Kentucky Family Group Sheet for the William COBB/COBBS Family

Husband: William COBB
aka: William COBBS
Birthdate: about 1785-1790
Birthplace: Virgina
Death date: after 1822
Place of death: Possibly Arkansas
Burial: unknown which cemetery
Father: John Barr/Bear

Marriage date: Probably 1812-1813
Marriage place: Shelby or Henry County, Kentucky

Wife: Hester BARR
aka: Hester BEAR
Birthdate: about 1798
Birthplace: Shelby or Henry County, Kentucky
Death date: Between February and April 1840
Place of death: Milton, Jefferson County, Indiana
Burial: Probably Bear Family Cemetery on the farm
Father: John BARR/BEAR
Mother: Esther/Hester NEWCOME or NEWCOMER


Child No. 1: John COBB/COBBS
Sex: M
Birthdate: 19 May 1814
Birthplace: Henry County, Kentucky
Death date: 12 November 1893
Place of death: Lake County, California
Burial: Lower Lake Cemetery, Lower Lake, California
Marriage date: 17 August 1848
Marriage place: Quincy, Adams County, Ilinois
Spouse's name: Esther Elizabeth Deming

Child No. 2: Mary COBB
Sex: F
Birthdate: about 1815
Birthplace: Lancaster/Milton, Jefferson County, Indiana
Death date: About 1835
Place of death: Muscatine Counti, Iowa
Burial: unknown
Marriage date: 17 January 1833
Marriage place: Jefferson County, Indiana
Spouse's name: Isaac Lathrop

Child No. 3: Hester COBB
Sex: F
Birthdate: about 1818
Birthplace: Lancaster/Milton, Jefferson County, Indiana
Death date: 7 March 1895
Place of death: Mendocino County, California
Burial: Probably Russian River Cemetery, Mendocino County, California
Marriage date: 14 April 1837
Marriage place: Muscatine County, Iowa
Spouse's name: John MARBLE

Child No. 4: George COBB
Sex: M
Birthdate: After 1820 Census
Birthplace: Lancaster/Milton, Jefferson County, Indiana
Death date: unknown - after 1850
Place of death:
Marriage date:
Marriage place:
Spouse's name:

Child No. 5: unknown COBB
Sex: F
Birthdate: between 1815 and 1820
Birthplace: Lancaster/Milton, Jefferson County, Indiana
Death date: after 1840
Place of death: possibly Muscatine County, Iowa
Marriage date:
Marriage place:
Spouse's name:
*    I am submitting this additional information hoping someone can recognize these additional names and places to help me in my research. After years of researching several of my family members who lived in KY from about 1800, I now have bits more information. This is a synopsis of my COBB -BEAR/BARR family. I need help identifying an area along the Henry County -Shelby County border that was farmed (I don't know whether he 'owned' the land) by Peter Kinder and his family who moved into the new state of Kentucky in the early 1790s settling in Shelby County, east of Louisville. There may be a cemetery near this land where some of my relatives would be buried. In 1795, Kinder purchased land on "Bullskin creek, a branch of Brashears creek and paid £100 English pounds for the acreage. For the next 31 years they lived on Bullskin creek; reared their children; and saw their grandchildren come along as the years passed by." (Notes: This property is located along the Shelby County /Henry County line and at the local price for land, $2 per acre, he would have purchased acreage covering the northern part of Shelby County and some of connecting Henry County.)
*    John Bear/Barr and his first wife, Esther (or Easter or Hester) Newcome (or Newcomer) are believed to have migrated from PA to (or through) Virginia into Kentucky before 1795. They had four children, possibly born in VA or KY: Jacob whose date of birth may have been about 1791, Christian born 29 July 1795, Hester born about 1797, and Michael who was born about 1801. John Bear's wife, Esther/Hester, died during/about 1802 in probably Owen or Shelby County, KY. Esther Bear died about 1802, based on the birth of her fourth child in about 1801.
*    John Bear (Bar) remarried in March 1803, (2) Mary "Polly" Kinder in Shelby County, KY. Kentucky Marriage Records Page 712: Barr, John married Knider (sic -Kinder), Mary; 7 March 1803. Peter Kinder's daughter, Mary Kinder m. John Barr/ Bear/Bär 1803 as his second wife. (- IF this is OUR Mary Kinder, she was called both Mary and 'Polly').
*    The Barr amd Kinder families lived along Bullskin Creek just inside the Shelby/Henry County borders with Bullskin Creek Road connecting Hwy 322 (from Smithfield going southward from Henry County) and Hwy 55 (from Shelby County going north into Henry County). Since Henry County of today was at that time a part of Shelby County until 1798 they may have considered themselves to be living in either county. After the 1810 Census, two Cobb men, William and Thomas, probably floated down the Ohio River from Virginia and were living on the Kinder/Barr farm along Bullskin Creek.
*    One of these Cobb men, probably William (from 1830 census records in IND - he has a son) married Hester Bear/Barr, a daughter of John Barr (no record found in Henry or Shelby Counties). Their son, John Cobb was born 19 May 1814 in Henry County KY (probably on the Kinder/Barr farm).
*    Land records show that John (Bear) was a resident of Henry Co., KY, in February 1812 when he purchased land in Indiana Territory from the United States Land Office at Jeffersonville, IN. William Cobb and his wife, Hester (Barr/Bear) moved to IND to live on the Bear family farm with their infant son, John Cobb in 1812.
*    John Bear died before 17 July 1823 when an inventory of his estate was initiated in Jefferson County. IND.

I do have lots more research material to help, and I am trying to solve answers to this quzzle. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

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