Missouri Family Group Sheet for the Jasper Whitley? LEWIS Family

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Submitted by: Elizabeth Laird
Email address: ealaird@2xtreme.net

Husband: Jasper W[hitley?] LEWIS
Birthdate: abt 1785
Birthplace: , Lincoln, KY
Death date: 28 Aug 1843
Place of death: nr. Palmyra, Marion, MO
Father: LEWIS, Joseph Francis
Mother: WHITLEY, Sarah

Marriage date: 27 Feb 1809
Marriage place: , Wayne, KY

Wife: Sarah Ann Burris STONER
Birthdate: abt 1791
Birthplace: , Fayette, KY
Death date: 13 Nov 1846
Place of death: , Montgomery, KY
Father: STONER, George "Michael"
Mother: TRIBBLE, Frances Tandy


Child No. 1: LEWIS, Zerelda Ann
Sex: F
Birthdate: 1813
Birthplace: Elizabethtown, Hardin, KY
Death date: Apr 1868
Place of death: Quincy, Adams, IL
Marriage date: 27 Jun 1833
Marriage place: Palmyra, Marion, MO
Spouse's name: ELGIN, Walter Winter M.D

Child No. 2: LEWIS, Washington Owsley
Sex: M
Birthdate: 20 Apr 1815
Birthplace: , Madison, KY
Death date: 22 May 1889
Place of death: Stockton, San Joaquin, CA
Marriage date: 9 Mar 1852
Marriage place: Melrose, Adams, IL
Spouse's name: TRIPLETT, Dempsey Ann

Child No. 3: Angrew
Sex: M
Birthdate: abt 1816
Birthplace: , , KY
Death date: 22 Mar 1841
Place of death: , Marion, MO
Marriage date: 1 May 1838
Marriage place: , Marion, MO
Spouse's name: LEER, Mary A.

Child No. 4: LEWIS, Joseph Francis
Sex: M
Birthdate: abt 1820
Birthplace: Burkesville, Cumberland, KY
Death date:
Place of death: , , CA
Marriage date: 14 Mar 1843
Marriage place: , Marion, MO
Spouse's name: MC CORMICK, Amanda Adeline

Child No. 5: LEWIS, Francis "Marion"
Birthdate: abt 1823
Birthplace: Burkesbille, Cumberland, KY
Death date: bef 1880
Place of death:
Marriage date: 12 Feb 1844
Marriage place: , Lewis, MO
Spouse's name: BRACKIN, Emily P.

Child No. 6: LEWIS, Frances  "Frankey" "
Sex: F
Birthdate: 2 Nov 1825
Birthplace: , Marion, MO
Death date: 15 May 1901
Place of death: , , CA
Marriage date: 21 Sep 1843
Marriage place: , Marion, MO
Spouse's name: HOKE, William R.

Child No. 7: LEWIS, Andrew "Jackson"
Sex: M
Birthdate: 2 May 1829
Birthplace: , Marion, MO
Death date: 12 Mar 1882
Place of death: Byron, Contra Costa, CA
Marriage date: 12 Mar 1864
Marriage place: , , CA
Spouse's name: PETERMAN, Martha

Child No. 8: LEWIS, Mary Catherine
Sex: F
Birthdate: Mar 1832
Birthplace: , Marion, MO
Death date: 6 Oct 1902
Place of death: Hannibal, Marion, MO
Marriage date: 28 May 1848
Marriage place: , Marion, MO
Spouse's name: COLEMAN, Samuel H.

Child No. 9: LEWIS, Nancy Elizabeth
Sex: F
Birthdate: abt 1835
Birthplace: , Marion, MO
Death date: 11 Jun 1853
Place of death: Volcano, Calaveras, CA
Marriage date: 1852
Marriage place: , Calaveras, CA
Spouse's name: HALSTED, Joseph L.
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