Missouri Family Group Sheet for the Samuel Franklin BOLEY Family

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Submitted by:  Frank Bouley
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Husband: Samuel Franklin BOLEY
   Birthdate: 17 Sep 1834 - , , Kentucky
  Death date: 15 Oct 1888 - Bedford, Livingston, Missouri
      Buried: 1888 - Avalon, Tina, Livingston, Missouri
      Father: Fielding William Boley (1811-    )
      Mother: Elizabeth MCDOWELL (Abt 1817-    )
     Married: 14 Oct 1855                   Place: , Carroll, Missouri
Other Spouse: Charlotte Martha Langley (1845-1927)
             Date: 5 Apr 1871 - Little Compton, Carroll, Missouri
   Wife: Mary Elizabeth BEASLEY
   Birthdate: 1831 - Missouri
  Death date: Abt 1870 - , Chariton, Missouri
1 F Elizabeth Ann Boley
   Birthdate: 1857 - , , Missouri
  Death date:
      Spouse: John M Mills Doctor (    -1899)
  Marr. date: 1886
2 M Samuel Franklin Boley
   Birthdate: 1863 - , Livingston, Missouri
  Death date:
      Spouse: Ella Fitzgerald (    -    )
  Marr. date: 11 Nov 1884 - Cunningham, Chariton, Missouri
3 M Fielding Franklin Williamson Boley Professor
   Birthdate: 5 Dec 1867 - Wheeling, Livingston, Missouri
  Death date: 26 Jun 1944 - Seattle, King, Washington
      Buried: 30 Jun 1944 - Lakeview, Seattle, Washington
      Spouse: Hilma (Thelma) Caroline Hillbrick Madam (1887-1966)
  Marr. date: 1904 - Los Angeles, Calif

Husband's General Notes

   BOUILLE: French:
   1. Topographic name of someone who lived by a marsh. (a derivitive of boue=mud, of
   celtic origin.
   2. Topographic name of someone who lived bu a birch grove. Variants=Delbouille--
   Bouillot--Bouillon--Bouillat--Bouillard. BOUL: French:
   1. Topographic name for someone who lived by a birch tree.
   2. Nickname for a short, rotund man. From Boule which means "ball". Variants=Beaulieu--
   BOLEY--Boulier--Boliou--Boulle--Boulet--BOULEY--B oulez-- Bouleau --Boullot-- Boulay--

   From a novel "The Forest" by Edward Rutherford page 96: "Bellus Locus, the abbey was
   called in Latin---The Beautiful Place; in Norman French: Beau Lieu. But the forest
   people did not speak French, so pronounced it Boolee or Bewley."

   Came from Kentucky (according to sons notation on 1910 and 1920 Census for Spokane,

   Did some kind of mining as he was killed in a mine cave in and died in the arms of his
   son Frank (Fielding), at which time Frank left home for the West Coast.

   In a letter from Pat Fields:
   My husband's grandmother was Susan Caroline Boley, daughter of Charlotte Martha Langley
   & Samuel Franklin Boley. Susan Caroline Boley married Alden Asbury Fields: born 2 Dec
   l874; died 24 Nov l935. They were married 2 Dec l895, we believe. George Boley, brother
   of above, was the youngest of the 5 living children who was about 3 or 4 yrs. old when
   Grandpa Boley was killed by the cave-in of a small coal mine he was working on the
   family's place. Grandma Boley moved to town and supported the family by taking in
   washing and with the $l5/month widow's pension. At the time of her death, it was

   According to Family stories Samuel is supposed to have fought in the Civil War for the
   North and been a dispatch rider for General Grant.

