Georgia/Madison County Family Group Sheet for the John PITTMAN Family

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Husband: John PITTMAN
Birthdate: 3 October 1726
Death date: 19 April 1785
Place of death: Richmond County, Georgia
Burial: Pittman Plantation, Richmond County, Georgia

Marriage date:
Marriage place:

Wife: Mary "Polly" ROWE
Birthdate: 1730
Birthplace: Virginia
Death date: 1810
Place of death: Columbia, Richmond County, Georgia
Burial: Pittman Plantation, Richmond County, Georgia


Child No. 1: Buckner PITTMAN
Sex: M
Birthdate: 27 April 1748
Birthplace: Virginia
Death date: Aft 1803
Place of death: Fairchilds, Adams County, Mississippi
Marriage date: 14 January 17
Marriage place: Jefferson County, Kentucky
Spouse's name: Nancy Ann Smith

Child No. 2: Lucy PITTMAN
Sex: F
Birthdate: 4 June 1750
Birthplace: Virginia
Death date: 11 August 1774
Place of death: Richmond County, Georgia
Marriage date:
Marriage place:
Spouse's name:

Child No. 3: John Ichabod (John Jr) PITTMAN
Sex: M
Birthdate: 17 April 1752
Birthplace: Virginia
Death date: December 1831
Place of death: Gwinnett County, Georgia
Burial: Pittman Cemetery on Chattahooche, Gwinnett Co., Georgia
Marriage date: Bef 20 Nov 1780
Marriage place: Winsor, Conn
Spouse's name: Lucy Eunice Marshal

Child No. 4: Mary PITTMAN
Sex: F
Birthdate: 20 May 1954
Birthplace: Virginia
Death date: 1816
Place of death: Baldwin County, Georgia
Burial: Milledgeville, Baldwin Co., Georgia
Marriage date: Unk / 1782
Marriage place: Oglethorpe Co., GA / Richmond Co., GA
Spouse's name: George Adams, Peleg Rogers

Child No. 5: James Greene PITTMAN
Sex: M
Birthdate: 4 March 1756
Birthplace: Virginia
Death date: 25 December 1850
Place of death: Madison County, Georgia
Marriage date: 5 July 1781
Burial: Pittman Family Cemetery, Madison Co., Georgia
Marriage place: Henry County, Virginia
Spouse's name: Martha Taylor

Child No. 6: Martha "Patsy" PITTMAN
Sex: F
Birthdate: 23 February 1760
Death date:
Place of death: Oglethorpe Cp., Georgia
Burial: Cherokee Corners UMC, Hwy 78, Ogelthorpe Co., Georgia
Marriage date: 9 April 1791
Marriage place: Columbia County, Georgia
Spouse's name: David Langston

Child No. 7: Zilpha PITTMAN
Sex: F
Birthdate: 15 Janurary 1762
Death date:
Place of death: South Carolina
Marriage date:
Marriage place:
Spouse's name: Blanton Nobles

Child No. 8: Sarah PITTMAN
Sex: F
Birthdate: 7 April 1763
Death date: 20 November 1771
Place of death:
Marriage date:
Marriage place:
Spouse's name:

Child No. 9: Phillip PITTMAN
Sex: M
Birthdate: 7 July 1765
Death date: 14 July 1839
Place of death: Bainbridge, Decatur County, Georgia
Burial: Methodist Church Cemetery, Bainbridge, Georgia
Marriage date: 1792, 1803, abt 1807
Marriage place: Unk; Jackson Co., GA; Unknown
Spouse's name: Epsie Jasper; "Widow" Prince; Patsy Davis

Child No. 10: Timothy PITTMAN
Sex: M
Birthdate: Abt  1770
Birthplace: South Carolina
Death date: 1854
Place of death:
Marriage date: 1798; 6 July 1819; 14 August 1826
Marriage place: Columbia Co,GA; Bullock Co., GA; Henry Co., AL
Spouse's name: Sarah Lazenby; Mary Ann Harris; Martha Evans

Child No. 11: Grace PITTMAN
Sex: F
Birthdate: 22 Feb 1773
Death date:
Place of death:
Marriage date:
Marriage place:
Spouse's name: Jamerson Andrews

