Kentucky Family Group Sheet for the William SMEATHERS Family

Husband: William SMEATHERS
Birthdate: 1760 -67
Birthplace: possibly NC/TN
Death date: Aug 13 1837
Place of death: Columbia Texas
Father: recent DNA matches to a Wm Smither of PA who died 1760 Berks Co Pa
Mother: Anna LNU

Marriage date: prob by 1788
Marriage place: possible NC/TN

Wife: Mary WINTERS
Birthdate: 1769
Birthplace: Va -possibly Wythe Co
Death date: by 1810
Place of death: Prob Yellowbanks [Owensboro] Ky
Father: Moses WINTERS
Mother: Elizabeth HEAD Crain


Child No. 1: John Bate SMEATHERS SR
Sex: M
Birthdate: prob 1789 acc/to TX census of 1828
Birthplace: TN
Death date: May 20 1846
Place of death: Lavaca Co TX
Marriage date: January 25 1836
Marriage place: Lavaca Co TX
Spouse's name: Mary Harris ASHBY

Child No. 2: Archibald Jacob SMEATHERS
Sex: M
Birthdate: 1794
Birthplace: Tennessee
Death date: October 1864
Place of death: Burleson Co TX
Marriage date: September 24 1824
Marriage place: Daviess Co KY
Spouse's name: Margaret GOODMAN

Child No. 3: Mary SMITHERS
Sex: F
Birthdate: 1795
Birthplace: Tennessee
Death date: August 1876
Place of death: Spencer Co IN
Marriage date: May 4 1812
Marriage place: Daviess Co KY
Spouse's name: Henry JONES
   * Age Discrepancy on William Smeathers & family
   * Fact 1 1792 Listed as private in Tennessee Militia [Fr NENA-they took 16y old in the say Wm was 16y then, hewould been born around 1776..if he was 18y, b around 1774..and so forth backwards. We have NO clue how old he was. All we know is by 1792 there were at least 5 kids born already that should belong to him. Archibald Jacob Smeathers acc/to the Tx 1860 census listed himself as 65y old being b 1794/95 and his sister, the last child born to Wm and Mary Winters, was born acc/to census 1795. Fact 2 1810 census William Smeathers is listed as being between age 26-45 [Fr NENA-we can NOT prove this was Wm in this census as the Wm here is listed as SMETHERS] Fact 3 1826 TX census William is listed as being between age 40-50 Fact 4 1828 TX census William is listed as being age 55 [FR Nena-notice if Wm was at least 50y on the 1826 census, then no way he could be 55y-2yrs later on the 1828 census, he could only be 52y at the most] [FR NENA-his Obituary in the Houston TELEGRAPH said he was 71y old when he died in 1837 making his born around 1766/67] Fact 5 1820 IN census Mary Smithers [dau/o Wm Smeathers] is listed as age 45
   * Fact 6 1840 IN census Mary Smithers [dau/o Wm Smeathers] is listed as age 60-70 [Mary is NOT listed as Mary, she is listed as POLLY] If 81 in 1860 she would have been 31 in 1810 [Fr NENA-Mary died in 1846 Spencer Co In, no way was she in an 1860 census. Her will is on file in Spencer Co In 1846 and in this census Mary gives to HER Half SISTER JANE SMEATHERS GRASS custody of her son/nephew James Smeathers b 1810 because of his mental deficiency which on the 1850 census lists James in the HH of JANE SMEATHERS GRASS as Mary is NOW DEAD, [as well as Jane's husband, Judge DAniel Grass] and the census says that this James b 1810 is listed as 'IDIOTIC'] Fact 7 1820 IN census Jane Smeathers GRASS is listed as 26-45 = 41 Fact 8 1830 IN census Jane is listed as 50- under 60 = 51 Fact 9 1840 IN census Jane is listed as 60- under 70 = 61 Fact 10 1850 IN census Jane is listed as 71 Fact 11 1860 IN census Jane is listed as 81 [Fr Nena-this is correcto mungo.meaning Jane was born around 1779-1780-depending on her month an day of birth and month when census was taken] Jane Smeathers GRASS died 1867 Spencer Co In, will is on file there. She died 88/89y. If 69 in 1850 she would have been 29 in 1810 [?????] Fact 12 1820 IN census Elizabeth Smeathers STATLER [dau/o Wm Smeathers by his lst wife known only as Ceclia] is listed age 26-45 = 39 Fact 13 1830 IN census Elizabeth is listed age 40- under 50 = 49 Fact 14 1840 IN census Elizabeth is listed age 50- under 60 = 59 Fact 15 1850 IN census Elizabeth is listed age 69 Fact 16 Statler Cemetery records in Spencer co IN Elizabeth says she is born 1781 [JUNE] [FR-NENA-acc/to gravestone she also died in Dec 9 1859]78/79yrs old. Even at the max age of 45 in 1810 William SMEATHERS was only 14 when Jane was born - [even so, this well could have occurred, have seen many kids even 13y married and had kids back then] [Fr NENA-we cant depend on 1810 census, unless we SEE it for real and KNOW for sure is our William Smeathers
   * 1931-According to Laura Mercy Wright's papers she presented to the DAR 1931 she has Williams dad killed when Wm was 12y and his mother dying 9 days later fr heart break. The most worrying fact is that Wright has no proven dates inc in her colorful life story of Bill Smeathers.[comes fr Thomas McCreery's 1866 publication "Life and Times of Wm Smithers". There is no record of a Mary Chrisman b 1735 to Jacob Chrisman and Magdalene Hite married to a Smithers/Smethers/Smeathers/Smothers. [Laura Mercy Wright is from the line of a dau of Wm Smeathers-Jane Smeathers md Daniel Grass]
   * History of Daviess County, 1882 reprinted by McDowell Publications -William Smithers - It says: "... He was born on the western frontier of Virginia, near the Holsten River. His father was a hunter, and frequently took his son with him to assist in bringing home the game. One morning he started at daylight, telling his wife that he would take a little round and be back for breakfast. As he did not return, a search was made for him. His body was found about two miles from home, nearly devoured by the wild beasts; but the narrow blade of an Indian tomahawk had been driven deep into his brain. His wife was so deeply affected by his death that she lived only nine days,and was placed in death where she had been in life-close by the side of her husband.
   However, recent DNA matches of desc of Wm Smeathers to some SMATHERS which go back to a William Smithe1 who died 1760 Berks Co Pa mention a similar Indian attack, more investigation is needed. IE:"William I was his son. (He was a british subject; married in New Castle, Del -[ Ray or Sadie said William was married in New Jersey, - N J archives, first series, vol XXII, pg 354). He is listed as "laboror", she as "spinster")] and died in 1760 in Albany, Pa(Berk's County) from an Indian attack; he was buried in a creek to keep his body from the Indians) William I married Mary C. Jackey in 1734. Mary could only speak German. or dutch. (Mary Catherine Jackey and her daughters went to live in Low Hill with William II after William I died. In 1764 she married Jacob Bachman. a prominent resident) Fr History of the Smathers Family by Col. Ray K Smathers of the Smither/Smathers Archives, Silver Springs, Maryland."
   * In the Ky History book I had in the 8th grade has this to say about William ( Bill) Smothers. In 1797 the town of Hopkinsville was laid out and about the same year William Smithers, popularly called "Bill Smothers" made a settlement on the present site of Owensboro. Smithers was born on the border of Virginia near the Holston River. His father was killed by Indians when "Bill " was only twelve years old, and his mother died shortly afterwards. Before dawn on the day following his mother's burial he went and stood by the graves of his parents and lifting his hand to heaven he made a vow to devote his life to killing Indians. He fullfilled his vow at every opportunity. He was with Issac Shelby in the battle of King's Mountain. Shortly afterwards he married, and with his wife settled in Kentucky. About 1798 he built cabin and hunters lodge on the present site of Owensboro.
   * I have this 8th grade history book. They didn't use it after that year. They were given to who wanted them. Since i am also related to the Smothers I had to have one. This was in 1954. Copyright © 1935. Fr a desc of Wm Smeathers
   * From: Wayne A. Hodges February 03, 2003 10:18 AM "History of Ohio Co., KY" and was not able to locate anything regarding your Betsy Smeathers/Smithers or John Berry. I located some info regarding a William Smithers/Smothers. It is as follows: On page 12, it states that " Bill Smithers was a pioneer who first gave shelter and guidence to the neophyte hunter, John "Bluebeard" Miller who later took Ralph Ringwood to his bachelor home to live and became his guide, philosopher and friend." Page 17 states: "There is reasonable authentic traditional proof pf the identity of several persons who , probably, resided in Fort Hartford during or shortly after its founding. They are: "Tick-eyed John" Miller, who was a veteran indian fighter, and like Bill Smithers, was a friend of Ralph Ringwood as long as the latter lived in Ohio." Page 437 states: "Ralph's friend, Bill Smithers, also fell upon evil days some five or six years after they parted, when he became the first Ohio Countian to be tried for murder. Smithers lived near the Yellow Banks (the present Owensboro) which territory was then in Ohio County. In defense of his home and family, he was forced to kill a drunken flatboatman whose craft tied up nearby while the marauding crew threatened the property, lives and honor of the neighboring settlers. Promptly giving himself up to the officers of the law, Bill was tried at the April 1809 term of the Ohio Circuit Court, before the eccentric but respected Judge Henry P. Broadnax. The celebrated Joseph Hamilton Daveiss, for whom Daviess County was named, volunteered to defend his friend, Smithers, who was acquitted."
