Georgia Family Group Sheet for the Henry Oliver ROACH Family

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Husband: Henry Oliver ROACH
Birthdate: 1828
Birthplace: Anderson Co., SC
Death date: after June 21, 1891
Place of death: Conway Co., AR
Father: Berry ROACH
Mother: Susannah MAYS

Marriage date: October 8, 1854
Marriage place: Tippah Co., MS

Wife: Charity WADE
Birthdate: August 10, 1828
Birthplace: Hall Co., GA
Death date: ca 1856
Place of death:
Father: Phillip Richard WADE
Mother: Sarah Catherine "Kate" MOORE


Child No. 1: Joseph David Milford ROACH
Sex: M
Birthdate: July 12, 1856
Birthplace: Wallerville, Union Co., MS
Death date: December 28, 1935
Place of death: Conway Co., AR
Marriage date: May 18, 1879
Marriage place: Conway Co., AR
Spouse's name: Amanda Ellen STELL

Found on on Jan. 15, 2002 posted by Barry
Lee Roach at
Pannell's District, Tippah Co., MS
1856 Tax List
H.O. Roach
Berry Roach
W.E. Roach
T.H. Roach
Transcription of a letter written 21 June 1891 by Henry Oliver Roach of
Union Co., MS to his widowed daughter-in-law Mattie Potter Roach, the
latter of whom was then living in or around Van Buren Co., AR; original
spelling is preserved:
"June the 21, 1891
"Keownesville, Union County, Miss.
"Dear Mattie,
"I this evening seat my self to write you another letter. I wrote you a
letter on the 3rd day of May 1891 and have ben waiting to hear from you
before I wrote agane. I have got tired waiting and I thought mabey you
never got the letter that I sent you. Those lines leaves us well and
hoping when those few lines comes to hand they will find you all enjoying
the same blessing. I heard that you was going to brake up house keeping.
"I will just say if you want to come out here to live I will come after
you any time. All you have to do is to write me word that you will come.
I got a letter from Joe yesterday theay was all well at the time of
writing. We went down to Hendersons and stayed nearly two weeks and thay
was all well when we left thare. We have had find rains out here for the
last two weeks and the cropes looks find. We are at my mothers to day and
thay are all well. Mother will be 81 years old if she lives to see the
26th day of July.
"We would like to see you varry much. You must write to us all the news
that you can get and we want to know wheather you have broke up house
keeping or not. We mooved a way from Wallerville last spring and we are
living on Coad Teague land. We have some crope corn and potatos and
tobacco. Your Mas health is better than it was when we left thare. I will
not write much this time for fear you do not get this. You must write
sune as you get and let us know how
"you are getting a long. Tell the children that Gran Pa & Gran Ma wants
to see them vary bad. Tell them to be good children. As I can not think
of any thing else that will interest you much I will bring my letter to a
close for this time. Hopeing hear from you sune. We remane as ever.
Father & Mother
"H.O. (&) S.C. Roach
"Direct your letter to me at Keownesville, Union County, Miss.