Mississippi Family Group Sheet for the Daniel Wesley EAKER Family

Husband: Daniel Wesley EAKER
Birthdate: May 15, 1827
Death date: June 15, 1910
Place of death: McNairy Co., TN
Father: Jacob EAKER
Mother: Anna MOORE

Marriage date: March 17, 1856
Marriage place: Old Tishomingo Co., MS

Wife: Martha Lowe FERRILL
Birthdate: September 14, 1840
Death date: June 7, 1903
Place of death: McNairy Co., TN


Child No. 1: Christopher Columbus "Lum" EAKER
Sex: M
Birthdate: about 1859
Birthplace: MS
Death date: August 31, 1898
Place of death: Grand Junction, Shelby Co., TN
Marriage date: December 11, 1879
Marriage place: McNairy Co., TN
Spouse's name: Temperance "Tempy" E. HENDRIX

Child No. 2: James David EAKER
Sex: M
Birthdate: 1857
Death date: September 6, 1939
Place of death:
Marriage date:
Marriage place:
Spouse's name: Fannie DIXON

Child No. 3: Winnie A. EAKER
Sex: F
Birthdate: 1861
Birthplace: MS
Death date: November 7, 1925
Place of death:
Marriage date:
Marriage place:
Spouse's name: Jack KING

Child No. 4: Ellen Duff EAKER
Sex: F
Birthdate: 1863
Birthplace: MS
Death date: September 29, 1899
Place of death:
Marriage date:
Marriage place:
Spouse's name: Henderson DERRYBERRY

Child No. 5: Sarah J. EAKER
Sex: F
Birthdate: 1866
Death date:
Place of death:
Marriage date:
Marriage place:
Spouse's name:

Child No. 6: William Wesley EAKER
Sex: M
Birthdate: March 27, 1868
Birthplace: TN
Death date: January 20, 1952
Place of death: McNairy Co., TN
Marriage date:
Marriage place:
Spouse's name:

Child No. 7: Jacob Moses EAKER
Sex: M
Birthdate: January 3, 1872
Birthplace: TN
Death date: March 5, 1923
Place of death: Jackson, Madison Co., TN
Marriage date: September 23, 1900
Marriage place: Chewalla, McNairy Co., TN
Spouse's name: Willie Annie Parrish WHITE

Child No. 8: John EAKER
Sex: M
Birthdate: 1874
Birthplace: TN
Death date: December 29, 1945
Place of death:
Marriage date:
Marriage place:
Spouse's name:

Child No. 9: Mary Francis EAKER
Sex: F
Birthdate: November 27, 1875
Birthplace: TN
Death date: February 23, 1968
Place of death:
Marriage date: November 29, 1891
Marriage place:
Spouse's name: Marcus Alvin DERRYBERRY

Child No. 10: Daniel Lum EAKER
Sex: M
Birthdate: 1877
Birthplace: TN
Death date: December 29, 1913
Place of death:
Marriage date:
Marriage place:
Spouse's name: Ola COLLINS

