GA Family Group Sheet for John Peyson MURRAY Family

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Submitted by: Liz Nash

Husband: John Peyson MURRAY
Birthdate: August 29, 1869
Birthplace: Lincoln County, Georgia
Death date: August 18, 1921
Place of death: Lincoln County, Georgia
Father: Andrew Jackson MURRAY
Mother: Eleanor Anne GLAZE

Marriage date: December 7, 1902
Marriage place: Lincoln County, Georgia

Wife: Martha Cornelia JONES
Birthdate: December 24, 1883
Birthplace: Lincoln County, Georgia
Death date: February 27, 1936
Place of death: Augusta, Georgia
Father: Moses Reid JONES
Mother: Sarah Catherine FIELDING

Child No. 1: Eleanor Ann MURRAY
Sex: F
Birthdate: September 23, 1903
Birthplace: Lincoln County, Georgia
Death date: May 24, 1986
Place of death: Augusta, Georgia
Marriage date: 1st June 11, 1926, 2nd 1941
Marriage place: Augusta, Georgia
Spouse's name: 1st Charles KREWSON, 2nd John Henry SHORE

Child No. 2: John Hogan MURRAY
Sex: M
Birthdate: February 10, 1905
Birthplace: Lincoln County, Georgia
Death date: August 5, 1946
Place of death: Rome, Georgia
Marriage date: July 17, 1936
Marriage place: Aiken County, South Carolina
Spouse's name: Dora Belle HOWARD

Child No. 3: Sallie Mae MURRAY
Sex: F
Birthdate: December 19, 1907
Birthplace: Lincoln County, Georgia
Death date: September 19, 1908
Place of death: Lincoln County, Georgia
Marriage date:
Marriage place:
Spouse's name:

Child No. 4: Georgie White MURRAY
Sex: M
Birthdate: August 20, 1910
Birthplace: Lincoln County, Georgia
Death date: January 11, 1962
Place of death: Rome, Georgia
Marriage date: 1935
Marriage place: North Augusta, South Carolina
Spouse's name: Gladys CANNADY

John Peyson Murray is mentioned in his father's obituary.
His occupation was Deputy United States Marshall for the Lincoln County
District of Georgia.
Article from The Washington Chronicle, April 17, 1893, Georgia, Lincoln
County.  Mr. Miller Lang Seriously Shot.
News has just come over the telephone from Lincolnton, that Mr. Miller
Lang has been shot by a negro named Wilson Davie, and is very seriously
Mr. Lang and Mr. John Murray had a warrant for the negro charging him
with disposing of mortgaged property, and were out looking for him.  They
met the negro on the road and arrested him.  But he was driving a hog
home and asked to be allowed to go on.  The request was granted and
Messrs. Lang and Murray went on with him.  When the negro arrived at his
house, he rushed in and got his pistol.  Mr. Lang followed him, when the
negro turned and shot him, the ball entering the upper part of the chest.
Lang fired at the negro, but it is not known whether he struck him or
not.  When Murray came in he found Lang lying on the floor and the negro
standing over him with a pistol in his hand.  The negro snapped his
pistol at Murray and ran off.  He escaped, but parties are out searching
for him.
After the death of her husband from liver disease in 1921, Mattie and her
three surviving children moved to Augusta to find work in the cotton
mills.  She died in Augusta and was returned to Lincoln County for burial
in Loco Baptist Church Cemetery.
Her obituary in the Lincoln Journal, Feb. 27, 1936;
Mrs. Mattie Jones Murray, wife of the late J.P. Murray, died early last
Thursday of pneumonia at University Hospital in Augusta (Richmond County,
GA).  Funeral services were held at Loco Church Friday with Rev. G.F.
Turner officiating.  Her only surviving brother, W.T. Jones died a week
ago.  Husband, J.P. Murray, native of Lincoln Co. and leaves many
relatives after to mourn her passing.  She was a loyal and consecrated
church worker.  Surviving are 3 children:  Charlie Krewson Murray (This
is an error and should read Mrs. Charlie Krewson {Eleanor Ann Murray},
John Hogan Murray and Georgie White Murray. (Georgie's name is George).
Goshen Baptist church minutes
Mattie Murray              By letter 4 - 3 - 1915