   * 1759-IE:William Smether and John Smether-fr Terry-In the book, History of Berks Co Pa by Morton Montgomery, page 1068-1069 the Taxable Inhabitants of Albany Township for 1759 list a William Smeather ( a John Smeather is listed under inmates which I recently learned means renter.)Of course, all that proves is the prejudice either the person writing the names had or the person interpreting the list. Prob they are William, as in William Smither and Maria Catherine Jeaky, and his son John Smither who was a renter and not a holder of land. Remember John and his wife's first child, Christina, was born in November 1757, so by 1759 they would have set up their own household. My point in the message was this, some people ascertained that William was German because his name is spelled Schmetter or Schmedder in the various baptismal books, which were done in German by German speaking writers. Presumably the person collecting taxes was English speaking and wrote the name Smeathers. Is it any wonder that there is such a variety of name spellings for this line?
   * 1760-67 - Wm Smeathers born on Holston River Wa Co Va in sw Va. Could've been Tn/Nc.
   * 1768-1771 - ?
   * 1769 - Robertson Co Tn Mary Winters b to Moses Winters/Eliz Head. Known as Clarksville this area was then considered VA & so of Owensboro Ky
   * 1770-Genealogical Records: Early Tn Settlers, 1700s-1900s Census of the Cumberland Settlements, 1770-90 Davidson Co Census Pg 133-Winters, Moses -DAR Membership on this line; Marr Elizabeth Head (ref 76a); Settled at Heaton's Station (ref 76b); Listed in the NC Preemption Act of 1784, as one of settlers on Cumberland 1780, who stayed and defended the settlements, and entitled to 640acs without any price to be paid to the public (ref 76c); Summoned from Tn Co for Jury Duty on the Superior Court of Law and Equity, May 1789 (ref 76d): Winters, Aaron ~ Son of Moses Winters. Winters, Amy ~ Daughter of Moses Winters. Winters, Caleb ~ Son of Moses Winters, born ca. 1765, married 1st Sarah Harris, 2nd Mary Duncan. Listed in the NC Preemption Act of 1784, as one of the settlers of the Cumberland at the time of the 1782 Preemption Act, too young to receive a grant, but who was now entitled to 640 acres (ref 75a);
   * 1772 - Wm Smeathers father being killed by Indians & his wife dying from the shock 9 days later. [**who knows he said this?] A Ben Fitzpatrick/Kirkpatrick agrees to live at Smeathers farm & care for orphaned children: Wm, Jas & Mollie.[not proven] Land grant noted in Fluvanna Co Mar 1 1781 for Benjamin Fitzpatrick fr Lib Va Archives
   * 1773 - ?
   * 1774-1775 - Wm receives invitation live w/his mother's bro Henry Chrisman at Willow Shade Plantation near Richmond VA that belonged to Elizabeth, Henry Chrisman's wife's family. Wife Elizabeth mentions 3 dau's living in Pa. Others mentioned inc; George Carlisle of Fluvanna Flour Mill, Col Wm Willis, Laura Willis, Logan Bullitt, Prof Frederick Finley's school where Wm will attend, Henry Harrison & Jethro, Sam & Matilda, Negro employees of the plantation. ??
   * 1776 - Wm leaves his uncle's home, head's south/works for a man with a string of race horses.[not proven]
   * 1776 - William B Smith makes dep Nov 1817 that at this yr he was aware of "Yellowbanks" and he came to it in 1780 where John Chrothers stone is above Beaver Creek where Pup Creek empties to Ohio Rv. [this is correct] 1777-1781 - Wm said to be in Rev War, return's once to his uncle's home at Willow Shade Plantation, tries to court Laura Willis, unsuccessfully/returns Holston Rvr. Marr Fitzpatrick dau, Cecelia & goes to Va helps build Barnett Station, Ft.Smeathers, Ft. Vienna...??. these forts were real we know that.
   * 1780-81-Rev War Battles fought acc/researchers-no documented evidence. Fr Cuz Bee Ingalls-owns this book-12-16-2002-Author: William E. Cox, Historian; Kings Mountain National Military Park Title: Battle of Kings Mountain Participants October 7, 1780 Pub. date: Copyright © 1972 Publisher: Eastern National Park & Monument Association page 35: Name: Smithers, William County: Washington State: Va. [No Winters listed]
   * NC - Battle of King Mountain-Oct 7 1780 Van Campen, Cleveland,McDowell, Sevier & Shelby NC Battle of Guilford Court House-Mar 15 1781 Gen. Nth'l Greene NC-Battle of Eutaw Springs-Sept 8 1781 Gen. Nth'l Greene[Fiction:Governor Shelby applauded heroic efforts of Wm Smothers at the Battle of King's Mt.-written by Elsie TURK Smothers] [Fact-1780 when Kings Mt was a battle-there was NO Gov for Ky & was not a gov for KY until 1792 when Shelby was the lst gov]
   * THE KENTUCKY CONNECTION OF WILLIAM SMEATHERS-other folks used the sp of Smithers and Smothers, William Smeathers always used Smeathers.
   * 1782-83 - Wm moves to Rough River w/his family. Builds Smeathers Station [Ft Hartford]. Assoc/with the Downs, Henry Grass, John Berry
   * Fr Dorothy Gentry's "Law of the Heart" book on Wm Smeathers & Ft Hartford 1782-Cece, his wife has died and he has Jane 12 yr old, John is 10yr and Elizabeth is 8yr old. Mollie, his sister lives w/them. "Old man CROWE is talkin' of opening a tavern. That will be sad news to Rev PIGMAN and some of his colonists opposed to the better things of life." "Some newspaper is bein' printed in Lexington." "There's a Professor JAMES SHANKS coming to open up a school." "They're comin' fast at the LOWER FALLS & I hear talk of a town to be laid out & county court set." "Bill had scouted THE BLACKFORD CREEK AND PANTHER CREEK." "Cabins at FT HARTFORD WERE BUILT IN 1782."
   * 1784 -Wm moves Long Falls of Green River or ole Rhodesville. Wm helps build Ft Vienna, now Calhoun McLean Co Ky. 3 dau's already b Jane, Elizabeth & Betsy. Acc/to Dorothy Gentry's book, Law of the Heart. A Margaret Smeathers is born, not sure of connection. John Smeathers signs the bond. Could he possible be the father to William Smeathers and could John be son of Wm2 Smither of Pa?
   * 1785-1786 - ? James Gentry was in Va 1785-he was also a friend of Wm Smeathers
   * 1787-Listed as C. Winters with M(oses) Winters on 1787 Davidson Co tax roll with 2 taxables (ref 75b). Genealogical Records: Early Tn Settlers, 1700s-1900s Census of the Cumberland Settlements, 1770-90 Davidson Co Census Pg 133 Winters, Moses - DAR Membership on this line; Marr Elizabeth Head (ref 76a); Settled at Heaton's Station (ref 76b); Listed in the NC Preemption Act of 1784, as one of settlers on Cumberland 1780, who stayed and defended the settlements, and entitled to 640acs without any price to be paid to the public (ref 76c); Summoned from Tn Co for Jury Duty on the Superior Court of Law and Equity, May 1789 (ref 76d): Winters, Aaron ~ Son of Moses Winters. Winters, Amy ~ Daughter of Moses Winters. Winters, Caleb ~ Son of Moses Winters, born ca. 1765, married 1st Sarah Harris, 2nd Mary Duncan. Listed in the NC Preemption Act of 1784, as one of the settlers of the Cumberland at the time of the 1782 Preemption Act, too young to receive a grant, but who was now entitled to 640 acres (ref 75a); Listed as C. Winters with M(oses) Winters on the 1787 Davidson Co tax roll with 2 taxables (ref 75b).
   * Winters, Catherine ~ Daughter of Moses Winters. Winters, Elizabeth ~ Daughter of Moses Winters, married McNeely. Winters, Mary ~ Daughter of Moses Winters, married Smothers. Winters, Amy ~ Daughter of Moses Winters. Winters, Nancy ~ Daughter of Moses Winters, married Cocks. Winters, Moses ~ Son of Moses Winters, a minor in 1798 (ref 76e) Winters, Aaron ~ Son of Moses Winters, a minor in 1798 (ref 76e) Winters, Phoebe ~ Daughter of Moses Winters. Winters, Sarah ~ Daughter of Moses Winters.
   * Wessyngton-where Mary Winters parents are buried-Moses and Eliz Head
   * 1788-Wm prob md Mary Winters-mother be Eliz Head Crain
   * 1789-Subject: John Bate Smeathers sr [lst son of Wm Smeathers & Mary Winters]-1789 her census said he was 38 in 1828 making him b 1789. Fr barbara york <> 22 Nov 2000 JOHN SAID HE WAS 38 IN 1827, WIDOWER IN 1828-2 SONS,1 DAUGHTER.