   Subject: Samuel Boley-
   Date: Sun, 04 Jul 1999 10:04:14 -0600
   From: Mark Andersen
   To: FBouley@prodigy.net
   Came across an old query (1997) regarding Samuel Boley on the Carroll County MOGenWeb
   My gg grandfather John Newton Vance purchased land from Samuel F. Boley in Carroll
   County in 1868. At about the same time he purchased land from Elizabeth B. Boley. I
   assume there was some relationship between Samuel and Elizabeth, maybe brother and
   sister in law? John Vance and his wife are both buried on the property purchased from
   Elizabeth. We are trying to pinpoint the location of the property.

   From Eric Gordon:
   BOLEY, Samuel Franklin- was born on 17 Sep 1834 in Ky. He died on 15 Oct 1888 in Mo. He
   married BEASLEY, Mary E.. She was born on 15 Mar 1845 in OH. She died on 3 Jan 1927 in
   WA. (Wrong information--She died about 1870) They were married on 14 Oct 1855 in Mo.
   BOLEY, Samuel Franklin- also married LANGLEY(CLARK), Charolotte Martha-.

   From Jo Boley Wahlgren:
   I did obtain copies of military information about him from the national archives. The
   reason I have such an interest in Samuel is that he served for the north in the 'war',
   my great-grandfather fought for the 'south'...however, he was a member of the Missouri
   State Guard, which was later absorbed by the Confederacy. He was captured twice. The
   first time, he went to prison and served a short time in Alton, IL. The second time, he

   Note from Linda Brown at calebsmimi@hotmail.com 7 Apr 2003 "My info is that he was a

   Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2000 17:05:14 -0500
   From: "J. BERTELS"
   Organization: Bertels Corp.
   Dear Frank,
   In the information that you sent, it states that Sam Boley was both in the 10th Mo.
   Infantry and the 10th Mo Cavalry----followed by service in 2nd Mo Cavalry. From the
   dates and other information, I suspect that Sam Boley's regiment may have originally
   formed as infantry and then been merged with other companies to form a cavalry
   regiment---the 2nd Mo. Cavalry.
   My great-grandfather, Joseph Bertels, also served as a private in 10th MO Cavalry, Co.
   G. I would appreciate hearing if you might have additional information or letters from
   Sam Boley. They both served under Capt. Benteen who later survived Custer's Last Stand.
   (read "Harvest of Barren Regrets).
   Regards, Jo

   Re-Boley obit:
   There doesn't seem to be any news-papers on microfilm for the year of 1888 in
   Livingston Co., Mo

   Carroll County was formed in 1833 from Ray County; the county seat is Carrollton.
   Surrounding Counties
   Livingston Caldwell Ray Lafayette Saline Chariton

   CARROLL COUNTY MO NEWSPAPERS (and the years they published)
   Sentinel (w) 1891-1950
   Carroll Record (w) 1878-1888
   Daily Democrat 1883-1995
   Democrat (w) 1864-1970
   Journal (w) 1877-1882
   Repucblican Record (w)1904-1981
   Wakanda Record (w) 1872-1878
   Caroll Farmer's Herald (w) 1901-1934
   Hustler (w) 1901-1903
   Hustler-Leader (w) 1905-1923
   Leader (w) 1903-1990
   Democrat (w) 1911-1918
   Independent (w) Apr 15, 1881
   Jeffersonian (w) Apr 15, 1881- Dec 21, 1900
   Leader (w) 1890-1923
   Leader-Jeffersonian (w) 1903-1904
   Alert 1888
   Missouri Newspapers on Microfilm at the State Historical Soc. of MO
   published by,
   State Historical Society of MO
   1020 Lowery Street
   Columbia, MO 65201-7298.$12 includes S & H

   FBouley wrote to Fred Woods in Mo. who checked the Bedord Cemetery :
   Sir--I believe my G-Grandfather Samuel Franklin Boley died in or around Bedford 15 Oct
   1888. Would you have him listed by any chance?
   His response:
   Sorry, no Boley in Bedford Cemetery.
   Fred Woods