Information from the book "Pittman Descendants of the
Revolutionary Soldier John Pittman 1725-1784"                    by Lynne
Pittman 2001                   ..............      .............
John & his wife Mary Rowe moved from Virginia to Edgefield District, SC
about 1770 and later to Georgia, settling in the part of St Paul's Parish
that became Richmond and then Columbia County.  He left a will in
Richmond County, where he died Aptil 19, 1785.  He and his 5 sons were
Revolutionary soldiers.
John Pittman was of Scotch-English descent.  He lived in Buckingham
County, Virginia then moved to Edgefield District, South Carolina.  Prior
to 1770 he moved to St Paul's Parish, Georgia and settled on Kiokee
Creek.  His plantation was located in that portion of land later named
Richmond County and in 1790 was cut off and named Columbia County,
John Pittman and some of his children were charter members of Kiokee
Baptist Church, the first Baptist church established in Georgia (Appling,
John Pittman enlisted on December 18, 1778 in 4th Artillery Regiment of
South Carolina, commanded by Col. Barnard Beckman.  He served as Matros
in Capt. Harmon Davis's company.  Five of his sons also saw service in
the Revolutionary War.  While they were in service the Tories invaded
their home and Mary Pittman was thrown from the front steps and crippled
for life when she tried to resist the invasion of her home.
John Pittman's name is last borne on the roll for the period from
November 1, 1779 to January 1, 1780 with remark: "Paid to Jan 1, 17__,"
and signed "Col. F. C. Ainisworth, USA." (See National Numbers DAR 36513,
87362, 178600)
RICHMOND COUNTY In the name of God, Amen
I, John Pittman, being in a low state of health, but in perfect sense and
memory give and bequeath my estate, as followeth, both real & personal.
I give and bequeath unto my wife, Mary Pittman, my Kiokee plantation of
200 acres of land, and Tony and Jack during her life and widowhood, and
then I give and bequeath the said plantation of land unto my well-beloved
son, Timothy, and the 2 Negroes to be equally divided among Grace
Pittman, and if they die without heirs the land and Negroes to be divided
among my 5 youngest children.
I give and bequeath unto my well-beloved son Phillip Pittman 200 acres of
land in Wilkes County.
I give and bequeath unto my well-beloved daughter Patty Pittman 100 acres
of said tract.
I give and bequeath unto my well-beloved grandson, Jesse Pittman, 100
acres of the same tract.
I give and bequeath unto my well-beloved son, Buckner Pittman, one
I give and bequeath unto my well-beloved son, John Pittman, one shilling.
I give and bequeath the rest of my estate to be equally divided among my
7 youngest childred, Mary Rogers, James Pittman, Patty Pittman, Zelpha
Nobles, Phillip Pittman, Timothy and Grace Pittman and them that have
received beds, the other to be made equal out of the estate, and the rest
divided, only James Pittman is to be paid 25 pound Sterling.
I leave my well-beloved son-in-law Peleg Rogers and Phillip Pittman whole
and sole Executors of my estate this being my last will and testament as
Witness my hand and seal this 19th day of April 1782.
Signed: John Pittman
Attest: William Courson
Zachariah Marshall
James Simson
Buckner served with Virginia Troups in the Revolutionary War, then went
west.  While passing through Nasville, Tennessee, he encountered the Tory
responsible for the injury to his mother, Mrs. Mary Rowe Pittman.
Buckner shot the Tory and killed him.  the Tennessee authorities refused
to indict him for this deed.   It is believed his first wife died leaving
an infant son, Jesse, that was reared by his parents, John & Mary
Buckner campaigned with George Rogers Clark in the West, enlisting in May
1780, and served for 3 years.
After the Revolution he settled in Mississippi in what would become Adams
County.  He married again there, raising a new family.
Some of the family in tracing names think that possibly his second name
may have been Isaac, Icabod or Edward.  However, his father's Bible
records only the name "John" and the land grants for the Revolutionary
War Service show only John, as does his father's will.
John Pittman was a soldier in the Revolutionary War, serving as a private
in the 2nd Georgia Battalion commanded by Col. Samuel Elbert.  His name
appears on an undated list of officers and men belonging to that
battalion whose pay had been drawn to the first of January 1779 and his
name last appears on a payroll covering the period from August 18, 1779
to Decmeber 1, 1779.  He received a Bounty Grant of 287.5 acres of land
on Flat Creek in Franklin County, Georgia.  The grant is now preserved in
the GA Dept of History and Archives on Peachtree St., Atlanta, GA, Rhodes
Memorial Hall.
At times, he owned lands in Franklin, Washington and Wilkes Counties of
Georgia.  He lived his last years in Gwinnett County, Georgia.  He is
buried there at a family cemetery which has been identified, perhaps
incorrectly, as Waits Cemetery.   .,
Served in the Revolutionary War.  Enlisted in Richmond (now Columbia)
County, Georgia and in 1833 received a pension while  living in Madison
County, GA.
James Pitman of Jackson County bought 385 acres in Jackson  December 17,
1799 from John Appling of Columbia County, who surveyed the land Nov. 10,
1785.  He was Justice of Peace in Jackson in 1800 when he & John G.
Pittman and Pleasant Pittman were enumerated in 1820 in Jackson.
James received a land grant after the Revolution.  From this acreage, a
portion was set aside for a family cemetery.  It is located 6 miles north
of Athens in Madison County.
Georgia Cesus 1820 of Madison County
James Pitmon  1 male 10-16 Occupation: Agriculture
1 male 16-26
1 female 0-10
1 female 16-26
1 female 26-45
Georgia Census 1830 Madison County
James Pittman      2-E, 1-J, 2-R, 1-V, 16-slaves
2 males 20-30, 1 male 70-80
2 females 20-30, 1 female 60-70
Georgia Census of 1840 Madison County:
James Pitman   1-K  1-S  1-W  2-b  1-c  1-e  1-o
1 male 80-90  1 female 30-40  1 female 70-80
2 male slaves 10-24   1 male slave 24-36
1 male slave 55-100   1 female slave 10-24
1850 Georgia Census, Madison County
Household 357
James Pittman     94 M   Farmer     $2000    Born-VA
James H. Wells   25 M   Overseer                         GA
He was granted 287.5 acres of land in Washington County, Georgia for his
services in the Revolutionary War.  Of the Pittman men, Phillip's record
during the Revolution is somewhat questionable.  If his birthdate is
correct, he would only have 10 years old at the time of service.  He was
awarded a land pension, which would suggest service of some type.  The
confustion may owe to the presence of more than 1 Phillip Pittman in
Georgia & South Carolina at the time.              ...
Timothy was living in Columbia County, Georgia in March 1816, probably on
the old Kiokee plantation, as it was willed to him by his father.
Timothy died leaving 12 children.  His yougest child, aged four, was
buried with him, according to family tradition.
Land Grant to timothy Pittman for service in Revolutionary War is record
on page 299 of book DDD, Office of Secretary of State, Atlanta, GA.