   * 1789-91 - Cecelia, Wm's wife prob dies. [Dorothy Gentry states in her book "Law of the Heart" that Wm's wife Cece is buried in this ravine].We suppose this dau/of Benjamin/Lucy??] Fr: Bonors 14 Nov 2001 [Owensboro Ky]-Nena I remember that ravine that you are talking about and there is no doubt it is the same one.When I was a child the city used to dump garbage in that ravine. I remember they also dumped the same thing in the edge of the Ohio River. The Garbage was hauled by horses and wagon and that was during WW2. I remember going down there with my aunt and looking at 2 horses that had backed too close to the edge and the weight of the wagon full of garbage pulled them backward into the Ohio River. Both of the horses drowned. A 5yr old brat like me would never forget something like that. The revine was completely filled in over the years and in the late 70s or early 80s the Executive Inn that is the largest Hotel in Owensboro was built on the same site.The main sewer trunk line for the west end of this town was buried in that old ravine and had to be moved when the Hotel was built. After I retired fron the Police Dept I went to work for a coal Co and we also rented heavy equipment to contractors. We rented a large rubber tired Loader to a co that was moving the sewer line so it would not be under the Executive Inn. I watched the contractor dig up the old line and it was full of garbage put there when I was a small child during WW2. The Detention center was built long before the ravine was filled. It was within 100 ft of the ravine. Smeathers place was probably a city block [300ft] from the ravine.THe city dumped the garbage there til early 40s. There is a parking lot now where the ravine was.
   * -Wm goes into Va that is now Tn, meets up with the Winters. Md Mary Winters has sons John Bate sr & Archibald Jacob, dau [2nd]Mary Smithers[which she uses til she marr].
   * Fr: "Bobbi" 14 Jan 2002-I don't have any proof of this record from the RW records so can't say if its true as to his service, but it appears so. However, I thought maybe he was from NC because where he settled was originally NC. From what I see Tennessee County, was Tennessee County, NC formed 1788 then it became Davidson Co Tn after 1796.
   * 1790- **
   * From: History of Montgomery County, Tennessee 88 APPOINTEES 1790 Constable:William Smeathers ** Justices of the Peace: Benjamin Menees **
   * From: -I just found a very dark and unledigble copy of a Deed dtd Apr 1790 where an Andrew Thompson of the State of Virginia sold land to James Smeathers in North Carolina - the county in NC is ledgible - do you want me to try and scan you a copy?
   * 1790-Carter, Clarence Edwin, compiler and editor-The Territorial Papers of the United States Vol. IV The Territory South of River Ohio, 1790-1798-US Gov Printing Office Washington; 1936 p. 438 Wednesday December 15th 1790**...The governor laid out the tract of country p. 439 - Also that tract of country heretofore distinguished and known by the name of Sumner Co in the State of North Carolina into a County to be in future distinguished and known by the name of Sumner County in the territory of the United States of America south of the river Ohio p. 442 Joseph Nevil sheriff and *William Smeathers Constable* for the said County until the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions in July next, and to the end thereof and no longer.
   * 1791-1796-1791-"TENN.COUNTY, N.C. EARLY RECORDS DEEDS VOL. ONE" by Laura Willis DEED BOOK A PAGE 57 Page 21: Deed from JONNY SMEATHERS TO BENJAMIN MENES 1791-Indenture made this day 18th day of July 1791 between John Smeathers of the county of Tennessee and Territory of the United States, south of the River Ohio, and Benjamin Menes of the county and territory aforesaid, for and in consideration of the sum of Thirty-Two pounds of current money, in hand paid, for a tract of land containing by estimation thirty-six acres, being on the Sulpher fork on Red River, being a part of a preemption granted by the State of North Carolina to Andrew Thompson. In wittness I have set my hand and seal the day and date above written. James Smeathers. [this John Smeathers could be the father to the Margaret Smeathers got md
   * 1791-Pages 22: DEED BOOK A PAGE 57 Deed from MOSES WINTER TO BENJAMIN MENEES Indenture made this 18th day of July 1791 between Moses Winter to the county of Tennessee and Teritory of the United States of America South of the River Ohio, and Benjamin Menees of the County and Territory aforesaid,for and in consideration of the sum of Seventy-nine pounds current money to him in paid, for tract on land containing two hundred acres on the Sulpher fork of Red River. In witness he has set his hand and affixed his seal the day and date first above witten. Moses Winters
   * 1792-DEED BOOK A PAGE 115 1792 Deed from JAMSE SMEATHERS TO BENJAMIN MENEES Indenture made this 14th day of April 1792 between James Smeathers and William Smeathers of Tennessee County and Benjamin Menees of the same place,for and in consideration of the sum of Forty-two pounds Virginia currency, to him in hand paid, for a tract of land containing Thirty-four acres, lying in Tennessee County on the north side of Sulpher fork of Red River, being a part of a preemption granted by the state of North Carolina to Andrew Thompson. In witness he has set his hand and seal the day and date first above written. Witness: John Menees and George Blakely Signed James Smeathers and William Smeathers
   * 1793-Henry and Willis Hicks lived on 6 Dec 1793 at Tennessee Co., North Carolina; A Willis Hicks lived near Henry Hicks on 6 December 1793 in Tennessee County: Frederick Stump Junr. to Archer Cheatham, both of Tennessee County . . . indenture made 6 December 1793 . . . 105 pounds. . . 320 acres excepting two acres and one half sold to Henry Hicks joining Willias Hicks land including where Henry Hicks's house now stands likewise excepting 25 acres conveyed to Frederick Stump to Mathew Johnston joining the north boundary of said land . . . Sulpher Fork of Red River . .. being part of 640 acres granted by North Carolina to Andrew Thompson grant No. 70. . . James Smeathers . . . Witness: John Cheatham . . . reg. 11 August 1794.
   * 1794-Ky becomes a State - not part of VA anymore
   * 1794 - Proof of Wm being in Tn Militia and children b Tn by census, plus Moses Winters will listing Mary Smothers as his daughter.
   * 1794- Wm#15 enlists in the Tn Militia, called the "Corn Stalk Militia of KY" and is Prv with his brother Jas#9, Caleb Winters#8 [half bro to Mary Winters] & friend James Gentry in a detachment of Troops under the Command of Lt. Wm Conyers & Col. James Ford Regiment fr Oct 1 to Oct 30 in Serv of the US at or from the TN Co Militia, Sw Territory. There were 26 men in this Militia.
   * 1794-"TENN. COUNTY, N. C. EARLY DEEDS VOL TWO" by Laura Willis DEED BOOK A PAGE 290 1794 Deed to JAMES MENEES , assignee of JOHN OVERTON State of North Carolina, Tennessee County, August 11th 1794 to John Overton, a private in the Continental line, we give to James Menees, a tract of land containing two hundred and seventy four acres in Tennessee County, on the north side of Sycamore Creek, Military Warrant No. 3156, grant dated 31 of Dec 1793 Proven in open court by the oath of Benjamin Menees, Esquire, this January Term 1795 Proven in open county by the oath of Benjamin Menees,Esquire, a witness, at October Term 1794
   * 1795-DEED BOOK A PAGE 385 1795 Deed from BENJAMIN HARDIN, SR TO JAMES MENEES State North Carolina, Tennessee County, August 10th 1795. Indenture made this 17th day March 1795 between Benjamin Hardin, SR of Tennessee County and James Menees of the county aforesaid, for and in consideration of the sum of one hundred pounds in hand paid, for a tract of land containing one hundred and thirty-three and a half acres, lying in Tennessee on the Sulphur fork of Red River. Witness: Thomas Johnson and William Miles Signed Benjamin Hardin SR
   * 1795-DEED BOOK A PAGE 425 1795 Deed from Benjamin Menees, Esquire to Hugh Lewis Tennessee County ,December 23rd 1796 Indenture made this 14th day of September 1795, between Benjamin Menees, Esquire of Tennessee County and Hugh Lewis of the county aforesaid, for and in consideration of the sum of Seventy dollars to him in hand paid, for tract of land in Tennessee County, on Sulphur fork of Red River,and being a part of Moses Winters preemption, containing sixty acres.Benjamin Menees,Esquire
   * 1796 - Tn became a state. We find that all children of Mary Winters/Wm Smeathers claim being b Tn on census; John Bate sr, Archibald Jacob & sister Mary Smithers [she used that spelling]. The area that was known as Tennessee County became part (or all) of several newer counties: Stewart, Montgomery, Robertson, Houston, Cheatham, Benton, Humphryes, Dickson and Hickman. If you will e-mail me with your complete mailing address, I will mail you a photocopy of a map that shows the location of Tennessee County and the present day county lines for that area. Ronald A. Lee Tennessee State Library & Archives
   * 1797 - Wm follows a well defined buffalo trail to Ohio Rr banks and build's his Yellowbanks cabin the following Feb moves there. Stephen Statler is Sheriff of Co. He is bro to Wm's future son in law, Geo Statler who m Elizabeth Smeathers. Stephen Statler jr m Rev. Ignacious Pigman's dau Rhoda Pigman. Oddly, Wm Smeathers meets up w/Elizabeth Beall, future wife of his bro Jas at this time from Va when she lived at the Smyth Settlement & it was attacked by Indians. Wm found her & returned her to Smyth's.[In 1799 Ignatius Pigman/Susannah, wife rec'd 6400ac in Mason Co Ky & Joshua Crow fr Edward Ross ]
   * 1797-Site of home of William Smeathers (Bill Smothers), who in 1797-98 made first permanent settlement at Yellow Banks, now Owensboro. Officer in Kentucky's "Corn Stalk" Militia in 1803 and on expedition up the Wabash River against the Indians in the War of 1812 under General Samuel Hopkins. He then went to Texas as an Indian hunter and guide.