Child No. 11: Jessie Belle EAKER
Sex: F
Birthdate: March 9, 1879
Death date: April 11, 1955
Place of death:
Marriage date: July 21, 1897
Marriage place: McNairy Co., TN
Spouse's name: Hubbard Cecil DERRYBERRY
* Board of Police for Old Tish. Co., MS 1857
* Road commissioners beginning near Boneyard to the state line: listed Wm. Ferrel, Jas. Ferrrel, Wesley Acker.
* Deed Book CC 1867-1871 Old Tish. Co., MS
J.A. Reed and wife deeds to D.W. Eaker and Wm. Ferrell for 160 acres for $424.00.
* 1860 Old Tish. Co., census, page 85, #569 Boneyard Post Office taken July 31, 1860
D.W. Eaker age 31 blacksmith NC
Martha Eaker age 19 MS
James Eaker age 2 MS
Christopher age 9 months MS
Moses Eaker age 22, blacksmith, NC
* 1861 Old Tish. Co., MS land assessments D.W. Eaker NE 1/4 of section 5 township 2 range 6 for 160 acres valued $500.00 next door is: James Ferrill part SW 1/4 of section 4 township 2 range 6 for 100 acres valued at $700.00.
injured by horse falling down with me in left leg near ankle the horse killed. Enlished in army in spring of 1863 Forrest Regiment, Beauforts Co., 1st Lt. E. Wooten? He was incapacited for 2 or 3 months. Went home while wounded. Then went back to my command and stayed with it until the close of war. Filed 1909-3 years since he had a stroke of apoplexey since time he has been paralyzed in left side can only drag his left leg cannot walk by himself nor use his left hand. Discharged south of Corinth in March 1864. Did not take the oath of allegiance to the United States Gov.
Lists his household as himself and his blind 40 year old daughter. Lists his property as a "very ordinary little house and small of very poor land." Listed himself as resident of TN about 45 years.
* KOSSUTH BAPTIST CHURCH RECORDS Dismissed by letter in 1866
David Eaker
D.W. Eaker
M.J. Eaker
* Old Tishomingo Co., MS Bar Docket page 232-33 for September term 1867 A.J. White vs. Farrell & Eaker Notes state "jury no. 2 and awarded for defendant"
* 1870 McNairy Co., TN census District 5 number 61
EAKER Daniel 39 male white blacksmith NC
Martha 26 F white keeping house MS
James D. 11 male, white MS
Columbus 8 male white MS
Wm. C. 6 male white MS
Duff 4 male white MS
Sarah 3 female white MS
Winnie 2 female white MS
* Deed Book AA page 505 Old Tish. Co., MS William Ferrell deeds to D.W. Eaker on January 12, 1868 for $150.00.
* Same book and page D.W. Akers deeds to S.H. Briggs on March 28, 1870 for $250.00.
* Chewalla, McNairy Co., TN A settlement 20 miles southeast of Purdy, the county seat of McNairy County.
* Express, Southern. Mail, daily. F.L. McCuller, postmaster.
* Business Directory 1878:
J.W. Biggs, grocer
D.W. Eaker, blacksmith
Hurley Brothers, general store
J.W. Ledbetter, general store
McCullar & Co., flour mill
W.R. Ramer, physician
Walker & Co., grocers
* 1880 McNairy Co., TN census Dist. 5 number 402
EAKER D.W. male 52 blacksmith NC NC NC
Martha female 39 white MS TN MS
James male 21 son MS NC MS
Winnie female 19 daughter MS NC MS
Ellen female 17 daughter MS NC MS
Sarah female 14 daughter MS NC MS
William male 12 son MS NC MS
Jacob male 9 son TN NC MS
John male 6 son TN NC MS
Fannie female 4 daughter TN NC MS
Daniel male 3 son TN NC MS
* Business directory 1890-1891
D.W. Eaker, blacksmith
J.F. Gurley, grist mill, saw mill and cotton gin
Hurley Brothers, general store
Ledbetter & Co., general store
F.S. McCuller, railroad and express agent
W.R. Ramer, physician
* 1900 Dist. 14 census McNairy Co., TN
David ACRE HH W Jan. 1827 age 73 married 40 yrs. NC NC NC
Martha wife W Sept. 1840 age 59 MS TN TN
Jacob son W Feb. 1875 age 25 TN NC MS
James son W Oct. 1876 age 23 TN NC MS (assume this is John?)
David son W May 1881 age 18 TN NC MS
Sallie dau. W Oct. 1869 age 30 TN NC MS (would be Sarah)
* 1910 Dist. 14 McNairy Co., TN census
EAKER I.D. head white male age 52 married 13 yrs. MS NC NC farmer
F.P. wife age 44 TN AL AL 1 child-none living
D.W., father age 85 widowed NC no occupation

* In 1999 I received an email from David Eaker. Jacob Moses Eaker is David's grandfather. David's father remembers going to see Daniel (called West) when he was on his death bed. David's father was very young at the time. David's email was: DAVIDEAKER@aol.com.

Notes for Martha Lowe Ferrill:
* David Eaker has the Eaker family Bible. Daniel Wesley and Martha are the great grandparents of David Eaker.
* David states the following in an email to me in Jan. 1999, "My father told me he remembers going to see his grandfather, Daniel Westley (he went by West) on his death bed when he was very young."
* 1850 Old Tish. Co., MS census-don't find Martha listed.
* 1850 McNairy Co., TN census-don't find Martha listed.
* 1860 Old Tish. Co. census page 85 Boneyard Post Office Living next door to D.W. Eaker is:
William Ferrill age 41, wagon maker 400/500 TN
Maria J. age 38 NC
James L. age 19, farmer MS
Mary J. age 11 MS
William T. age 4 MS
Mary Smith age 25 AL
* Living two doors up is:
James Ferrill age 50 farmer 1800/1000 NC
Elisabeth age 39 TN (She was Elizabeth C. MEEKS)
William age 20 farmer MS
John age 18, farmer MS
Sarah age 15 MS
Martha 14 MS (Notes: Alcorn Co. Families Vol. II page 75 Dobbins story states, Emma Ferrell, daughter of James Ferrell and Elizabeth C. Meeks, was born March 24, 1847. Emma married in Oct. 1866 to Creed Fulton Dobbins.)
Zachariah age 9 MS
Charles age 7 MS
Laura age 4 MS (Notes: Alcorn Co. Family History Vol. I page 217 history of Hubert Bridges states Laura Ferrell born 1855 died 1919 buried in Shiloh Bapt. Church married Landrith A. Burgess.)
Daniel age 2 MS
* KOSSUTH BAPTIST CHURCH RECORDS Dismissed by letter 1858
James Ferrell
Elizabeth Ferrell
* Dismissed by letter 1866
Wm. Ferrell
M.J. Ferrell
L.?J.? Ferrell
* Dead 1866
W.J. Ferrell
* April 11, 1874 Committee lists James Ferrill as member
* October 6, 1866 Jas. Ferrol is listed on a committee.
* Old Tish. records September term 1867 A.J. White vs. Farrell and Eaker
* McPeters Funeral Home Records has a Wesley Ferrell born ca 1844 and died Jan. 22, 1929 at the poorhouse. He's listed as single and buried at Baptist Shiloh. His parents are listed as Jas.? Ferrell born TN and Miss Hill born TN. Wonder if he's the brother of Martha???
* McPeters Funeral Home Records has a James L. Ferrell born April 23, 1835, died Jan. 26, 1935. Parents are listed as James Ferrell and Miss Akers. James L., deceased resided in Brownsfield, MS, died in Pocahontas, TN of influenza, buried in Ebernezer Church near Brownsfield, MS.

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