Georgia Family Group Sheet for the Joseph Jackson PRUITT III Family

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Husband: Joseph Jackson PRUITT III (3)(18)(10)
Birthdate: 12/3/1855 (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6)(7)(8)(17)
Birthplace: MS (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6)(7)(8)(11)(17)
Death date: 3/1/1940 (10)(17)
Place of death: Arlington, Tarrant Co., TX. (10)(17)
Burial: Greenwood Cemetery, Ft. Worth, Tarrant Co., TX. (10)(17)(20)
Father: Joseph Jackson PRUITT II (1)(17)
Mother: Emma Elizabeth HOLDITCH  (1)(17)

Marriage date: 12/14/1888 (19)
Marriage place: Union, Co., MS (19)

Wife: Lucy Mae WILKINS HEARD (3)(4)(9)
Birthdate: 10/1855 (3)(4)
Birthplace: MS (1)(2)(3)
Death date: 11/28/1919
Place of death: Clinton, Hinds Co., MS.
Burial: Probably Clinton Cemetery, Hinds Co., MS
Father: David Giles WILKINS (1)(21)
Mother: Laura F. HOLDITCH (1)(21)


Child No. 1: Joseph Jackson PRUITT IV (3)(4)(10)(18)
Sex: M (3)(4)(5)(7)(18)
Birthdate: 6/6/1887 (15)(18)(24)
Birthplace: New Albany, Union Co., MS (18)
Death date: 12/12/1961 (11)(15)(18)
Place of death: Woodland, Yolo Co., CA. Burial: Sacramento Memorial Lawn Cemetery,
       West Sacramento, Yolo Co., CA. (11)(18)
Marriage date: 4/6/1913 (21)
Marriage place: Henderson, Co., TX. (21)
Spouse's name: Jettie Mae GARRETT (5)

Child No. 2: Laura D. PRUITT (3)(8)(10)(12)
Sex: F (3)(8)(10)
Birthdate: 1/18/1889 (21)
Birthplace: MS (3)(8)(12)(21)(24)
Death date: 2/3/1959 (12)(21)
Place of death: Ft. Worth, Tarrant Co., TX. (12)
Burial: unknown
Marriage date: 6/27/1909 (22)
Marriage place: Coke, Co., TX. (22)
Spouse's name: Nathaniel David "Nat" Mitchell (21)(22)

Child No. 3: Emma PRUITT (3)(4)(6)(10)(11)(13)(20)(21)
Sex: F (3)(4)(6)(10)(11)(21)
Birthdate: 11/8/1892 (15)(21)
Birthplace: Kemp, Kaufman, Co., TX (3)(24)
Death date: 2/17/1973 (13)(15)(21)
Place of death: Ft. Worth, Tarrant, Co., TX (13)(15)
Burial: Greenwood Cemetery, Ft. Worth, Tarrant Co., TX. (20)
Marriage date: 12/1919 (16)
Marriage place: unknown
Spouse's name: Haskell J. ROGERS (16)(21)

Child No. 4: Giles W. PRUITT (3)(4)(8)
Sex: M (3)(4)(8)
Birthdate: 11/13/1895 (15)
Birthplace: Henderson Co., TX. (3)(4)
Death date: 1/12/1978 (15)
Place of death: Ft. Worth, Tarrant Co., TX. (14)(15)
Burial: Parkdale Cemetery, Arlington, Tarrant Co., TX. (14)
Marriage date: unknown
Marriage place: unknown
Spouse's name: Louise W. unknown (8)

Child No. 5: John C. PRUITT (3)(4)
Sex: M (3)(4)
Birthdate: 7/6/1897 (15)(21)
Birthplace: Henderson, Co., TX. (3)(24)
Death date: 5/12/1986 (15)(21)(23)
Place of death: Yoakum, Co., TX. (15)(23)
Marriage date: unknown
Burial: unknown
Marriage place: unknown
Spouse's name: unknown


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(1) Joseph Jackson Pruitt III first married Jinnie O Wilkins on 12/27/1878, Union Co., MS. They had two daughters. Nina Pruitt
(b 10/13/1879 d 2/19/1899 Henderson Co., TX) and Mattie Pruitt
(b 3/27/1881 Pontotoc Co., MS d 11/4/1881 Pontotoc Co., MS). Nina is  buried at Willow springs Cemetery, Henderson Co., TX. Mattie is buried at Wallerville Baptist Church Cemetery, Union Co., MS.

(2) Lucy Pruitt maiden name is Wilkins, she is Jinnie Wilkins sister.

(3) Lucy Pruitt first married Alexander Heard. They had two children.
A. Heard and Frederick Freddie William Hurd (b 6/1879 d 8/6/1965 Ft. Worth, Tarrant Co., TX).

(4) Joseph Jackson Pruitt III is first cousin to Jinnie and Lucy. Their mothers Emma Houlditch and Laura Houlditch are sisters.

(5) Joseph Jackson Pruitt III, third married Jeannie Edwards 10/1/1911 in Hopkins Co., TX.

(6) Jettie Mae Garrets mother is Jane Boyd, her mother Sallie E. Owen. Sallies father is Ishmael Owen and grandfather is Samuel Tine Owen.

(7) Family group sheet for Joseph J. Pruitt III continued on Joseph J. Pruitt IV family group sheet.