GA Family Group Sheet for Nathaniel MILTON, Jr. Family

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Husband: Nathaniel MILTON Jr.
Birthdate: 1750 St. George Parrish, GA, USA.2
Military* cir 1776 3
Death date: 1818-1819 Bulloch, GA, USA.2
Burial* 1819 Upper Black Creek Church, Bulloch, GA, USA.4
Father* Nathaniel MILTON Sr. (b. c1725, NC?)

Marriage: cir 1782

Wife: Nancy BURNETT
Birthdate: 1755 1
Death date: 1835 Thomas, GA, USA. 1


?/M Henry MELTON
Name-Var: Henry MILTON
Birth* 1783 Bulloch, GA, USA.3
Marriage* 24 Aug 1815 Harriet MCCALL, dau of William MCCALL;
Bulloch, GA, USA.3,5,6,7

?/F Nancy Temperance MELTON
Name-Var: Tempy MILTON
Birth* 1788 Bulloch, GA, USA.3
Marriage* 03 Mar 1813 David DUGGAR; Bulloch, GA, USA.8,7

?/M James MILTON
Birth* cir 1790 GA, USA.8
Marriage* 27 May 1813 Sally DUGGAR(b. c1795); Bulloch, GA, USA.6,7,8

?/M Roberson MELTON
Name-Var: Robertson MELTON
Name-Var: Robinson MELTON
Name-Var: Robertson MILTON
Name-Var: Robinson MILTON
Birth* 1792 Bulloch, GA, USA.3
Marriage* 02 Dec 1814 Dorcas DUGGAR (b. 1800); Bulloch, GA, USA.5,7,8

?/M Benjamin MELTON
Name-Var: Little Benjamin MILTON
Name-Var: Little Ben
Name-Var: L.B. MELTON
Name-Var: Benjamin MILTON
Birth* 1799 Bulloch, GA, USA.3
Marriage* 02 Sep 1823 Margaret REDDING (d. bef 1841), dau of
William REDDING; Bulloch, GA, USA.8,5,7
Marriage* 27 Nov 1841 Elizabeth JOURDAN (b. c1825);
Jefferson, FL, USA.8
Death* aft 1873 Thomas, GA, USA.

?/F Sarah MELTON
Name-Nick: Sally MILTON
Name-Var: Sarah MILTON
Birth* 1803 Bulloch, GA, USA.8
Marriage* 10 Jan 1822 John F. REDDING, son of William REDDING;
Bulloch, GA, USA.7,8

?/F Christine MELTON
Name-Var: Clary MILTON
Name-Var: Clary MELTON
Name-Var: Christine MILTON
Birth* 1805 Bulloch, GA, USA.3
Marriage* 30 Dec 1841 James H. RAMSEY; Thomas, GA, USA.3

?/M Nathaniel MELTON III
Name-Var: Nathaniel MILTON
Birth* 1806 Bulloch, GA, USA.3
Marriage* 11 Mar 1827 Frances JONES (b. 1802), dau of
Thomas JONES and Martha DENMARK;
Bulloch, GA, USA.3,5,7
Death* bef May 1862

?/F Susannah MELTON
Name-Var: Susan MELTON
Name-Var: Susannah MILTON
Name-Var: Harriett Susannah MELTON
Birth* 1808 Bulloch, GA, USA.9
Marriage* 25 May 1843 James ABBOTT (b. 1818, d. bet 1881 & 1885),
son of Bennett ABBOTT Sr. and Frances GROOMS;
Thomas, GA, USA.10,8
Death* cir 1865 Bradford, FL, USA.


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