Missouri Family Group Sheet for the George Hilton PAGE Family

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Husband: George Hilton PAGE
Birthdate: 4 Jan 1863
Place: Fayette, Howard, MO
Death date: 21 May 1955
Place: Moberly, Randolph Co., MO
Burial: 23 May 1955 Old Higbee Cemetary, Higbee, Randolph Co., MO
Father: John W. PAGE (1832-1866)
Mother: Susan NAYLOR (1841-1921)

Marriage date: 30 Nov 1882
Marriage Place: Higbee, Randolph, MO

Wife: Careen H. OWEN
Birthdate: 4 Oct 1866
Place: Higbee, Randolph Co., MO
Death date: 21 Oct 1940
Place: Higbee, Randolph Co., MO
Burial: 23 Oct 1940 Old Higbee Cemetary, Higbee, Randolph Co., MO
Father: John James OWEN (1834-1910)
Mother: Kerin "Caroline" WALKER (1840-1866)


1. F Child: Susie Della PAGE
Birthdate: 12 Nov 1883
Place: Fayette, Howard, MO
Death date: 28 Oct 1968
Place: Bozeman, Gallatin Co., MT
Burial: 31 Oct 1968 Sheridan Cemetary, Madison Co., MT
Spouse: Albert "Bert" MANNING
Marriage date: 9 Jun 1903
Place: Higbee, Randolph, MO

2. M Child: Johnie W. PAGE
Birthdate: 11 Jun 1887
Place: Fayette, Howard, MO
Death date: 16 Mar 1957
Place: Jennings, OK
Burial: 19 Mar 1957 Jennings Cemetary, Jennings, OK
Spouse: E. Katie ALSTON
Marriage date: 21 Apr 1907
Divorced: Before 1930
Spouse: Mrs. Ethel BOGUE
Marriage date: 28 Apr 1940

3. M Child: George Martin PAGE
Birthdate: 29 Jun 1891
Place: Myers, Howard Co., MO
Death date: Before 1955
Spouse: Willia (PAGE)