   * -Site of home of Wm Smeathers, 1797 made first permanent settlement at Yellow Banks, now Owensboro,where the ole Bransford Stemmery is.[a stemmery is a buiding used in the tobacco industry. After tobacco is dried, some is re-dried to the specifics of a customer. That is a separate unit from the warehouses or drying houses.Brandford Stemmery would be a bld used in tobacco growth by a family named Bransford.]
   * From: 14 Nov 2001-You are wondering where several different places are located and I can help you with that. Rough Creek runs from the Rough River up in Grayson Co Ky all the way to the Green River in McClean Co Ky. Rough Creek is on the North edge of Hartford Ky and ends at Livermore Ky. Ft Hartford is now just plain old Hartford Ky. The Buffalo Rd was just a Buffalo trail that went from Hartford to the Ohio River at Owensboro and there is a park named Wm Smothers Park where it ends.
   * NOTE: April 25, 2003 - Vol. 2 Issue 51 "Waterways Journal" Owensboro, Ky., To Build Riverfront Plaza In Move To Halt Ohio River Erosion If congressional delegates can find $20 million for them, Owensboro, Ky., officials are hoping to stop Ohio River erosion by constructing a plaza along the downtown riverfront. City officials are seeking the money to build a wall four blocks long to hold back the Ohio, across from Indiana, the Associated Press reports. Huge 19th Century trees in Smothers Park - there are only three of these trees left - are tilting toward the river. Plans indicate there would be five overlooks on the wall. A boat-launching ramp would be covered by the construction and no longer available for use. A fountain and outdoor theater may be included in the plans. The city has fought the erosion for decades by depositing rocks and concrete.]
   Vienna is the present day town of Calhoun Ky about 20 miles SW of Owensboro. Panther Creek runs from NW Ohio Co to Green River about 10 miles west of Owensboro Ky. Pup Creek is about 3 miles east of Owensboro and dumps into the Ohio River. Blackford Creek is about 8 miles east od Owensboro and also dumps into the Ohio. You also mention a Bairdstown and I am sure they meant Bardstown that is Located in Nelson Co KY. Most of the people in this area are connected to people that came here from Nelson Co Ky.All of my people came through Nelson Co Ky and I have been up there looking at their records and believe me Owensboro is loaded with people with Nelson Co Ky. The library for Nelson Co is located at Bardstown- where "My old Kentucky Home" is located. Bob Norris
   * Excerpts Fr "Law of the Heart" written by Dorothy Gentry, pg 130-131
   "A man has been to Bairdstown for supplies and is goin' to open up a store here. His name is WICKLIFFE - store refers to Ft. Hartford where Wm Smeathers is living and the year is winter [says its cold]
   * 1797-late Fall-pg 132 "I have followed the BUFFALO TRAIL TO OHIO RIVER & found a place to build a new cabin on some YELLOWBANKS." "Following week he left to start to build." "Family moved to YELLOWBANKS IN FEB-1798-?" "JANE Smeathers md DANIEL GRASS 1800 FROM VIENNA and they live at VIENNA." "SMEATHERS CABIN ON OHIO RIVER was 25mi from FT HARTFORD on ROUGH CREEK." "It was 15mi to BLACKFORD CREEK from the YELLOWBANKS."
   -PG 137 -"Wm Smeathers met up with VALENTINE FELTY HUSK one day and invited him home and they became close friends." "Where does JAMES GENTRY live Wm asked Husk one day. He lives on IRON HILL not far from FT HARTFORD." "Papers had been filed to make HARTFORD the county seat of an area called OHIO COUNTY." "Col Joseph Daviess was US Attorney for Ky & had 36,000ac around PANTHER CREEK & OHIO RIVER & WM SMEATHERS did the survey for him." "WM SMEATHERS & BENJAMIN DUNCAN were appointed Land Commissioners to settle land disputes."
   * 1798- From the Owensboro official web site - "In 1780, the first white settlers came, via the Ohio Rvr, to what is now Daviess Co. Early settlers inc Joseph Blackford, Wm Smeathers & Valentine "Felty" Husk. Blackford came 1780, estab hunting camp Blackford Crk, & was later killed by Indians. Smeathers came in 1798 and built his cabin on a site near the river which is now St. Elizabeth Street in Owensboro. From this dwelling constructed by Smeathers, the first settlement began. The city was originally called "Yellowbank" in reference to the color of the soil along the Ohio Riverbanks. Selected as the co seat when the co was formed 1815. Daviess Co was 58th KY Co and named in honour of Col. Joseph H Daveiss, distinguished lawyer & soldier.
   * 1815-DAVIESS COUNTY: 58th county, formed fr part of Ohio Co on 14 Jan 1815. The borders were altered in 1928 to form Hancock Co. William Smeathers/Smothers settled at Yellow Banks (now Owensboro) 1797/8; Valentine Husk about the same time. Picture of Felty's log home
   * Felty & Smeathers lst settlers
   * Excerpt taken from the article "Life & Times of Wm Smeathers" written 1840-50 by Honorable Thomas McCreery, pub 1866 Owensboro Ky Monitor and republished 1979 in "Back Home in Kentucky" magazine, Owensboro,Ky. "Near Blackford William called upon Natty and Ely Beal. At the house of the latter he was agreeably surprised at finding his brother, James Smeathers laying seige to Beall's sister in law, Elizabeth Beall. In his circuit he also saw Barker and Killenbaroer, Holmark and Holinhead, Jones and Jordan, Glenn and James Gentry and on his return home he heard the axe of FELTY HUSK cutting logs to build his home near the present residence of Thomas H Pointer. Husk was a good looking, sensible man and Smeathers invited him to stay at his cabin until his own cabin was finished. Husk was a great Bible reader-having no other book so he read it repeatedly and having a good memory he was more familiar with its contents than many preachers. It was hard to determine with any certainity the precise tenets of his faith, as he differed on essential points with every one with which he conversed. These differences involved him in endless controversies, which were maintained on his part, with the ability and a perfect temper. He was amicable and respected the feelings of others. He seemed well satisfied with his faith and maybe felt little interest in the matters of dispute. Smeathers and Husk, who were the opposite of each other in every respect, soon contracted a friendship which only closed with their lives. Husk, not withstanding his religious proclivities, lent a helping hand to Smeathers in carrying out his deviltries, and Smeathers, indifferent to all moral precepts, listened with attention whilst the other talked of Peter and of Paul."
   Chapter 1 p 26-27 Chap 2-pg 13-Justice of the Peace of Nelson Co Ky has ridden to see Smeathers and he says to Smeathers-"Who is that coming there"? Smeathers replies, "Oh that is Peter Felty Paul Husk, psalmist and sweet-singer of Israel." Husk entered and was introduced to Squire Thompson, who pointed to the bottle he and Smeathers had been partaking, and invited Felty to help himself. Husk remarking that Paul recommended a little for the stomach's sake, poured out fully three scruples and drank it. And now, Smeathers, said Anthony Thompson, please go on with your story where you left off before Felty Husk arrived." [the year of these conversations prob around 1812 in Ohio Co Ky at the Yellowbanks, now Owensboro, Ky]
   Chapt 3-pg 25 "Where has Felty gone Smeathers"? Smeathers answered, "he has gone to tell sister Mollie that I have company, abt then Miss Molly Smeathers entered and set out a dinner of corn bread, bear meat and venison." Thompson told of some of his experience upon the bench and neither had observed Husk, although he had entered the room more than an hour before. Husk was not ambitious of notice, but still he did not like to be entirely overlooked and at the first paused in the conversation he remarked, "Paul, in Romans had said, mind not high things, but condescend to men of low estate. Be not wise in your own conceit and in the tenth psalm, the Sweet Singer of Israel had said, "Forget not the humble". This observation of Husk procurred for him rather more than a fair proportion of attention, and he had the satisfaction of making many appropriate quotations from the scriptures, which he always did with becoming solemnity and never was known to sneer or jest at anything contained in the sacred volume. The sun was sinking and Smeathers and Husk agree to accompany Squire Thompson as he had now produced a second bottle, so they all started toward Panther Creek. By the time they reach the Narrow the last of the liquor was required to correct the nauseous smell of the stagnant water. Smeathers remarked to Husk as they ascended the opposite bank, "Thompson is an uncommonly smart man," "Yes" said Husk "he is wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove." The two friends waved off Thompson, built a fire and camped upon the spot. For a couple of days they hunted up the meanders of Panther Creek, and finding nothing they concluded to cross over to the head waters of the Blackford and try their luck in its valleys. After two more days of fruitless search, they agreed to give up the hunt and take a rest at the home of James Gentry who kept a large stock of hogs and was in the habit of climbing the trees as a mast, to look for miles around to drive his hogs to feed. Husk and Smeathers stopped at a spring beyond the Iron Hill where Gentry lived to get a cool drink and they heard a rustling among the branches. Thinking it a bear they advanced with caution and priming their gun, got to the summit and saw Gentry, setting upon a limb with his hands full of twigs, trying to form a conclusion upon the mast question. Smeathers was determined to keep him there and made a first rate imitation of a real warwhoop of an Indian. They saw Gentry glide in towards the body of the tree and sit astride the bough to screen him from view. He told Husk to circle at a distance of quarter to half mile and whenever he heard the warhoop, to answer it as well as he could, to keep Gentry in the tree til dark. Husk started on his circuit and Smeathers went back to his post. Every time he uttered the whoop, it was answered by Husk afar off and Gentry considered himself surrounded by a band of hundred savages with no hope of escape. Smeathers, to prevent all accidents, snuck up to the tree and removed Gentry's gun but the cock caught in the bark and the piece discharged, sending the ball through the treetops. Gentry knew from the report that his own gun had been fired, and as the firing was not continued, he conjectured that the Indians were without arms of their own and as he had the bullets in his pocket, his gun could not be reloaded. He felt some relieved and he thought the saves might just steal the gun and be gone. But his reasonings were destined to disappointment. He still heard the stealthy step and now and then warhoops from the forest. About midnight Smeathers and Husk met and Husk, who was a good man, urged that the joke had been carried far enough and Gentry might fall from a sleep out of the tree. Smeathers assured him Gentry would not sleep a wink all night on guard for his enemies surrounding him. Husk said that the Apostles slept in the garden, whilst the Master was at prayer. Smeathers said, well the Apostles may have slept, but Gentry shall not. At sunrise Smeathers made his appearance on the ridge and said in a loud voice, "If you are a white man come down we are your friends, but if you are an Indian, you will never reach the ground alive." From the tree Gentry answered, "I am a white man, I am a settler in the country, I am James Gentry." Descending, he saw Smeathers and Husk and expressed his sorrow they thought fit to play such a terrible trick upon him. Smeathers told him he thought he was a bear when he first heard the rustling then he thought he was an Indian concealing himself to shoot him as he passed and to save himself, used all his strategy known to him. Whether Gentry believed one word of all this or not, there seemed to be no good reason for flying into a passion, as the odds were two to one, and as Smeathers was known to be a perfectly despearate man when aroused, Gentry let it be. He however, did not relish the joke and never did he allude to it as long as he lived."