   1850 Census For Carrol, Co. Mo. Reel # 432-395 Page 53B Also Reel 432-395 Page 53A
   CARROLL, MO 1850 Federal Census
   53B 7 Boley Benjamin L. 1 Mo pg0045a.txt
   53B 2 Boley Elizabeth 24 Ky pg0045a.txt
   54A 30 Boley Elizabeth A. 2 Mo pg0045a.txt
   54A 26 Boley Ephraim 13 Mo pg0045a.txt
   54A 28 Boley Fielding W. 8 Mo pg0045a.txt
   53B 1 Boley Filding W. 39 Ky pg0045a.txt
   54A 29 Boley George W. 5 Mo pg0045a.txt
   54A 21 Boley James R. 42 Ky pg0045a.txt
   54A 27 Boley James R. 10 Mo pg0045a.txt
   53B 4 Boley James V. 13 Ky pg0045a.txt
   54A 22 Boley Jemima 40 Illinois pg0045a.txt
   54A 24 Boley Llewellyn W. 17 Mo pg0045a.txt
   54A 31 Boley Margret J. 5/12 Mo pg0045a.txt
   53B 6 Boley Pheobe A. 8 Mo pg0045a.txt
   54A 25 Boley Robert W. 16 Mo pg0045a.txt
   49B 12 Boley Samuel 16 Ky pg0045a.txt
   53B 3 Boley Samuel F. 15 Ky pg0045a.txt
   54A 23 Boley Vincent R. 19 Mo pg0045a.txt
   53B 5 Boley William A. 11 Mo pg0045a.txt

   In Mo , 1870 Census Index, Chariton Co, Mo, Brunswick P.O. , M593, Roll 768, pg 342.
   Township 55, Brunswick PO. MO30115608. Gives Samuels age as 36
   See orginal census for rest of family.
   Bedford is in Livingston Co, Mo, Brunswick is in Chariton Co, Mo.
   In Carroll Co, Mo Marriages
   Samuel F. Boley married, 14 Sept 1855, Book B, page 103, to Mary Elizabeth Beasley
   Samuel F. Boley married, 5 Apr 1871, Book C, page 116, to Charlotte Martha Clark,
   Samuel F. Boley married, 25 Dec 1890, Book 3, page 267 to Malisa A. Hill Most probably
   Samuel the son of Samuel.

   Big Creek Baptist Church, Carrol Co. Mo
   Elizabeth and Samuel F. Boley as members as of March 10, 1851
   March 10 1851 BOLEY, Elizabeth, R-L, D-L,
   March 10 1851 BOLEY, Samuel F. R-B, D-L dismissed Oct.1854

   Government Land Office deed for Samuel F. Boley giving description of land grant.
   Signed 15 April 1857.
   Patentee Name=BOLEY,SAMUEL F.
   DOCUMENT #= 33788
   ACCESSION #= M03160_.051
   Aliquot Parts=SENE
   Fract. Sec=N

   On 29 April 1868 John Newton Vance purchased 40 acres of land from Elizabeth B. Boley
   in Section 2, T54N, R22W.

   On 4 May 1868 John Newton Vance purchased 5 acres from Samuel F. Boley "and wife" in
   Section 2, T54N R23W

   On 1 March 1869 John Newton Vance sold both parcels described above to "Fielden" W.

   On 6 March 1869 John Newton Vance purchased 40 acres from Elizabeth B. Boley in Section
   5 T54N R22E.

   On 21 December 1870 John Newton Vance sold the parcel listed above to his brother,
   Silas Vance. As near as we can tell, Silas and his wife stayed there until their
   deaths. Appears the Boleys and Vances were neighbors.

