Randolph Co., AR
Death date: 1872
Place of death: Randolph Co., AR
Burial: Bellah Cemetery, Randolph Co., AR
Father: Wm. Henderson MARIOTT
Mother: Matilda FERRILL


Child No. 1: John Hammonds Calhoun SCONCE
Sex: M
Birthdate: 1 Dec 1865
Birthplace: Yadkin, Randolph Co., AR
Death date: 14 Jun 1945
Place of death: Ironton, MO
Burial: Munsell Cemetery, Shannon Co., MO
Marriage date: 1 Nov 1883
Marriage place: Randolph Co., AR
Spouse's name: Mary Angeline TAYLOR

Child No. 2: William Daniel Mariott SCONCE
Sex: M
Birthdate: 23 Sep 1867
Birthplace: Yadkin, Randolph Co., AR
Death date: 20 Apr 1946
Place of death: Stockton, CA
Burial: Rural Cemetery, Stockton, CA
Marriage date: 1899
Marriage place: Randolph Co., AR
Spouse's name: Manie L. BOOTHE

Child No. 3: Mary Jane SCONCE
Sex: F
Birthdate: 1869
Birthplace: Sharp Co., AR
Death date:
Place of death: Sharp Co., AR
Burial: Sharp Co., AR
Marriage date: 3 Aug 1884
Marriage place: Sharp Co., AR
Spouse's name: John Wesley MURPHY

Child No. 4: James Wesley SCONCE
Sex: M
Birthdate: 27 Aug 1871
Birthplace: Yadkin, Randolph Co., AR
Death date: 1950
Place of death: Oregon Co., MO
Burial: Cave Springs Cemetery, Oregon Co., MO
Marriage date: 27 Aug 1896
Marriage place: Randolph Co., AR
Spouse's name: Missouri A. [Zudie] TAYLOR
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