   * -"Documents from Daviess county Courthouse indicate that Smeathers did not build the only first structure in Daviess Co. In fact, in their book, "Owensboro, City on the Yellowbanks" by Lee and Aloma Dew stated that Smothers[Smeathers] was "primarily a hunter and tramped the vast area between Panther Creek and the Ohio and Blackford Creek and the Green in search of deer, bear and buffalo."
   * 1800- Court cases & other data involving Wm Smeathers in KY/IN
   * 1800 County:OhioRoll: Township:unknown TownshipsPage: 0 State:Kentucky Smothers, Jacob: Smothers, James Smothers, John Smothers, William
   * 1800-1808-MARRIAGE RECORDS-Ohio Co Ky Recs Vol I by Michael and Bettie Cook, there is the following marriage listed on page 40. Gross [Grafs], Daniel (to) Smother, Jane Feb 1 1800, (by)Benjamin Talbert Bond: Wm Smeathers - Cook did a poor job of transcribing the actual marriage bond. Spelling on marriage bond is Graff or Grafo,the first name of female Smothers is unreadable, and a Daniel Graff or Grafo signed the bond along with Wm Smeathers. On pg 38:Glenn, Wm (to) Smeathers, Margaret Feb 19 1804 Bond:Wm Glenn and John Smeathers consent of David Glenn for son Wm, dated Feb 27 1804 - page 87: Statler, George (to) Smeathers, Elizabeth Dec 13 1808 Bond: George Statler and Wm Smeathers. Who is this John?
   * 1800 Feb 1 - Smeathers signs marriage bond for Daniel Grass & Jane Smeathers w/Grass signing the bond also. Ohio Co Ky rec Vol 1 pg 40.
   * 1800 Ohio Co Ky Census lists a Wm Smethers Tax Roll along with Jacob, Jno & Jas - No other Smeathers or Smithers listed. IS THIS THE SAME JOHN AS IN THE TENN CO LAND DEEDS?? Tax Roll along with Jacob, John and James - brothers to William? William Smethers in Ohio county 1810 census -and who is the Jacob ? Males to 10 0 Males 10-16 0 Males 16-26 1 b 1784-1794 Males 26-45 1 b 1765-1784 Males 45+ 0 Females to 10 0 Females 10-16 1 b 1794-1800 Females 16-26 1 b 1784-1794 Females 25-45 1 b 1765-1784 Females 45+ 0
   * 1801-Aug-Ohio Co Circuit court William Smeathers, farmer committed an affray by fighting with Gorham Barnard in Hartford Aug 3 1801 along with John Smeathers and Elisha Hoskins.
   * 1801-December-Ohio Co Circuit court John Smeathers, labourer was guilty of riot along with William Smeathers, Elisha Hoskins and Thomas Jones.
   * 1802-March and April-Court tried to find John and William Smeathers, not found.
   * 1802 - Hon Tho McCreery tells of a story on Blackford Creek settlement when Wm in order to save his dogs, dispatched a huge bear with his tomahawk on Blackford Creek where a small stream empties into it. This stream is known now as Bear Creek. James Gentry was living near Wm at this time and went hunting with him. Wm also found his bro Jas in the Blackford Settlement courting girl Nattie Bell he saved in Va.
   * 1803-Smeathers served on the lst grand jury of Court of Quarter Session at Hartford KY - Hugh Potter Historical Factbook. Wm uses his cabin for Ohio Co Court sessions.
   * 1803-Officer in KY's "Corn Stalk" Militia 1803 Wm Smithers Ensign 49th Reg Oct 11 1803 and Wm Smithers Lt 49th Reg-Dec 30 1803-[spelling on this rec is Smithers, knowing 2 of desc spelled their name Smither[s] and knowing Smeathers name was derative of Smither, makes it a pretty good possibility this is our Wm plus the email from Brandon below] Fr: Date: 8 May 2001-There was but one 49th Regiment in the Ky militia system.This regiment was organized and mustered on 13 Dec 1799 and cont unchanged until 13 Dec 1800 when Breckinridge Co was excluded from this regiment. The reg was assigned to the 12th Brigade 4th Div of Ky Militia. The reg cont to be assigned as 49th Reg from Ohio Co til the militia was reorganized in 1811. The Wm Smithers listed probably the same individual. The rank of Ensign is same as a 2nd LT in the modern military, and the 2nd listing is indication of his promotion to LT (or the modern rank of 1st LT). Unfortunately all of the records from this era were burned 1874 to make room for incoming Civil War pension applications. If I can be of any further help contact me. Brandon K.Slone Historian
   * 1804- Wm Newsom md Miss Rewey Shown in 1811. Her father, Peter Shown, was a Pennsylvania Dutchman by birth.Peter Shown came from Fredericktown MD to Yellowbanks & stopped at the only house for a day or two where he met with the red men of the forest. This was the house of Wm Smithers". #7895: History of Daviess County, Kentucky, Inter-State Publishing Co., Chicago, 1883. Reprinted by McDowell Publications, Utica, KY, 1980. p. 624. Also fr article on Wm. Newsom
   * Smeathers/Newsom/Husk
   * 1804-Feb 19 - A John Smeathers signs marriage bond for Margaret Smeathers to Wm Glenn [listed due to possible connection to Wm Smeathers]. Info says Glenn b 1784. Data says Margaret died bef 1810, no children listed. 2nd Glenn marr Leah McFarland via W P Glenn
   * Fr "Jeff Jones" < Re: [SMEATHERS] Re: margaret smeathers m Wm Glenn 1804 Kentucky Land Grants-Glenn, Wm Acres: 1,000 Book: 12 Survey Date: 8-28-1798 County: Hardin WaterCourse: Nolinn Page:
   Glenn, Wm Acres: 300 Book: B Survey Date: 10-30-1816 Co: Hardin WaterCourse: Rudes Cr William GLENN BORN: 5 MAY 1784, KY Co., VA DIED: 22 FEB 1838, Daviess Co., KY MARRIED: Margaret SMEATHERS 17 FEB 1804, Ohio Co., KY what if this was sister to James/William MARRIED: Leah MCFARLAND, 16 DEC 1809, Ohio Co., KY
   * 1805 ?
   * 1806-Ohio Co Ky-Order bk 2. "Nov Called Court 1806 "On the motion of Wm Smeathers, he is exempted from paying one levy, listed this year on account of his son who is infirm." Shirley Watson Smith's book with Order bks. 1 & 2 can be purchased
   * 1807-Feb 25 - Maj Wm Bailey Smith wittness/gives testimony in land suit hearing in Wm Smeathers cabin. "As early as 1776 I had known of such a place as Yellowbank & a describtion of it, agreeing with the truth as I afterwards discovered in the beg of Mar 1780". Maj Smith was in Boonesboro Ky 7 14 1776 when Jemima Boone dau of Dan'l Boon canoed down Ohio Rv prior to 1776 & told Smith of a promising Yellowbanks location [History of Owensobro & Daviess Co H Potter]
   * 1807-1809 - "History in Early Depositions, Ohio & Daviess Co KY from files of TW Westerfield record of Land boundry disputes. These depositions inc known names assoc/w Wm Smeathers: Henry Jones, Daniel Grass, George Statler, Samuel Snyder, Gabriel Jones, Matthew Rogers, John Leman, William Hudson, Thompson Jones, with Anthony Thompson & Benjamin Duncan as Justice of Peace. Early depositions were taken in the Yellowbanks home of Wm Smeathers.