   Samuel F. m. Mary E. Beasley scr: B-103
   Samuel F. m. Charlotte M. Clark 5 Apr 1871 scr: C116
   Samuel F. m. Malisa A. Hill 25 Dec 1890 scr: 3-267
   (This last Samuel would have been grandpas brother)

   Samuel Franklin Boley b. 17Sep1834 Kentucky d. 15Oct1888 Bedford, Livingston co., Mo.
   (age 54)
   Missouri Census, 1830-70
   1850 BOLEY SAMUEL Carroll MO 049 Being 15th Dist Federal Population Schedule MO 1850
   Federal Census Index MOS7a520464
   1870 BOLEY SAMUEL F. Chariton MO 342 Twp 55 Brunswick P.O. Federal Population Schedule
   MO 1870 Federal Census Index MO30115608

   Sam F.was accidently killed in a coal mine accident at Bedford, MO. Sent by Eileen

   Married-1. Mary E. Beasley on 14Oct1855 by Benjamin Ashby, Methodist Episcopal
   children: Elizabeth born c1858 Livingston Co, Mo.
   Samuel F. born c1862 Livingston co,Mo
   Fielding born 1867 Wheeling, Livingston co. Mo.

   Married 2. Charlotted Martha Langley (or Clark) 5Apr1871 in Little Compton, Carroll Co,
   Mo. (Statement from Jacob Yeager, Minister of the Methodist-Episcopal Church
   She was born 12Mar1845 in Marion, Oh. and died 3Jan1927 in Monroe, Wa.
   children: William b. 13Oct1871 d.1877
   Phoebe Janeb.14Mar1873 Hale City, Mo
   d.10Sep1950 Evanston, Il.
   James W. b.4Jul1874 d.1883
   Virginia B. b.20Oct1876 Livingston Co, Mo.
   Susan Callie b.19Feb1879 d.14Aug1940
   John W. b.12Jun1881 d.29Dec1939
   George W.b.6Jan1886 d.May1964

   Record # 332025
   Sam Boley private co.G 10th regiment Mo. Cav. for three years on 2 Oct 1862 in Brunsick
   First wife Mary E. Boley d. Chariton co., Mo in 1871 -- Testified to by Samuel Boley's
   brothers listed as:
   W.A. Boley age 52 in 1888
   James V. Boley aged 54 in 1888
   (Both made their mark)
   Charlotted testified 29 Jul 1890 that she had been married before on 15 Sep 1867 to
   Braxton Clarke (Who died Sep 1970). (Her maiden name had been Charlotte Langley) and
   that her husband had died about 18 mo. prior to her marriage to Samuel F. Boley.
   Also that Samuel had been married before and his wife was dead.
   Charlotte M. Samuel Boley 5 Apr 1872 in Little Compton, Mo. by Rev. Berger.
   Charlotte d. 3 Jan 1927 Monroe, Wa. RFD#2 Box 482
   (Her daughter listed as A.A. Fields)

   Samuel Franklin Boley USA
   Company "G"
   10th Missouri Union Infantry Regiment
   Samuel Franklin Boley USA
   Company " L"
   2nd Missouri Union Cavalry
   Samuel Boley
   Company A
   Merrills Horse

   Served Under 1st Lt. John Donhue USA, Captain Albert Priest USA, Major Timothy Johnson
   USA, Colonel John MCNeil USA serving under Brigadier General Lewis Merrill USA.

   Campaigns & Battles:
   Due to Nutrition of Battle, Death & War Wounds 2nd Missouri Union Cavalry was Re-
   Organized September 16, 1865 as 11th Missouri Union Cavalry.
   Civil War Officaly Over Palm Sunday 1865
   Discharge: 15 October 1865 St. Louis, Missouri

