Missouri Family Group Sheet for the Samuel McCALL Family #1

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Submitted by: Lola L. ALLEN
Submission date: 16 July 2003
Email address: llallen@onramp113.org

Husband: Samuel McCALL
Birthdate: 12 Jan 1820 Ross Co., OH
military service: Civil War, Company B, 17th Regiment of Kansas Volunteer Infantry
Death date: 17 Sep 1895 Perry, Jefferson Co., KS
father: Moses McCALL
mother: Nancy Ann CALHOUN
other marriages: Mary Ann WALLACE, 18 Oct 1863, Jefferson Co., KS

Marriage date: 18 Jan 1842
Marriage place: Clay Co., MO

Wife: Martha Jane PORTER
Birthdate: 10 Nov 1825 MO
Death date: May 1863, Perry Jefferson Co., KS
father: Joseph PORTER
mother: Mary Monroe GRAGG


CHILD 1: Joseph B. McCALL
Birthdate: 29 Sep 1844, Clay Co., MO
Spouse: Laura C. BAYNE
Marriage date: 03 Feb 1865, Jefferson Co., KS
other marriages: (2) Nancy Jane McCOY, 23 Oct 1868, Platte Co., MO; (3) Elizabeth MASONER, 03 Jun 1877, Clinton Co., MO; (4) Lucinda J. GARDNER, 04 Oct 1883, Jefferson Co., KS
Death date: 19 Jan 1914, Topeka, Shawnee Co., KS

CHILD 2: Nancy Elizabeth McCALL
Birthdate: 14 Nov 1848, Platte Co., MO
Spouse: Joseph Doughty SEAL
Marriage date: 26 Nov 1863, Jefferson Co., KS
Death date: 10 Sep 1927, near Hennessey, Kingfisher Co., OK

Birthdate: 1850, Platte Co., MO
Death date: Before 1860
Marriage date:
Death date:

CHILD 4: Moses Clay McCALL
Birthdate: 11 Sep 1852, Buchanan Co., MO
Spouse: Martha Frances MAYES
Marriage date: 28 Dec 1879, Platte Co., MO
Death date: 06 Nov 1939, Lovell, Logan Co., OK

CHILD 5: Paulina Ellen McCALL
Birthdate: Abt. 1855, Platte Co., MO
Spouse: Nelson Pruitt BARNETT
Marriage date: 21 Sep 1873, Platte Co., MO
Death date:

CHILD 6: Robert Matthew McCALL
Birthdate: 18 Jan 1860, Jefferson Co., KS
Spouse: Mary "Molly" WOOLF
Marriage date: 02 Sep 1883, Perry, Jefferson Co., KS
other marriages: Rachel D. COX, 25 Apr 1892
Death date: 22 Apr 1939, Adrain, Bates Co., MO

CHILD 7: Samuel Porter McCALL
Birthdate: 30 Apr 1863, near Perry, Jefferson Co., KS
Spouse: Mary Halley GAINES
Marriage date: 19 Oct 1887, Jefferson Co., KS
Death date: 12 Jun 1955, Perry, Jefferson Co., KS
Census Records;
Civil War Record;
Marriage Records;
Death Certificates;
Cemetery Records;
Jesse McCALL Family Bible (Photocopy in possession of Lola L. ALLEN).
Jesse McCALL Bible donated to Lane University Museum, Lecompton, Douglas County, Kansas by Helen PETTIBONE.
Information from Jesse McCALL Bible submitted by Lola L. ALLEN to the Ohio Genealogical Society and was published in the following:
(1) The Ohio Genealogical Society, Bible Record: Jesse McCALL, The Report, Volume 33, Number 02 (Summer 1993), p. 108.
(2) The Ohio Genealogical Society, McCALL Bible - Jesse S/O Moses, Ohio Records & Pioneer Families, Volume XXXIV, Number 02 (1993), p. 88.
(3) The Ohio Genealogical Society, Jesse McCALL Family: Corrections, Ohio Records & Pioneer Families, Volume XXXIV, Number 03, p. 148.
Lola L. ALLEN member #2431 of First Families of Ohio through descent from Moses McCALL (Pioneer #7450), Nancy Ann CALHOUN (Pioneer #7451), and Samuel McCALL (Pioneer #7954), 1991 & 1993.
Lola L. ALLEN issued Territorial Pioneer of Kansas Certificate for Samuel McCALL, 07 February 1995, by Kansas Council of Genealogical Societies.
Lola L. ALLEN member #1748 of First Families of the Twin Territories through descent from Samuel McCALL (Resident of El Reno, Canadian County, Oklahoma Territory in 1890), 10 Oct 1999.