4. M Child: Garnett Selvie PAGE
Birthdate: 28 Dec 1900
Place: Higbee, Randolph, MO
Death date: Apr 1976
Place: Darien, Fairfield, CT
Spouse: Mae Christene ROBB
Marriage date: 16 Sep 1922
Place: Higbee, Randolph Co., MO
Spouse: Mildred CONGDON
Marriage date: About 1926/1927
Husbands Notes
George PAGE was born 3 miles west of Myers, MO and attended school at Hocker in Howard County.
1870 Howard Co., MO Census (Bonne Femme Twsp.)
17 17 Naylor G.T. 83 M W Farmer 2000 300 Md.
17 17 Naylor Margaret 56 F W Keeping house KY
17 17 Naylor Franklin 27 M W Labor on farm MO
17 17 Naylor Truman C. 22 M W Labor on farm MO
17 17 Page Susan 29 F W At home MO
17 17 Page Wellington 12 M W MO
17 17 Page Jno. T. 9 M W MO
17 17 Page Geo. H. 7 M W MO
17 17 Page Ada Lee 5 F W MO
17 17 Page Martha 10 F W MO
1880 Bonnefemme Twsp., Howard Co., MO (file 92.36)
343 265 CAMPBELL, Susan, widow, age 39, keeping house, MO MO MO
PAGE, William, w, m, 22, son, single, farmer, MO MO MO
John T., w, m, 19, son, single, farmhand, MO MO MO
George H., w, m, 18, son, single, farmhand, school MO MO MO
Ada L., w, f, 15, dau, single, at home, school, MO MO MO
1900 Census,Prairie Twsp. Randolph County, MO (Census date 13 Jun 1900)
161-161 PAGE, George 36 MO-KY-KY (married 18 yrs, 3 children, 3 alive) MO KY KY
Catherine 31 MO-VA-VA
Susie 16 MO MO MO
John 12 MO MO MO
George E. 9
He was a farmer and rented. # on farm schedule 140
(Notes: above shows Careen's parents both born Virginia. That is not correct. They were born in Missouri)
1910 Randolph Co, M, Moniteau Twp, Randolph St., Ward 2, Higbee City 276/285
George Page 47 married 27 yrs. 4 children-4 alive Carpenter MO-MO-MO
Catherine 43 MO-MO-MO
George 18 MO-MO-MO
Garrett 9 MO-MO-MO
1910 Randolph Co, Cairo Twp and Village taken 4-22-1910 111/114
John Johnson 65 divoivorced MO-KY-KY
PAGE, George boarder 24 single MO-MO-MO Farm Laborer
BOYD, Harry boarder 23 single MO-OH-MO Farm Laborer
1912 The Higbee News
The old time village known as Myers, and known in early days as "Bunker Hill," is now numbered with the past. The only remaining house of the original town has fallen to the ground. This building was used for a polling plce for a number of years. This will necessitate a new polling place. In early days bunker Hill was a village of some note. It was a stopping place on the stage line between Renick and Fayette. The post office wass discontinued several years ago on account of Rural Delivery. All that remains near the old original site is two modern dwellings owned by Joe B. Jones and Jno. Barton.
1912 The Higbee News
Friday, 22 Mar 1912--George Page and family will leave Saturday for Muskogee, Okla, where they will make their home. They are mighty good citizens and their departure is a matter of regret.
Friday, 26 July 1912--Geo. Page and family who removed to Muskogee, Ok, severalmonths ago, returned Friday of last week to remain. (unknown if it is this George or son George Martin Page who went to Ok for a few months. Johnie was living in Muskogee, OK at this time)
1915 The Higbee News
Friday, 12 Mar 1915--Ed Owen and wife of Billings, Montana, arrived Friday of last week for a visit with his sister, Mrs. Geo. Page, and other relatives.
Friday, 14 May 1915--Thomas Magruder and George Page are erecting a new residence for William Lilly in West Side addition.
Friday, 17 Dec 1915--The home of Mr. and Mrs. John Dennis was the scene of a very pleasant gathering Saturday, the occasion being the 84th birthday anniversary of Mrs. Dennis's mother, Mrs. Eliza Reynolds. A big dinner was served and the day was most delightfully spent by all, and none enjoyed it more than Mrs. Reynolds.
Those present: Geo. W. Reynolds and family, Isaac Walker and Geo Page and family.
1919 The Higbee News
Friday, 10 Jan 1919, Vol 32, No 38--Geo. Page was called to Kansas City Monday by the death of his step-father, L. Jones.
Friday, 17 Oct 1919, Vol 33. No 26--Geo. Page purchased the Wm. Warford residence in the south part of town Wednesday for $500. The sale was made by W. F. Jones.292
1920 Moniteau Twsp., Higbee City, Randolph Co., MO (file 140.5) Enumerated 6 and 7th of January 1920.
121 125 PAGE, George H., Head, own, M, m, white, 57, married, MO MO MO
Careen wife, f, w, 53, married, MO MO MO
JONES, Susan, Mother, f, w, 79, MO VA KY
(The above Susan is Susan NAYLOR PAGE CAMPBELL JONES, Mother of George)
1924 The Higbee News