   As for the Merrill Horse, Dyer's has:
   Organized at Benton Barracks, Mo., by Captain Lewis Merrill, U.S. A., under authority
   of General Fremont, September 3 to December 11, 1861. (Co. "L" organized at St. Louis,
   Mo., January 1, 1863, and Co. "M" at Warrenton June 30, 1863.) Before organization of
   Regiment was completed ordered to march to Springfield, Me., September, 1861. Fremont's
   Campaign against Springfield, Mo., September-October. At Sedalia, Mo., till January,
   1862. Scout through Saline County December 3-12, 1861. Expedition to Milford December
   15-19. Shawnee Mound or Milford, Blackwater River, December 18. Roan's Tan Yard, Silver
   Creek, January 8, 1862. Knobnoster January 22. Attached to Dept. of Missouri September,
   1861, to January, 1862. ----(Samuel would have joined Merrills Horse in oct. right
   about here)---District of Northeast Missouri, Dept. of Missouri, to June, 1863.
   District of Southeast Missouri, Dept. of Missouri, to August, 1863. 1st Brigade, 1st
   Cavalry Division, Arkansas Expedition, to December, 1863. 2nd Brigade, 1st Cavalry
   Division, Army of Arkansas, to January, 1864. 2nd Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division, 7th
   Army Corps, Dept. of Arkansas, to May, 1864. 3rd Brigade, 2nd Division, 7th Army Corps,
   to September, 1864. 2nd Brigade, Cavalry Division, 7th Army Corps, to February, 1865.
   2nd Brigade, Cavalry Division, District of West Tennessee, to muster out.

   SERVICE.--Moved to Northern Missouri and duty at Columbia, Glasgow, Sturgeon, Paris,
   Huntsville, Palmyra and Warrenton, operating against guerrillas January, 1862, to June,
   1863. Expedition into Schuyler and Scotland Counties, Porter's and Poindexter's
   guerrillas, July 12-August 8, 1862. Near Memphis, Mo., July 18. Brown Springs July 27.
   Moore's Mills, near Fulton, July 28. Kirksville August 6 (Detachment). Pursuit of
   Poindexter August 8-15, with skirmishes at Grand River, Lee's Ford, Chariton River and
   Walnut Creek, near Stockton, August 9. Switzler's Mill August 10. Little Compton Ferry,
   Yellow Creek, August 11. --(Samuel joined about here)--Roanoke September 6
   (Detachment). Scotland and Boone Counties September 30 (Detachment). Joined Davidson's
   Cavalry Division at Pilot Knob June, 1863. Expedition to Little Rock, Ark., July 1-
   September 10. Grand Prairie August 17. Brownsville August 25. Bayou Metoe or Reed's
   Bridge August 27. Reconnisance from Brownsville August 29. Bear Skin Lake, Ashby's
   Mills, September 7. Bayou Fourche and capture of Little Rock September 10. Pursuit of
   Price September 11-13. Near Little Rock September 11. Duty at Little Rock till March,
   1864. Steele's Expedition to Camden March 23-May 3. Benton Road March 23-24. Okolona
   April 2-3. Prairie D'Ann April 9-12. Camden April 15-18. Moro Bottom April 25-26.
   Jenkins' Ferry, Saline River, April 30. Scatterville July 28. Duty in Arkansas till
   September. Operating against Price September and October. Booneville, Mo., October 9-
   12. Little Blue October 21. Big Blue, State Line, October 22. Westport October 23.
   Battle of Charlot October 25. Mine Creek, Osage River, Marias des Cygnes, October 25.
   Grierson's Expedition from Memphis against Mobile & Ohio Railroad December 21, 1864, to
   January 15, 1865 (Co. "E"). Near Memphis February 9 (Detachment). Moved to Chattanooga,
   Tenn., and duty operating against guerrillas in Georgia and Alabama and escorting
   trains from Chattanooga to Atlanta January to September, 1865. Mustered out September
   19, 1865.

   Regiment lost during service 3 Officers and 53 Enlisted men killed and mortally wounded
   and 1 Officer and 205 Enlisted men by disease. Total 262.

