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International Family Group Sheet for the Johann Heinrik Frederik BIELEFELD Family

Husband: Johann Heinrik Frederik BIELEFELD
Birthdate: 10 May 1818 - Carow,Meck-Schwerin,Germany
Death date: 31 Jan 1867 - Woosten,Meck-Schwerin,Germany
father: Jochim Heinrich BIELEFELD
mother: Maria Dorothea PETERS

Marriage date: 24 Jan 1854
Marriage place: Woosten,Meck-Schwerin,Germany

Wife: Anna Sophia Catharina MOLLER
Birthdate: 29 Jan 1821 - Zidderich,Meck-Schwerin,Germany
Death date:
father: Johann Friedrich H. MOLLER
mother: Catarina STUBE


Child 1: Dorothea Catharina Friederika BIELEFELD
Birthdate: 01 Jan 1846 - Zidderich,Techentin,Meck-Schwerin,Germany (see notes)
Spouse's name: Johann Christian Friedrich PLAGEMANN
Marriage date: 27 Oct 1865 Woosten, Meck-Schwerin,Germany
Death date: 12 Dec 1931 Peterson,Clay,Iowa

Child 2: Sophia Friederika Carolina BIELEFELD
Birthdate: 02 Mar 1854 - Woosten,Meck-Schwerin,Germany
Marriage date:
Death date: 03 Nov 1858

Child 3: Carl Christoph Theodor BIELEFELD
Birthdate: 27 Apr 1857 - Woosten,Meck-Schwerin,Germany
Marriage date:
Death date: 19 May 1857

Child 4: Wilhelmine Caroline Johanna BIELEFELD
Birthdate: 29 Oct 1859 - Woosten,Meck-Schwerin,Germany
Marriage date:
Death date: 25 Nov 1859

Child 5: Maria Wilhelmina Christine BIELEFELD
Birthdate: 14 Aug 1862 - Woosten,Meck-Schwerin,Germany
Marriage date:
Death date:
* Microfilmed Records of the German Churches listed above and many which are not mentioned.

* Please note that Child #1 was born nearly eight years before the marriage of her parents. I searched for several years to try and find a better answer to solve this mystery but came up with nothing which made better sense. Could it have been military service which took the father away, or the need to find work in another area? I do know that often these German day laborers did not have the few cents it took to get permission to marry. Anyone connected to this family might like to find other answers.

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