Kentucky Family Group Sheet for the Mathew Henry Owens Family #4

Husband: Mathew Henry OWENS
Birthdate: Apr 1822 - Jeffersontown, Jefferson Co., Ky
Death date: 19 Jan 1902 - Boxville, Union Co., KY
Burial: Oak Grove Cem. in Union Co., KY
Occupation preacher/carpenter
Father: William OWENS
Mother: Frances "Fanny" ZILHART

Marriage date: 14 Nov 1867
Marriage place: Morganfield, Union Co., KY

Wife: Nancy Jane TRIPP
Birthdate: 21 Mar 1844
Death date: 28 Apr 1916 - Boxville, Union Co., KY
Burial: Oak Grove,Cem. - Walnut Grove Area of Union Co., KY
Father: David R. Tripp
Mother: Betsy L. Ozgood


Child No. 1: Ed/Edinir Owens
Sex: M
Birthdate: Jul 1869 - Union Co., KY
Death date:
Spouse's name:
Marriage date:

Child No. 2: Mary Evalyne Owens
Sex: F
Birthdate: 3 Oct 1870 - KY
Death date: 6 Aug 1963 - Wichita, Sedgwick Co., KS
Burial: 0 Aug 1963 - Walnut Grove Cemetery, Union Co., KY
Spouse's name: Seth McGraw (1861-1936)
Marriage date: 1892 - Union Co., KY

Child No. 3: Bluford Owens
Sex: M
Birthdate: 1872 - KY
Death date: 27 Oct 1932 - Webster Co., KY
Burial: Walnut Grove - Walnut Grove Cemetery, Union Co., KY
Spouse's name: [1] Nevada Chandler [2] Amanda Farmer (1879-    )
Marriage date: [1] 8 Oct 1893 - Webster Co., KY [2] 19 Sep 1897 - Webster Co., KY

Child No. 4: Sylvester "Vess" Owens
Sex: M
Birthdate: 1874 - Boxville, Union Co., KY
Death date: 1916 - Union Co., KY
Burial: Walnut Grove - Church Cemetery, Union Co., KY
Spouse's name: Ellie Isabelle Farmer (1886-1942)
Marriage date: 7 Jul 1900 - Webster Co., KY

Child No. 5: Roxie Virginia Owens
Sex: F
Birthdate: 7 Feb 1876 - KY
Death date: 17 Nov 1963 in
Burial: Oak Lawn Cem - Jonesboro, Craighead Co., AR
Spouse's name: James Vallandigham "Ham" Brown (1863-1942)
Marriage date: 1 Oct 1893 - Union Co., KY

Child No. 6: Charles Owens
Sex: M
Birthdate: 1879 - KY
Death date: BEF May 1900
Spouse's name: Katie Farmer (1881-1969)
Marriage date: 3 Jan 1899 - Webster Co., KY

Child No. 7: Baird Waldon Owens
Sex: M
Birthdate: 11 Sep 1880 - Union Co., KY
Death date: 17 Nov 1962 - Union Co., KY
Burial: - Odd Fellow Cemetery, Bordley, Union Co., KY
Spouse's name: Elsie Melinda Sigler (1889-1952)
Marriage date: 2 Feb 1905 - Union Co., KY

Child No. 8: Florence Owens
Sex: F
Birthdate: Apr 1882 - KY
Death date:
Spouse's name: William Croxson
Marriage date:

