Kentucky Family Group Sheet for the John McDOWELL Family

Husband: John McDOWELL
Birthdate: Abt 1768
Death date: Abt Mar 1831
Father: Ephraim MCDOWELL (Abt 1743-Bef 1790)
Mother: Elizabeth Burns (Aft 1740-1793)

Marriage date: 20 Sep 1797
Marriage date: , Blount, Tennessee

Wife: Phoebe FRANKLIN
Death date: Abt 1856 - , Adair, Kentucky
Father: Edward Franklin (    -Abt 1856)


Child No. 1: Mathew MCDOWELL
Sex: M
Birthdate: Abt 1799
Death date: Bef Aug 1833
Spouse's name:
Marriage date:

Child No. 2: Agnes MCDOWELL
Sex: F
Birthdate: Abt 1802
Death date: Bef 16 Aug 1852
Spouse's name:
Marriage date:

Child No. 3: John MCDOWELL
Sex: M
Birthdate: Abt 1809 - , Adair, Kentucky
Death date:
Spouse's name: Lucinda Rippetoe (Abt 1811-Abt 1878)
Marriage date:

Child No. 4: George MCDOWELL
Birthdate: M18 Feb 1807
Died: 8 May 1866
Spouse's name: Elender Sanders (    -1867)
Marriage date: 15 Jan 1828 - , Adair, Kentucky

Child No. 5: Samuel MCDOWELL
Sex: M
Birthdate: May 1812
Death date: 21 May 1895
Spouse's name: Perlina Elwood (1822-1889)
Marriage date: Abt 1844

Child No. 6: Elizabeth MCDOWELL
Sex: F
Birthdate: Abt 1817 - , , Kentucky
Death date:
Burial: - Hurricane Cem., Carroll, Missouri
Spouse's name: Fielding William Boley (1811-    )
Marriage date: 7 Dec 1830 - Adair City, Adair, Kentucky
Spouse's name: John Bowen (    -    )
Marriage date: 6 Dec 1870 - Little Compton, Carroll, Missouri
Husband's Sources:
* John McDowell moved to Adair County KY about 1816. He is on the Adair Co. Tax lists from 1817 for 118 acres in Russell Creek. On May 3, 1821 he was appointed Attorney to handle any land in KY left by Edward Franklin father of wife Phebe. Their children Matthew, Agnes, John, George, Elizabeth (born abt 1809 who Married December 7, 1830 Fielding Boley son of Vincent Boley), and son Samuel. Matthew was not John and Phebe's natural son and he married their daughter Agnes. Elizabeth Boley appears on various deeds in Carroll County, Missouri. Phoebe signed "her mark" (Adair Co. deed E:448) On 7 Jul 1823, John McDowell regestered an ear mark (Adair Order Book D:370)
* Ehphraim McDowell of Bedminster Township, NJ and some of His descendants by Richared W. Cook
* John McDowell was a State Legislator
* McDowell family was large in Ky. and seems to have been fairly important.
* From Eric Gordon:
I knew that George McDowell did follow the Boleys to Mo. along with the Gentry boy and lived very close to James and Fielding in Carroll County before Fielding moved up North to Livingston Co., Mo. At least I think that it is the same George McDowell. And YES, the McDowells were very prominent in Kentucky for many years. I have a Geneaology book printing by the McDowell Printing Co. I don't know but it could be the same family. I believe that my fathers family married into the McDowells in Tennessee. This would be the Rippetoe family. A family of casket makers who were widley known for there skill in the burying arts for many years. I will have to check on that fact though.
* Date: Fri, 8 Jan 1999 15:11:28 EST
From: To:
You are unaware if Elizabeth had brothers or sisters? If she was born in 1817 in Adair County, the Jesse I am researching was born two years later in the same county and could possibly be Elizabeths brother...I will research in some archive databases that I have and get in touch with some other contacts and keep you posted...Marcie
Were you aware that there was a George McDowell born 18 February 1807 in Adair County, Columbia KY. He married Eleanor Sanders 15 January 1828 in that same county. They had children John Alfred, Nancy, Margaret Ann, Benjamin, Rebecca, Thompson, Julius, Mary Ellen, Emeline. I have wondered if possible that Elizabeth, George and Jesse were all related as siblings. Marcie
Just came across a John McDowell who was born about February 1802 in Greenbrier VA and died 21 September 1879 in Upshur WV...maybe that will help you...Marcie
* Ehphraim McDowell of Bedminster Township, NJ and some of His descendants by Richared W. Cook

Wife's General Notes
* Also listed as "FRANKLAND"
* Phoebe was still a resident of Adair Co., Ky at time of death.
* On Apr 4, 1831 Phoebe McDowell was appointed Admintratrix for John Mcdowell. Witnessed by John McDowell Jr. and Fielding Boley (Adair Order Book E:295) Ehphraim McDowell of Bedminster Township, NJ and some of His descendants by Richared W. Cook
* From: Lucalee A Williamson <
I checked the Illinois State Land Sales Archives, and did find the land in Montgomery County sold to Phebe McDowell!!
Name of Purchaser: Phebe McDowell Sale Type: FD Legal Description: NESW Section 17, Township 10N Range 01W Meridian 3 Acres bought: 40.00 Price per acre: 000.00 Total Price: Warrent Social statue: Female Date Purchased: 09/13/1852 (She died about 1856 in KY(FWB) Co. or State of Purchaser:
It is amazing to see that she and George both owned land next to each other, but HERS was purchased with a WARRENT.

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