   According to military records:
   Samuel Boley , Pvt. co, G 10th Reg't Missouri Cavalry enrolled Oct.2 1862
   in Brunswick for a period of 3 years and was mustered in at Jefferson
   Barracks Dec 17, 1862
   Listed as sick in Nov. and Dec. 1862
   Listed as sick in Jan & Feb 1863
   Sick in regimental hospital in Miss. in Mar & Apr 1863
   Listed as sick in Jul & Aug & Sep & Oct 1863
   Jan & Feb 1864 sent to convalescent camp in Vicksburg, Miss.
   On detached service in Vicksburg, Miss. Mar & April & May & Jun1864
   Listed in Fort Pickering Jul & Aug 1864
   Convalescent camp in Memphis, Tenn. Aug, Sep, Oct 1864
   Excused leave in Dec 1864
   In Feb 1865 made a teamster
   Listed in Edgefield, Tenn May & Jun 1865
   Listed on Muster Out Roll in Nashville, Tenn Jun 24 1865, roll dated Jul 25, 1865
   Sep 19, 1865 transferred to Co. A, Merrills Horse in Nashville, Tenn.

   From "Complete Book of Immigrants 1700-1750" by Peter Wilson Coldham-p.162 : 16-19
   April Shippers by the William and Elizabeth of London, Mr. William James, bound from
   Plymouth for Boston: Peter Gawden, SAMUEL BOULET. (Public Records Office, Chancery
   Lane, London: E190/1074/26). Is this my Samuels ancestor perhaps? (Doubtful)

   1840 (Reel M704) and 1850 (Reel M432) for Kentucky census has been searched.

   Missouri1880 Census-Enum. Dist.175 Line 22 Sheet 30 V.21

   Missouri census for 1850 ( reel M432 CARR 395 049 line 12) lists:
   SAMUEL BOLEY 16 YRS. OLD-- FARMER-- BORN IN KENTUCKY (That would make his birth date in
   Kentucky as 1834) working for and staying with Logan H. Ballow age 33 and wife Ann,29.
   If this is Frank Sr. father, he would have been 33 when he had Frank, which is
   reasonable since Frank was youngest of three. It also means he would have been in his
   late 20's for the Civil war.

   IGI (1988) for Missouri (p.1803) lists:
   1. Samuel F. Boley married to Mary E. Beasley on 14Oct1855
   2. Samuel F. Boley married to Charlotte Martha Clark 5Apr1871
   Both marriages in Carroll County.
   Since Frank Sr. was born 5/Dec/1867 and his mother died shortly there after, this fits.

   Also another possibility. 1910 Spokane census for Frank Sr. says his father was from
   Kentucky and his mother was from Virginia. Dad used to say that he thought his
   grandmother was a "Bowen of Kentucky" Could he have mis-heard.? (Since Elizabeth
   remarried, after Fielding left for the Colorado gold fields, to a Bowen, it would make
   sense that Grandfather (Frank/Fielding) would have thought that his grandmother was a
   Bowen. He was three when she remarried.

   James C. Neagles, U.S. Military Records: A Guide to Federal and State Sources, p.286
   1861-65 Although it was a slave state, Missouri remained loyal to the Union during the
   Civil War. Guerillas fighting in Missouri and along the Arkansas border attempted
   unsuccessfully to separate Missouri from the Union. Missouri contributed 109,111
   soldiers to the Union effort during the Civil War, more than any other border state.

   Samuel listed as citizen of Hale, Carroll co. Mo. aged 52 in 1886

   There is an S.F. Boley buried in Avalon Cemetery in Fairview Township in Livingston Co.

   From Ron Martin
   It's very possible that Samuel F. Boley lived & was buried in Carroll County, MO. His
   brother, William Alexander Boley (b:1839 Hale, Carroll Co.) and Wm.'s son William A.
   Boley JR. (b:1882 Triplette, Carroll Co.) were both born in Carroll County, MO. Later
   my William A. Boley SR.& JR moved to Sumner, Chariton Co where all my Uncles & Aunts &
   my dad was born (in 1920s). In 1933 after Wm A. Boley SR. died, Wm. A. JR and his
   family moved to Livingston Co. where there are still relatives. Even I and my siblings
   were born there in the 1940's

Wife's General Notes

   According to Spokane Census of 1910, grandpa (Fielding Franklin Boley) said his mother
   was born in Virginia. But family rumor has always said "Bowen of Kentucky" However this
   was probably a mistake and he was probably referring to his grandmother Elizabeth (nee
   Macdowell) who had remarried a Bowen.