   * 1808-Dec 13 - Wm Smeathers signs marriage bond for Elizabeth Smeathers to George Statler.
   * 1808-Wm is appointed as Land Commissioner to parcel out land and settle land disputes in the area. Benjamin Duncan serves with him.
   * 1808-Riverboatmen arrive at Wm's cabin, one Andrew Norris rapes Mollie, Wm's sis/dau Wm kills him and Wm is jailed and later indicted for murder in Dec.
   * 1809-Feb 25-Circuit Court of Ohio Co in Hartford says, 12 good and lawfull men being house keepers of the County and residing as maybe where the murder of Andrew Norris alledged to been committed by William Smeathers is accused. Upon their oath where the said William is guilty of the murder or not and have then there the panel of the names of said house keepers.
   * 1809-February - Suit against Smeathers by executors of Daviess's estate for recovery of the sum of $91.50 on a note dated Feb 26
   * 1809-March-Commonwealth of Kentucy summoned George Statler, Elizabeth Statler, Elizabeth Smethers, Leroy Bristo, John Masten, and Nath'l Bell to appear before judges of district cout for Ohio Co at Court house in Hartford April 1809 where said Smethers is defendant.
   * 1809-April - Trial for Wm in the murder of Andrew Norris-charged with murder, Late of this county. [I believe that either Norris or Rulong was an alias but same person. No more papers so don't know what happened if he went to jail BUT SOUNDS LIKE HE WAS FOUND GUILTY & LEFT THE COUNTY.]
   * 1809-October - Wm under Peace Bond for threatening to throw Roger's millstone in the Ohio River [also bro Jas Smeathers involved]H Potter. Fr: <MeadowsMil May 30 2001-In my experience the terms are synonyms. I have never researched history of term buhrstone, however, the mills we build are called a stone buhr (burr) mill or grist mill. The buhr is the grinding surface, in the case of our mills, the stone, which is cut from gray or pink granite. The millstones or buhrstones are the grinding surface in a mill, whether the mill is small and portable in the case of our mills or a river side mill in the case of the 1000's of mills that dotted the landscape of America in the 1800s and 1900s. Hope this is helpful.
   * 1810-Ohio Co Census Males to 10-0, males 10 to 16- 0, males 16 to 26-1 b 1784-1794 [Arch], Males 26to 45-1 [William]...John is not here Females to 10-0,Females 10 to 16-1 b 1794-1800-Mary Smithers [m Henry Jones] Females 16 to 26-1 b 1784-1794-Elizabeth, Females 26 to 45-1 b 1765-1784-wife Mary Winters, Females 45+-0.
   * Mary Jane Smithers Foster notes in her 1910 letter her grandfather Wm Smithers arrived in TX 15 yrs prior to Austin Colonizing=1810. He prob was only there a yr then went back to KY.
   * 1810- In future census Mary Smeathers show up with a child b 1810-prob dau of Wm Smeathers. Some think sister. Prob son of Mary's when she got raped in 1809 by Andrew Norris.
   * 1811-July - Following Col. Daviess' death at Battle of Tippecanoe, John Rowan & James Mead went to Hartford Court to try to collect on the Smeathers note. It was continued until 1813. [possibly due to Wm Smeathers had gone to TX. Rowan can be remembered as the owner of the home which the song "My Old Ky Home" was written.]
   * 1811-Autumn - Steamboat New Orleans came to the Yellowbanks where Smeathers cabin was located and dug for coal, the first recorded instance of coal being mined in what would become Daviess Co KY
   * 1811-October - Awarded $400 damages in suit against Henry Roberts for slaundering Smeathers name.[H Potter Sesquicentennial HistFactbook]
   * 1811-1812-CORNSTALK MILITIA enlistment ready to supply soldiers for War of 1812 - Wm Smeathers, Captain, KY Mounted Spies, Enlistment Sept 18 1812 To what time engaged or enlisted October 30 1812 - Official Record Wm enlists in Major Touisant Dubois Company for KY Mounted Spies. Wm is Capt of his own batallion which inc. Privates' John Berry [husband of Betsy Smeathers], William Glenn [husband of Margaret Smeathers] & other names assoc. w/Wm inc John Glenn,Wm & John Meeks. Wm's son, John Smeathers is a Private in the co. Oct 30 Wm discharged at Vincennes In.
   * 1811-These Meeks might be related to Atha Meeks who settled abt March 1811 on Pigeon Creek in northern Luce Township. William Meeks is said to have shot this Indian "Big Bones' and then Wm Meeks was shot and killed. Its said Wm Smeathers was one of the guards at the house of LAMAR and it was really he who shot and killed Set-te-tah, fr 'History of Warrick, Spencer, Perry Co Indiana, pg 251-254. Wm Meeks was the son of Atha Meeks. This event was called the "Meeks Tragedy" due to Wm Meeks death May 1811.
   * 1813-April - Cont case of Daviess note was dismissed and Smeathers was awarded damages which inc 150#'s of tobacco plus court costs.
   * 1814 - ?
   * 1815-April - Smeathers cabin site selected as the county seat by commissioners appointed by the first County Court
   * 1815 - John Berry and Betsy Smeathers Berry moved with a big group from Tn headed to Monroe Co In with a stay over in Lawrence Co Il at the Christian Settlement until the In lands opened. Betsy prob d 1818 in In & maybe buried at the Centerville Cemetery which was the ole Pioneer cemetery. John Berry m Gracie Treat in Bloomington In Jul 1819. Wm stated on the Tx census he was fr In. Mary Jane Smithers [Foster] Wm's 2nd dau Mary - states in her 1910 letter to her Uncle John, "John Berry brought John Smothers to TX 5yrs bef my father came & crossed the Sabine Rvr w/Austin's Colony." We know John Berry went to TX in 1826 so obviously did Wm's son John sr. Mary Jane also states "My father [Archibald Jacob] came to TX when I was 5 yrs old." MJ was born Sept 11 1825. This puts her father in TX abt 1830. So by 1830 we have Wm, his sons John & Archibald & soninlaw John Berry in TX.
   * 1816-October - Won $10 judgement against David Glover KY [factbook].
   * 1817- ?
   * 1818-Wm Smeathers rec'd order to be on Grand Jury Daviess Co IN.
   * 1819-?
   * 1820-Nelson Co Ky census Listing for William Seathers No twsp #210 . He then prob left for TX 2nd and last time.
   * THE TEXAS CONNECTION OF WILLIAM SMEATHERS-other folks used the sp of Smithers and Smothers, William Smeathers always used Smeathers.