Friday, 20 June 1924, Vol 38 No 9--Baby Cyclone.--Higbee, which has three times escaped serious damage from cyclones, had another narrow escape Tuesday when a big storm cloud came from the southwest, bringing with it a very high wind, and tremendous rain. Fortunately, owing to the clouds being too high, but little damage was done, several telephone and light poles being blown down as well as several large trees, while many trees were damaged by the loss of limbs. A large maple tree just south of the West Side Hotel, and perhaps the oldest tree in town, was blown down and landed on the residence of Alfred Towles, but did but little if any damage. Lightning struck the residence of John Lilly, tearing a light meter to pieces, tore a hole in the side of the house and tore a strip of plastering several inches wide from the wall from ceiling to floor. No one in the house was injured, but all were given a good scare. The darkness, the roar of the storm and flying debris caused many to believe the town would be blown off the map, but it is all here, we are glad to state. The lights were put out for the day and many telephones were put out of business. Glasgow was not so fortunate, dozens of its finest shade trees being uprooted, roofs being torn off several business houses, plate glass fronts blown in and other damage done. The camp of Wood Bros. across the river from Glasgow was hard hit and all but destroyed, several of the workmen being injured, among them Fred Daiprai of this place. He had just gone into a bunk house to take shelter from the rain when a heavy tree smashed the house as if it had been a match box, and catching Mr. Daiprai under it, but he was fortunate enough to escape with a few bad bruises and slight scratches.292
1922 The Higbee News
Friday, 28 July 1922, Vol 36, No 15--PITNEY FAMILY REUNION--Thursday, July 20
Mr. and Mrs. George Page and Mrs. O. S. Hull (Catherine Owen) were guests at the Golden Anniversary Family Reunion.
1924 The Higbee News
Friday, 22 Aug 1924, Vol 38 No. 18--Raymond Manning of Billings, Montana, is the guests of his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Page.
1925 The Higbee News
Friday, 3 Apr.1925, Vol 38 No. 49, pg. 5, col. 1--Miss Ruth Manning of Billings, Mont., who has been the guests of her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. George Page, left Monday for a visit with relatives in Oklahoma.
Friday, 21 Aug.1925, Vol 39 No. 17, pg. 1, col 5--Geo. Page Injured in Fall--Geo. Page, while sawing off the limb of a tree which had been blown against his house by the storm of Wednesday night, fell from a ladder yesterday morning and was quite painfully hurt, sustaining a dislocated shoulder as well as minor bruises.
1926 The Higbee News
Thursday, 20 May 1926, Vol 40 No. 3, pg. 5, Col 1--LOCAL AND PERSONAL MENTION--Mr. and Mrs. C. A. O'Dell, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Page and Mrs. Bessie Baker spent Sunday in Slater with Mr. and Mrs. John Dennis.292
1930 Moniteau Twsp., Higbee City, Randolph Co., MO, ED 88-8, Dist 6 Enumerated, April 5, 1930, H. G. Turner, enumerator Tank Street household 149 family 149(image 08.5btif)
Page, George, head, 0, Value of home $800, -, No, -, m, w, 65, married age19, No, yes, MO MO MO, yes yes, Carpenter, building, 0681, w, yes, -, no
Page, Katherine, wife, -, -, -, No, f, w, 64, married age, 20, no, yes, MO MO MO, no occupation
Obituary of George H. Page, Higbee, Missouri, 1955
Funeral services for George Page were held Monday afternoon at the Christian Church in Higbee. The Rev. Elliot conducted the services which were directed by the Robertson Funeral Home. Interment was in the Higbee Cemetary.
Mr. Page, 92, a lifelong resident of Higbee, died at the McCormick Hospital, Moberly, Saturday evening after being a patient there for four weeks. He had been suffering from a broken hip for the past fifteen months.
Born in Howard County in 1863, Mr. Page was a carpenter for many years. His wife preceeded him in death in 1940.
Surviving are two sons, Garnett of Springfield, Illinois and John of Jennings, Oklahoma; a daughter, Mrs. Susie Manning who resides in Montana.27
George Hilton PAGE
Place of Death date: Moberly, Randolph Co., Missouri, McCormick Hospital (length of stay.4 wks)
White male, widower. Occupation: Carpenter
Usual Residence: Higbee, Randolph County, Missouri (Randolph Street)
Date of Birthdate: 4 Jan 1863, Missouri
Date of Death date: 21 May 1955, age 92 yrs, 4 mo, 17 days.
Father's Name: unknown
Mother's Name: Susan NAYLOR
Informant: Garnett PAGE, Springfield, Illinois.
Burial: 23 May 1955, Higbee City Cemetary, North of Higbee, Missouri.