Child No. 9: Harvey Owens
Sex: M
Birthdate: 28 Jul 1886 - Clay, Webster Co., KY
Death date: 19 Jun 1968 - Jefferson Co., KY
Spouse's name: Susie Smith (1892-1954)
Marriage date:
* Matthew, age 40, joined an orderly from Union County on Aug. 9, 1862, Promoted on Feb. 25, 1863 to 2nd Liet, 32nd Ky Volunteer Inf. Mustered out on June 1863.
   He filed for an Invalid Pension stating that he was wholly unable to earn support by manual labor by reason of his age and general debility brought by an attact of spinal meningitis leaving him with shattered nerves. He signed his name, spelling his name with 2 t's, as MaTThew H. Owens. He states on his application that his wife is Nancy Jane Tripp, married at Morganfield, Union Co., KY by McGhee, preacher. He has been married 3 other times, all dead. His current children living at home when he filed this (May 5, 1898), were, Mary E. Owens born 1870, Bluford Owens born 1872, Sylvester Owens born 1874, Roxie V. Owens born 1876, Charles Owens born 1879, Baird W. Owens born 1880, Florence Owens born 1882 and Harvey Owens born 1886. He enrolled as a 1st Sergeant on the 9th of August in 1862 in Company H of the 8th regiment of KY Cavalry Volunteers in the War of the rebellion and served at least ninety days, and was honorably discharged at Russellville, KY on the 23rd day of September 1863. Mathew received his last payment of 12 dollars on Nov. 4, 1901 and died January 19, 1902.
   March 12, 1902 his wife Nancy files for the widow's pension. She states they were married in Morganfield, KY November 13, 1867 by John McGee, and she had not been previously married. He had been married 3 other times, 1st wife died Feb. 1, 1852 Jefferson Co., KY, 2nd wife died April 9, 1856 Bullit Co., KY, 3rd wife died March 29, 1867 Union Co., KY. (He married her not quite 8 months after his 3rd wife's death). She says they have one Child No. under the age of 16 still at home, Harvey Owens, born July 28, 1886 in Clay, Webster Co., KY. Nancy received her last payment of 12 dollars on Feb. 4, 1916 and died April 28, 1916 and is buried at Oak Grove Cemetery. (She apparently has no stone, and I assume she is buried next to Matthew).
   March 4, 1918, Ella Owens, widow of Sylvester who also died in 1916, and daughter in law of Nancy and Matthew is filing an application for reimbursement. She is 32 years old, a widow. She states that Nancy died April 28, 1916 at 10am. Nancy required daily attendance from April 1, 1916 to April 29, 1916, she died from chronic nephritis. Ella rendered service as a nurse, her husband has died, leaving her with a large family and very poor and is not able to pay these bills (of Nancy's). Another note on the files says that Ella's husband was very poor and had 8 small children and stood good for these bills, in very short time he died and his widow feels honor bound to pay and has nothing to pay with therefore she feels it a just claim and applies for it. Those that helped with Nancy during her illness were Sylvester, Bluford and Ella Owens, and Roxy (Owens) Brown. Nancy died at the home of Sylvester and Ella Owens' near Boxville. She states that bills owed are in Dr. Harris due $15.00, herself for nursing & daily care $20.00, Undertaker Waller $35.00, and the coffin and shroud $30.00 for a total of $100 dollars unpaid that she owes. Nothing else in the files stating if she received any money to help pay for these expenses.
* [Broderbund Family Archive #303, Census Microfilm Records: Kentucky, 1850, Disk 2, Date of Import: Aug 14, 2001, Internal Ref. #1.303.1.21580.36]
Individual: Owens, Mathew H. Year: 1850 State: KY County: Jefferson Co. Location: District 2 National Archives Series Number: M432 National Archives Microfilm Number: 205 Census Page Number: 295
* 1860 West Ky Census, Jefferson Co., pg. 991 Fanny Muester age 63, seamstress b. Ky Matthew Owens age 37, b. ky Eveline age 32 b. IA Mary age 10 b. IA Woodford age 3 b. IA
* 1870 KY Census, Union Co., KY, Mathew OWLEY (had to do line by line search to find him), farmhand, age 47, value of real estate $450., Nancy J. age 26, Woodford, farmhand, age 13 b. Iowa, Robert D. age 8 b. KY, Susan age 5 b. KY, Ed/Edwin/Ednir age 11 months. Next door to Mathew and Nancy was David Tripp (Nancy's brother) age 24 farm hand, Mary E. (Williamson raised as an Owens) age 19, Alice G. age 1, Mary E. 4 months.(Same census, now in Caseyville District) James Owens age 27 farmer, Matilda age 24 keeping house, Sarah age 4, Martha F. age 1. ; different household- Francis M. Owens age 24 farm hand, Rebecca J. age 28, John 11 months.
* 1880 KY Census, Union Co., Morganfield Precinct, Woodford Owens age 25, farm laborer, Matilda age 23, keeping house. (Same County, now in Boxville Precinct), Frank Owens age 34, cabinetmaker b. IN, Rebecca age 38?, John M. age 11, Jas. W. age 7, David M., age 2.
* 1880 Webster Co., Ky, Dixon District, M. H. Owen age 58 farmer, Nancy J. age 35, Robert D. age 19, Evaline age 9, Bluford age 7, Sylvester age 6, Roxie age 4, Charles age 1.
* 1900 Soundex, Union Co., KY, Sturgis, Mathew H. Owen b. Apr 1822 age 78, Nancy J. b. Mar. 1844 age 56, Baird W. b. Feb. 1881 age 19, Florence b. Apr 1883, age 17, Harvey b. Sept 1887 age 12.
* 1900 Soundex, Union Co., KY, Waverly, Mathew Owens and Nancy J, (same as above), Florence b. Oct 1882, Harvey b. July 1886. Florence and Harvey's dates don't match the first census done, and Baird has moved out.
* History of Early Jeffersontown and S. E. Jefferson Co., KY, date Mar. 22, 1862, Mathew Owens grantee-S. F. Miller Notes: deed book 118-9 Half interest, Mathew a heir of P. Zilhart.

Notes for: Nancy Jane Tripp
* Be it known that we, Mathew H. Owen, as principal and Miss Nancy Jane Tripp, as surety, are jointly and severally bount to the Commonwealth of Kentucky in the sum of One Hundred Dollars. The condition of this bond is as follows: That whereas, Marriage is intended to be solemnized between the above bound Mathew H. Owen and Miss Nancy Jane Tripp. Now if there is no lawful cause to obstruct said Marriage, this Bond shall be void, otherwise it shall remain in full force and effect. Dated at Morganfield, Union County, this 14th day of November 1867. Matthew H. Owens Nancy Jane TrippAttest: Jno. H. Wall Clerk, Union County Court In 1880 Nancy and Mathew were living in Webster County, Ky in the Dixon District. Mathew states in the census that his father was born in Tennessee and that his mother was born in KY. They were married by John McGhee,preacher.
* 1900 Census says Nancy J. mother of 8 children, 7 living.

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