   * 1820-37 - William in Texas-From "History of Tx" by H. Yoakum, The Steck Co Austin Tx 1935 Vol 1-'From the discovery of Galveston Island in 1686 by the LaSalle Colony til 1816 it has been unsettled. A few roving Carankawaes resort to west end to fish; no human habitation on Island. Beginning 1816 Island covered w/green grass which deer herds ate.'Noted by Elsie Turk Smothers: The above Carankawaes were cannibals. A Smothers researcher fr La stated there is a document in Mex City states the Spanish gov offered to give Galveston Isl to Bill Smothers and he refused the offer bec there was no fresh water and the pelican eggs tasted fishy. Thomas McCreery used these words in his Smothers article he wrote in 1866 pub in the Ownsboro Ky Monitor Magazine. I tried to get the paper thru the Mex official but was told the only way the paper could be secured would be to personally come to Capitol. 1817- Jean LaFitte set up shop on the Island for his slave trade. 1821 - From the Brazoria County Historical Museum-"Wm Smithers (1782-1837)pro guide/hunter who first came to TX 1809 [we believe they had his dob as 1782 bec of the Dewitt census listing him as 55..1782-1837=55, they did not do their math correctly!] ret with Austin/Rightor as a scout/hunter Dec 1821. 14 workmen several investor adventurers left New Orleans Nov 25 1821 arr at mouth Brazos Dec 3. explored river built a cabin at Ft Bend, but most returned to LA when they did not find the empresario. [1822 Wm Smithers lived on Caney Creek in present Matagorda Co 1824 rec a headright on the Brazos."] 1821-Historical Journal of Stephen F. Austin-Wm Smithers came into TX with Austin to explore the coastal area to decide on a place to plant his first colony of 300 familes.Austin rec'd this responsibility fr/his dying father & since he had not been to TX wanted men to inspect land for colonies. He selected them carefully which inc 14 workmen & 7 several investor adventurers. They left Natchitoches,New Orleans & Nov 25 arriving at the mouth of the Brazos Dec 3. Smithers then being 1 of 5 left to build Ft Bend for the safety of the settlers Austin was to bring. Baker in "Texas Scrapbook" said "The 5 left were the first of the Ole 300 & inc Wm Little, Wm Smithers, Charles Beard, Joseph Polly & Henry Holster".The others not left behind, returned to LA when they did not find the empresario. Austin planned to return to TX in Nov 1821 to survey the colony with crew of workmen that sailed fr New Orleans aboard the schooner LIVELY going to the Colorado Rvr but was detained. In Austin's own words-"July 9 1821-company started fr McGuffins-to wit-Richard Lovelace, Neil, Gasper, Bellew, Henry Holstein fr Catahoula; Wm Wilson fr Was DC; James Beard & Wm Little fr St Louis; Dr Hewitson, Irwin, & Wm Smithers fr In; G Bush fr Natchitoches; and the last 2 I emploid as hunters during the trip & agreed to furnish them with ammunition & let them come into the settlement on an equal footing with the other settlers. [this answers ? why Pappy got a full league of land]; Bush furnished a horse for himself & Smothers; Wilson mounted on the black mule, Beard on the Bay horse, Little on brown mule. pg 6-3 mules for pack. I rode on Little's horse, left thomas McGuffins came to lst water of Sabine, Smithers and Lovelace killed a deer & we camped at Lenan Creek 15mi...after selecting a site for his colony, re paired by land to New Orleans. Bef leaving he selected a great bend in Brazos Rvr where Richmond is now, and left 5 young men there to build a fort-Wm Little, Wm Smithers, Charles Beard, Joseph Polly & Henry Holster. Baker in "Texas Scrapbook" said-"these 5 men were the lst of the 'Ole 300', none preceded them. A historical marker is on Brazos Rvr banks at Richmond in the honor of these 5 men, inc. our Pappy Smeathers. -1822 March -Austin went to San Antonio when he found no one at the mouth of the Colorado River Gov. Martinez gave him a passport for Mx City so he could see the new officials about his colony contract.Austin reached the capital Apr 29 there 1 yr later due to political turmoil. -1823 CENSUS SMOTHERS WILLIAM Riverbrassos TX Province Of Texas -1823 Jan - Austin's empresario contract was approved under the Imperial Colonization Law but the empire collapsed in Mar a republic was orgd. The empresario had to wait for approval of the contract by the new officials bef returning home. Arriving in July Austin located his capital town, San Felipe de Austin where the Atascosito Rd crossed the Brazos Rv. Portions of the Coushatta Trace were used to estab boundaries of the Bastrop & Viesca precincts. Named the town in honour of his patron saint & the Empresario; ordered a survey/plat of prescribed squares & streets in/acc w/Mexican law. -1823 - Texas Tax 1820-1829 List Wm Smothers Riverbrassos Co Province of Texas ID#TXS2a1169111 -1824 -settlers had remained in the area without deeds to their land until Baron De Bastrop, state appointed Land Commissioner arrived in July. The liberal Mexican Federalist Constitution policy invited practically any foreigner to become a citizen of Mexico & left it to provincial govt to adm nat policy. -1824 July 7- Tx Austin, Mexicounty Territory,Wm Smithers, Austin Co TX Rec'd his Land Grant for League of Land 4428.40 ac he applied for on Brazos River. Desc of Land 7-16-1824 Gen Land Off, Austin. Record filed 10-23-1826. Recorded 11-1-1826. Abt#90 Vol 118.1. Deed record describe this land abt a quarter league abv Coushatta crossing of the Brazos being granted to Wm Smeathers July 13 1824. Wm Smeathers received "un sitio de tierra" (a site of land) his original land grant signed by Stephen F. Austin, Samuel Williams & Baron de Bastrop. The name is spelled Smithers within the document, but signed by William Smeathers. District County Page Abst Date Volume Acres Austin Austin 2 90 William Smithers 16 Jul 1824 118;1 4428.40 Title In the 1820-1836 Census of the Austin Colony, he is listed as single and 40-50 years old, e.g. b between 1770-1780. He rec a league of land in the colony on 16 Jul 1824. This statement goes against what was allowed for single men.[but we know why-Austin assured he would get an equal share as other family men] CLASS 1:Unconditional -arr by 2 Mar 1836: Married man w/family received a league(4,428.3 acres) & a labor (177.1acres) Single man over 17 received 1/3 league (1,476.1 acres). [This is interesting in the fact that it says a married man with family gets a league of land 4428.3 ac. Wm received a league, bec Austin promised it to him as his scout]. I have a copy of his Land Grant and it does say one league of Land to be conceded to him. It also says its on the west margin of the Brazos and "having come to said place with my FAMILY and chattels with intention of locating myself in colonial settlement.." Signature, Wm Smeathers] 1825-1828 - Austin received 3 more 6 yr contracts from the state, not the Natl.Govt. He settled about 1000 families between the Lavaca Rvr & Galveston Bay and below the San Antonio to Nacogdoches Rd. A few were settled above the rd in present Travis & Bastrop counties. The govt & state of Coahuila y Texas est the elaborate Empresario System to colonize & dev the state by strategy of selective immigration & assimilation. While most immigrants knew little/no Spanish the bureaucratic hurdles of obtaining an indiv parcel of land were immense, most referred to an empresario's colony for organ purpose. Mexican-born citizens were given pref as empresarios allowed a max of 11 leag of land w/pref of those having TX military service. Indians were not excluded, first enclouraged to trade w/settlements & when demonstrating civility were to rec/land on equal terms w/colonists of all origins. -1825 April 25- No census but Wm Smithers sold a piece of land on Brazos to JT Bell & deed is recorded in San Felipe which would be center of Mexicounty Territory signed by Austin. Signed by Wm Smeathers & wittnessed by Richard Callaway, Richard Royall & Thomas Westall. At the end of the deed there is a paragraph signed by Samuel Williams & Estaban F. Austin. Recorded at San Felipe. -1825 May 28 - Wm Smithers rec'd deeded land by Noel R. Roberts. Signed by Austin. Recorded San Felipe. deeded does not mean bought. This was a "titulo de Venda" No. 11 when Noel R.Roberts deeded land to Wm Smithers, the spelling used throughout the deed. -1826 CENSUS SMITHERS WILLIAM Bastrop Co TX ID#TXS2a1168724 Austin Mexicounty Terr Austin Colony Census Wm Smithers listed as 40-50, single. [by 1826 Wm has gone from the Brazos River to Bastrop Co which is about 3 counties No of Dewitt County] 1826 - Elsie says he rode into Lavaca County w/stock, items,etc..sounds like entry of 1828 to me. No record of him in Dewitt 1826. How could he be in Dewitt Colony in 1826 when he is in Austin Colony? -1827 - No idea where he is..still at the Austin Colony in Bastrop County which is near Austin Tx?? Prob getting ready to go to Dewitt as his son John will be there in Jan 1828. Was there long enough to be est for a creek near Rocky Creek and community to be name "Yellowbanks" aft his KY Yellowbanks. -1828 CENSUS SMEATHERS WILLIAM Nacogdoches Co TX Green Dewitts Colony TX Tax List, D#TXSa1148467. Now Wm has gone from Bastrop Co down south to the Dewitt Colony. He obviously had to ride his 1 horse, herd 18 cows, 20 pigs and had 1 laborer to help him. This would take at least a month or more. A horse can travel 10mi a day at a walk. But herding cows and pigs would take longer. Dewitt Colony census listed in TX State Hist Assoc Quarterly. He is a Casado [house dweller], has 1 horse, 18 cows, 20 pigs, 1 laborer and says he's 55 yrs old and his wife is dead. His son John arr Jan 1828. SMEATHERS: William Smeathers (Smothers), widower, 55, M, Indiana-1 horse, 18 cattle, 20 hogs. ["Su muger muerta," or "widower."] John Smothers widower, Sep, 1828, 4 persons
   * -1828 - Wm Smeathers arrives in Green Dewitt Colony. Lavaca County Survey Blk Grantee Leag Section Abs WILLIAM SMITHERS W.Smithers 401 Receiving another grant in the Dewitt Colony??? -1829 SMEATHERS WILLIAM Nacogdoches Co TX ID#TXS2a1148466 No Tnp Listed [Of course none of these counties existed in 1823-1829 where they come up with Nacogdoches Co in the Township of Dewitts Colony. As far as I can tell Dewitts Colony was never near present day Nacogdoches Co La. It may be that Nacogdoches Co did extend as far west to be part of Dewitt Co.]Dewitts Colony - Beginning at the right bank of Arroyo de la Vaca at a distance of the reserved ten leagues from the coast, adjoining the colony of Stephen Austin on the east, the line shall go up the river to the Bejar-Nacogdoches road; it shall follow this road until it reaches a point two leagues to the west of Guadalupe River; thence it shall run parallel with the river down to the Paraje de las Mosquitos (Place of the Mosquitos); and following the inner edge of the ten league coast reservation, it shall close the boundaries of the grant at the point of the beginning. -1830 - Citizens of TX Census [Republic of Tx Tax Roll] by Gifford White does not list Wm smeathers/Smithers acc/to Brazoria Lib. But John & Archibald Smothers are listed. 1830-1833 - Do not have a rec of where Wm was. His son John rec'd title to land on San Marcos River,Caldwell Co [later part of Gonzales] May 8 1832 Dewitt contract w/3 children and as a widower. He states he has been living there since 1827. He does not marry Mary Ashby til Jan 1836. He is listed as a Lavaca voter in Feb 1836. Meanwhile, John Berry[m dau Betsy Smeathers], who came to Tx as a Robertson Colonists with Archibald Smeathers[s/oWinters/Smeathers] is located in Burleson County. He was in Bastrop Co where he rec'd a town lot in 1831 until 1836. Settled on Berry Creek 1847. Archibald Smothers rec'd land in Lavaca county Mar 27 1835. His dau Mary Jane Foster in a 1910 letter says her father came to Tx when she was 5 yrs old [she being born 1825]so he came abt 1830-31. She says John Berry came with John Smeathers sr abt 5 yrs bef her father=1825-26.She says her grandfather Wm Smothers came 15 yrs bef Austin colony=1810. She says she came in 1853 and her father in Burleson Co se of Caldwell, where John Berry was living on Berry Creek. Berry Creek is 3mi east of Caldwell. So we have no trace of Archibald or Wm during this 3 yrs period, poss b they were around John Berry in Liberty. -1834-Oct - Wm Smeathers shows up receiving deeded land by James Kerr in Lavaca Co on Rocky Creek.[we remember this is near where Wm named the community Yellowbank-so he could be hanging out there evading census takers as usual] Jas Kerr owned the entire league, but sold only the east half to Smeathers near the Lavaca Rvr. Deed rec Gonzales 1838. DeWitt Colony;Oct 1834 Republic of TX Co of Austin. This deed was written in its entirety by William Smeathers and signed by him. -1835 - June Republic of TX Co of Austin - Wm Smeathers sold this land (one-half league 9 in class 9) to Robert Handy, founder of Richmond Tx for $6,000. This spelling used throughout the document Wm Smeathers. Deed is signed, not filed til Oct 1838. March 27 Archibald is receiving his land in Dewitt, Lavaca Co -1836 - Brazoria Co TX formed from the Old Mexican Municipality. Fall of the Alamo was Mar 6.[my birthday] -1836 Sept 9-Wm Smeathers summoned as wittness by Sheriff O.A. Veitch for a trial of State vs Jacob Maste, John Rictor, Jackson Rictor & B T Thompson Nacogdoches court. Subpoenas iss to Neal Martin, Charlotte Martin.Not served. [His son John is in Gonzales Co. Wm might be there] 1836 Oct 10-Subpoenas iss/att to serve on Wm Smeathers in trial of Rep Tx vs Jackson Rector. Notation on papers: Impossible to serve in time.
