Missouri Family Group Sheet for the Fielding Franklin Williamson BOLEY Family

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Husband: Fielding F W BOLEY
Name: Professor Fielding Franklin Williamson BOLEY
Birthdate: 5 Dec 1867 - Wheeling, Livingston, Missouri
Death date: 26 Jun 1944 - Seattle, King, Washington
Buried: 30 Jun 1944 - Lakeview, Seattle, Washington
Father: Samuel Franklin Boley (1834-1888)
Mother: Mary Elizabeth Beasley (1831-Abt 1870)

Marriage date: 1904
Marriage place: Los Angeles, Calif

Wife: Hilma Caroline HILLBRICK
aka: Madam Hilma (Thelma) Caroline Hillbrick
Birthdate: 10 Aug 1887 - Churches Ferry, Ramsey, North Dakota
Death date: 21 Feb 1966 - Hollywood, Los Angeles, California
Buried: 1966 - Lakeview, Seattle, Washington
Father: Chris Christopherson (Everson) Helbrick Farmer (1847-1923)
Mother: Katherine Swenson (1844-1928)


1 M Frank Williamson Bouley Jr
Birthdate: 21 Sep 1905 - Los Angeles, , California
Death date: 16 Aug 1966 - Seattle, King, Washington
Buried: 1966 - Lakeview, Seattle, Washington
Spouse: Mary Elizabeth Polly Pring (1909-1986)
Marriage date: 26 Nov 1926 - Spokane, , Washington
Spouse: Emma Josephene Ridley (1917-1967)
Marriage date: Bef 1940 -Spokane, Wash Spouse: Fanny (    -    )
Born Fielding William (or Franklin) Boley in Wheeling, Livingston County,
MO. 2 years after end of Civil War.

His father worked some kind of a mine in Missouri and was killed in a
mine cave in and died in Franks arms in about 1888**.

!Frank ran away from home and evidently joined a travelling Minstral
show because he next turns up on the West coast as a full fledged
dancing master. He has changed his name to Frank Williamson Bouley.

!He was in Seattle and Vancouver in 1902 but settled in Spokane in 1904.

!Owned large 18 room Tudor Mansion at 719 W 6th, Spokane, Wa.

!He moved from Spokane to Seattle in 1943 and opened a costume shop
and a dancing school.

!He died of a heart attack in 1944 while giving a dancing lesson at age

!In the Dance Publicity Program that he published it states that he
established his School in Spokane in "the fall of 1901". This brochure,
which was printed in 1914 says "Prof. F.W. Bouley has had 22 years
experience. If this is accurate, it means that he began dancing in 1892,
at the age of 25. (That would be 4 years after his fathers death and his
leaving home.)

I had written to John Bromley on a railroad web site:
My grandfather left Mo.about 1890 for Calif. from Carroll or Livingston
In 1913 he came back through his home town (Bedford ?) from Spokane
on his way East. Which line would he have been on?
Frank Bouley
John answered:
He could have traveled on Union Pacific from Spokane either to Omaha,
then south to Kansas City, then east on the Wabash Railroad from KC.
which ran through Moberly, MO. Or he could have traveled to Denver on
UP, then east across Kansas to Kansas City, again making the Wabash

!Death Cert. for Seattle, Washington
State file #2836
Registrar # 2926
Born-Dec 5, 1867 West Va. (Incorrect)
Died--26 Jun 1944 at 9:18 PM in Virginia Mason Hosp.
Age 76 Yr, 6 mo.,21 Days.
Of Chronic Nephritis
Acute Pulmonary and cardiac dilation.
The certificate also says his father was Samuel Bouley born in West Va.
and his mother was a Bowen of West Va. but his son Frank W. Bouley Jr.
was informant and didn't know)
Buried at Lakeview Cemetery Seattle, Wa.

!Mason-Made 32nd Degree in Spokane 19 Nov. 1927.--Shriner

1908 Land purchase in Willamett, Wa.
Accession Serial # 15765
BLM Serial # WASPAA018416
Document # 7119
Issued on Sept. 21, 1908
160 Acres
The land is located North West of Spokane and not too far from Grand
Coulee Dam

!According to 1910 census for Spokane, Franks father is listed as being
born in Kentucky and mother in West Virginia.. (T624 Roll 1670-1671)
Frank is listed as age 42 and Thelma is 22. Number of years of present
marriage is listed as 6 which verifies a mariage date of 1904 and makes
Thelma 16. at time of marriage.
Bouley Frank W. age 42 Married 6 years Dance Instructor Born W. Va.
Father born Kentucky---Mother born Virginia
Thelma C. age 22 Born North Dakota
Father born Norway, Mother born Sweden

!1920 CENSUS--Soundex film # 1831009-SPOKANE, WA.
Lists Frank W. Bouley; color= white; Age 52; Born-W.Va.
address is 1129 1st ave. (2nd Ward on Riverside Ave)
Wife= Bouley, Thelma C.: Age 32; Born-N.Dak.
(Frank always said in all official papers that he was born in Wheeling, WV but there is no record. However there is a record for Wheeling, Mo. It appears that he wanted no association with home.)

!1920 CENSUS+Vol.# 43; ED 205; Sheet # 12; Line # 29
Lists residence or school W. 612 1/2 Sprague (The Jefferson Hotel)
List Frank Sr. as 52-born West Va. Father born in Kentucky Mother Born in West VA.
Thelma, age 32--born in North Dakota; Father in Norway, Mother in Sweden.

Polks City Directories for Spokane Wash.
No listing for Frank Williamson Bouley Sr. prior to 1905.---Then:
1905-Dancing school on 5th fl. of College Bldg. (no home listing)
1906-No listing. Must have been the year he moved to LA. Ca. to have Frank Jr. b.21 Sep 1905. (Did a pregnant Thelma chase him to California to get him to marry her??????)
1907-Back in Spokane in College Bldg. Residence listed at 11 S. 322 Washington.
1908-Dance School at State Armory. (Residence same as 1907)
1912- Dance School at 810 1/2 Riverside Ave. (Res. 2024 Riverside Ave.)
1914-Dance School & Res. at W.816 4th Ave. (This location later became a roller skating rink.)
1918-Bouley College of Dancing and Acting-6th Fl Eilers Music House.
1919-Same but also opened a school in Seattle which was short lived and returned to Spokane.
1920-Dance School at W.612 1/2 Sprague (res, at Jefferson Hotel)
1921-Scool same (Res. W.1214 10th Ave.
1922-Same but add Frank Jr.'s name to listing.
1923-Residence changes to S.110 Howard.
1925-Same but Frank Jr.'s listing now adds "Musician"
1931-Res. 719 W.6th (The big Tudor that Frank Sr. bought.
Frank Jr. has listing at 523 Wall. (Polly E. is added) he just got married.
1936-Same by Frank Jr. is now listed back at 6th ave. home. 1937-38-39 & 40---Same.
1940-Add dancing school at N.123 Howard.
1941-Change address to W. 1127 4th ave. (That year Frank III had scarlet fever and went to isolation hospital While there Franks Sr. lost Tudor home to back taxes due to depression).
1942-Same address
1943-Family moves to Seattle
1944-Frank William Bouley Sr. dies.