Family Group Sheet for the James M. PATE Family

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Husband: James M. PATE
Death date:
Place of death:

Marriage date: 04 Dec 1851
Marriage place: Fayette Co., GA

Wife: Miriam Sophonia McLEAN
Birthdate: 29 Mar 1835
Birthplace: Fayette Co., GA
Death date: 21 Jun 1854
Place of death: Fayette Co., GA
Burial: unknown
Father: John McLean
Mother: Rebecca Cavender


Child No. 1: Infant
Sex: M
Birthdate: unknown
Birthplace: Fayette Co., GA
Death date: unknown
Place of death: Fayette Co., GA
Burial: unknown
Marriage date:
Marriage place:
Spouse's name:

Child No. 2: John W.
Sex: M
Birthdate: 1854
Birthplace: Fayette Co., GA
Death date: 1877
Place of death: unknown
Burial: unknown
Marriage date:
Marriage place:
Spouse's name: n/a

Correspondence by Miriam's brother, J. F. McLean -
Letter was written on 15 July 1884; In December 1851 sister Miriam, the
twin sister of your Pa, was married to a worthy young man, James M. Pate.
This marriage proved to be a happy one.  Thus she started out in life
with bright prospects before heróbut alas in a few short years the
message came to bid her come up higher and join those that have gone
before.  At her marriage, she took sister Rebecca to live with her.  This
arrangement was highly satisfactory to all the brothers, as she was no
longer exposed to the harsh and cruel treatment of her stepmother. Sister
Miriam had two children.  The first one lived a few months and died, her
second child, who she named John, was born only a few days before Sister
died.  This sad  event took place on the 21st of June 1854.  Being
bereaved of such a loving sister, it seemed nearly as much loss as that
of our own Mama.  It left little sister, Rebecca,  her without a home, at
least such a home as we would like her to have.  At the time sister
Miriam died, sister Rebecca was lying very sick at a relativeís, and
after a long illness, she recovered, and was taken in charge by Mamaís
sister (Aunt Martha Brassell) where she lived for over a year. Sister
Miriamís husband married in a few years after her death, and is still
living in one of the adjoining counties, respected and loved by all who
know him, for his many virtues and Christian graces.  Her son John lived
to be grown or until he was 22 years of age, when he was taken suddenly
very ill and died in a few hours.
Fayette County Will & Probate Records;