   Frank Bouley Sr. , on his death certificate, it says his mother was a Bowen of West
   Virginia, but this information was offered by Frank Jr. who was not sure. She may have
   been Beasley. My father (Frank Bouley jr.) used to say that he had heard his father
   refer to his mother or grandmother as a "BOWEN OF KENTUCKY" If my grandfathers
   grandmother was Elizabeth McDowell who had married Fielding William Boley, son of
   Vincent, then that is another "clincher" for me as Fielding latter took off for the
   gold fields and Elizabeth married John Bowen in 1870 (three years after the birth of my
   grandfather whom I believe to be the latter Fielding.) Naturally gramps would have
   thought of his grandmother as a "BOWEN"

   The 1870 Census for Chariton County, Mo. gives Mary E. Boley as age 39 and lists her
   birth place as Missouri.

   Information from Boley Affidavits:
   First wife was Mary E. Boley nee Beasley who died Chariton Co. Mo. in 1871---Testified
   to by Samuel Boley's brothers listed as:
   W.A. Boley age 52 in 1888
   James V. Boley aged 54 in 1888
   (Both made their mark)

   In "Gone to Missouri" there is:
   BEASLEY Mary A. from Holt County Mo to Holt County Mo 1853 says see : Missouri Pioneers
   vol # 14
   !She died when grandpa Frank (Fielding) was 3 years old

   1810 Kentucky Census lists following Beasley men:
   John-----------Fayette co. p. 22
   William--------Fayette co. p.19
   James---------Garrard co. p. 203
   John-----------Garrard co. p.250
   John-----------Warren co. p. 250
   William--------Warren co. p.250
   William--------WARREN CO. P. 276

   On 29 April 1868 John Newton Vance purchased 40 acres of land from Elizabeth B. Boley
   in Section 2, T54N, R22W.

   On 4 May 1868 John Newton Vance purchased 5 acres from Samuel F. Boley "and wife" in
   Section 2, T54N R23W

   On 1 March 1869 John Newton Vance sold both parcels described above to "Fielden" W.

   On 6 March 1869 John Newton Vance purchased 40 acres from Elizabeth B. Boley in Section
   5 T54N R22E.

   On 21 December 1870 John Newton Vance sold the parcel listed above to his brother,
   Silas Vance. As near as we can tell, Silas and his wife stayed there until their
   deaths. Appears the Boleys and Vances were neighbors.

   Some of the Marys found that are possibilities: Mary E. Beasley of Rutherford Co., TN
   born aft 1835 (date of parents mg), d/o Christopher & Susan Jane Preston Rideout
   Beasley. No mg info on her.

   Mary "Polly" Beasley b 3 Oct 1834 possibly Illinois, d/o William Beasley (1810-1890) &
   Dulcina Westrope (abt 1813 - ?).

   Mary Beasley b ca 1828 of Springdale, AR, d July 1897 Purdy, AR - no parents listed.

   Mary Beasley b aft 1833 (parents' mg) d/o John Allen Beasley (1812 GA - 1871 AL) & Lucy
   Amanda Rhoda Holcomb (1820 GA - 1859).

   Elizabeth Beasley b 2 Sep 1826 GA, d/o Isaiah Beasley (1786 NC - aft 1860 GA) &
   Elizabeth Hendrix.

   Elizabeth Beasley b ca 1832 SC, d/o of Daniel Elijah Beasley (1796 SC -1897 GA) &
   Rebekah Barnes (1802 GA - 1892).

   Elizabeth Beasley b ca 1827 of Montgomery Co, IN, d/o of Isaac Beasley ( ? - 1827 IN) &
   Eleanor "Nellie" Plummer ( bef 1769 KY - ?).

[included in notes]