Wifes Notes
1870 Prairie Twsp, Randolph Co, MO (file 192b)
OWEN, John J, 35, w, m, farmer, O, 300, MO (male citizen of US 21 and upwards-1)
Adaline, 25, F, W, keeping house, MO
Edward, 12, m, w, works on farm, MO school
Catherine, 10, f, w, at home, MO, school
Sophia (E. or C?) 8, f, w, MO, school
Susan F. ?, 5, f, w, MO
Carene, 3, f, w, MO
Mary, (E.?), 4/12, f, w, MO (born Feb)
1876 State Census Howard Co.., MO Town 48, Range 17
28 Sophia Walker, age 67
29 Isaac Walker, age 31
30 Caren Owens, age 9
1880 Bonnefemme Twp. Howard Co., MO Household 331/Family 331.
WALKER, Sophia wf 71 Wid Keeping House KY KY KY
Isaac wm 35 Son S Farmer MO GA KY
Jacob wm 32 Son Wid Farmer MO GA KY
Sarah E wf 13 Dau S At Home MO MO MO
Nannie B wf 7 Dau S At Home MO MO MO
Caron H wf 13 Dau S At Home MO MO MO
(The last three girls in census should be listed as grandaughters of Sophia, not daughters. Sarah E. and Nannie B. are daughters of Jacob. Their Mother died 1877)
Caron H is dau of Karen Happuck (Kerin) Walker and John James Owen. Careen's father, with a 2nd wife are listed in 1870 and 1880 Randolph County Census, along with her siblings, and two other children which are children of her father and Adeline.)
1900 Prarie Twsp., Randolph Co., MO Census taken 6-13-1900 161/161
George PAGE 12-1864 married 18 yrs. 3 children 3 alive
Catherine 24- born 1867
Susie 1-born 1883 (Susie would have been 7, not 1)
John 8- born 1889
George E. 3- born 1891
1920 The Higbee News
Friday 12 Mar 1920, Vol 33, No 47--Mrs. George Page was called to Madison Wednesday by the death of her niece, Mrs. Ocie Stevens.
Friday 12 Mar 1920, Vol 33, No 47--MRS. OCIE STEVENS DEAD--The many Higbee friends of Mr. and Mrs. O. S. Hull, of near Madison, former well known citizens of Higbee, will be pained to learn of the death of their daughter, Mrs. Ocie Stevens, who died at her home near that place Tuesday night after an illness of six weeks from flu and pneumonia. Her baby daughter, aged about 2 years, died three weeks ago from the same cause. She is survived by her husband and parents, who have the deepest sympathy of their Higbee friends.292
Karine H. PAGE
Place of death, Higbee, Randolph Co., Missouri
Usual Residence: Higbee, Randolph Co., Missouri
Born 4 October 1866, Randolph County
Age at death 74 yrs 17 days
Name of Father: John J. OWENS, born Kentucky
Name of Mother: Sarah WALKER, born Howard County, Missouri
Married to George H. (Hilton) PAGE
Burial: 23 Oct 1940, City Cemetary (Higbee, Missouri)
Signature of funeral director: H.L. FELAND, Higbee, Missouri
Signature of Registrar: J.W. WINN, 23 Oct. 1940, Higbee, Missouri
(Note Careen's Mother was Kerin/Caroline WALKER, not Sarah WALKER)
Her obit was in the Oct 21 1940 Moberly Monitor Index and Evening Democrat.

Willard OWEN Notes:
Cemetary shows him buried near Careen Owen Page.14 From Records of Randolph County, by Sherida Eddleman

Careen's parents were Irish and maybe some German, according to Aunt Ruth (SCOTT), Careen and George's grandaughter.
distance of Myers and Burton in Howard County to Fayette and to Hi Higbee in Randolph Co?'
A. Myers to Burton = 3 miles
Fayette to Higbee = 5 miles
"Careen's name was Kerenhappuch (see Job 42: 14)
Reference Note 27 Willard A. Warford
601 Randolph Street
Glasgow, MO 65254
Reference Note 292
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