   * -1837 - Austin Colony formed from the old Mexican Municipality.
   * -1837 Aug - Wm Smeathers makes a will & is on file in Angleton TX dies 8 days later. Houston Telegraph says he was resident of Columbia Brazoria Co. [Mary Jane says he died at John Berry's, Burleson County] Dorothy Gentry in Law of the Heart book SHE WROTE of Wm Smeathers says, "It was early August, Fallnash & Colvin [Wm's hunting pals] prepared to take the hunt w/Bill as the 3 had planned. Hitched their horses near the spring, took cool drink & walked up the hill to Bill's cabin. Climbing over the fence, Bill's 2 dogs ran forth. As the men entered the cabin, the body of Bill Smeathers lay on his bearskin rug. He wore a woolen white cap, his locks & beard whiter stilll. His tomahawk belted to his side & his open palm rested near lock of his gun. Fallnash kneeled by thinking of the man who had saved his son's life fr the alligator. Colvin went outside to calm his emotions."
   * 1837 - WILLIAM SMEATHERS OBITUARY-Houston Telegraph Aug 19 1837. "At Columbia on the morning of the 13th inst. in the 71st year (b 1766) of his age, Mr Wm Smeathers who was one of the earliest pioneers of this country having resided in Texas nearly seventeen years, subject to all the privations of a new and uncultivated country, and bravely maintaining himself single handedly on the frontier against the assaults of numerous hoards of predatory savages in many a hard fought fray. But his course is finished and he has gone to his final audit. In his death his country has lost a bold and hearty defender, and his family a kind parent."
   * Washington Irving wrote of William/Smeathers/Smithers in his "Knickerbocker Sketchbook". Theodore Roosevelt wrote of him in his "Winning of the West". Hon. Thomas Clay McCreery, US Senator from Kentucky wrote a 15 part series on Bill's life. 1866 - "Life & Times of William Smothers" by Thomas Clay McCreery. After you read those chapters McCreery wrote you will be able to totally recognize anything else you read, as his writing...the Hugh Potter "History of Daviess Co", "Owensboro" by the Lee's, Dorothy Gentry's book-"Law of the Heart". Thomas Clay McCreery was b 1816 d 1890 and was a distinguished US Senator & historian,grandson of Thomas Clay. As you read "Life and Times of Wm Smothers" 15 part article he wrote & published in the KY Monitor magazine in 1866 you will see its like an interview between an Anthony Thompson, that was Justice of the Peace of Nelson Co KY and did own land in the area. Did Wm's story start here first? In a recent publication by Hugh Potter, "History of Owensboro and Daviess County", Chapter 2 is titled, "William Smeathers". Dorothy Gentry wrote his story in Law of the Heart pub 1982 KY. Other books have chapters on him including a recent book titled, "History of Brazoria county" with a chapter on William Smeathers/Smithers. Bill Smeathers/Smithers/Smothers is mentioned in many history books in Texas and Kentucky. "Owensboro and the Kentucky Militia" -It was inevitable that more settlers would come to "YellowBanks", the place later named Owensboro. Smothers was resentful at first and decided on a violent course of action at once, but then realizing the futility of such action, began to make friends with the newcomers. He was a civic minded man and believed in law and order. He served the Ohio Circuit Court, and the County Court in three capacities. He was a member of the first four Grand Juries which met at Hartford after Kentucky established a system of Circuit Courts in 1803. He opened his cabin in 1807 as a local court house for taking depositions in early boundary suits. He was appointed Land Commissioner along with his friend, Benjamin Duncan by the Ohio County Court for the conveyance and division of land. He and Duncan executed deeds to large tracts of land in what is now Daviess County. Bill Smeathers (Smithers-Smothers) served in the Kentucky "Cornstalk" Militia in 1803. He was a Captain of a group of spies in the War of 1812. In his company was his son, John Smeathers Sr, and his son-in-law, John Berry, who by now had married John's daughter-Betsy Smeathers. A historical marker has been placed beside the Ohio River at Owensboro to honor Bill Smothers as founder. It reads" BILL SMOTHERS PARK-SITE OF HOME OF WILLIAM SMEATHERS (BILL SMOTHERS) WHO IN 1797-98 MADE FIRST PERMANENT SETTLEMENT AT YELLOW BANKS, NOW OWENSBORO. OFFICER IN KENTUCKY'S "CORNSTALK MILITIA" IN 1803 AND ON EXPEDITION UP THE WABASH AGAINST THE INDIANS IN THE WAR OF 1812, UNDER GENERAL SAMUEL HOPKINS. HE THEN WENT TO TEXAS AS A HUNTER AND GUIDE. DIED THERE IN 1837. AJ Sowell in his History of Ft. Bend County Texas states, "The five young men were the first installment of the "Old Three Hundred". A marker placed at the site of Old Fort Bend Texas reads: Site of FORT BEND BUILT IN NOVEMBER 1821 BY WILLIAM LITTLE, WILLIAM SMITHERS,CHARLES BEARD, JOSEPH POLLY AND HENRY HOLSTER. ITS NAME WAS GIVEN TO THE COUNTY WHEN CREATED IN 1837. While in Texas, Smithers was a great friend to Jim Bowie and went on many Indian campaigns with him. However, the health of Smothers began taking its toll for he began having trouble with his weakened heart. Bill Smithers remained on the Brazos River, except for a brief period when he and his sons, John Sr. and Archibald, went into Lavaca County where they acquired land, and were among the first to settle in the county. And to this date, this land is still in the Smothers family-William Smothers spend his last days on the Brazos River near Columbia. In the summer of 1837, he made a date for one last hunt with his friends, and when the men went to his cabin that fall, they found his lifeless body lying on a bearskin rug. They buried him there beside his cabin. No one has been able to locate his grave. An account of his death was printed in the "Houston Telegraph" which Grace Seaver located and had a xerox copy of the entire newspaper sheet on which the death notice appears made.The original will of William Smeathers is on file in the County Courthouse at Angleton. He left all he had to his son, Archibald, his son-in-law, John Berry, and his grandsons, John Bate Berry and Andrew Jackson Berry.-Interestingly, I wonder why he did not include, Archibald's brother, John -Sr., my gr gr gr grandad? Unless, it was due to the fact John Sr already -had his own land & his wife was divorcing him, plus the Berry's other brother, Joseph was not inc and he did not die til 1842. From the Handbook of Texas Online-by Elsie TURK Smothers & Nena Smothers check this link as Wallace McKeenan has corrected some info
   * I choose to connect our Smeathers family as is, 1- Strong family stories and beliefs 2- Strong family resemblance's/social traits 3- possibility of it occurring being possible. 4- people in the right places at right times. A research librarian-"How could a family have such detailed story if there was no truth"
   * My gggg grandfather William Smeathers
   * Brazoria Co Hist Museum-Wm Smeathers Will/Obit
   * Migrations of Wm Smeathers

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