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Husband: James McMICHAEL
Birthdate: abt 1783
Death date: bef 10 Jul 1816
Place of death: , Jasper, Ga
Father: John McMICHAEL
Mother: Mary
Marriage date: abt 1804
Marriage place: , , Ga
Wife: Margaret Ann [NELSON?]
aka: Peggy
Birthdate: 20 Jul 1787
Birthplace: , , NC
Death date: 22 Feb 1856
Place of death: , Greene, Ga.
Father: James NELSON?
Child No. 1: Seaborn McMICHAEL
Sex: m
Birthdate: 8 Apr 1805
Birthplace: ,,Ga
Death date: 19 Mar 1867
Place of death: Buena Vista, Marion, Ga.
Marriage date: 20 Jul 1826
Marriage place: , Greene, Ga
Spouse's name: Elizabeth RILEY
Child No. 2: John J."Jack" McMICHAEL
Sex: M
Birthdate: 25 Jun 1808
Birthplace: , Putnam, Ga.
Death date: 16 Nov 1873
Place of death: Eatonton, Putnam, Ga.
Marriage date: 17 Nov 1829
Marriage place: , Crawford, Ga
Spouse's name: Mary Jane HOWE
Child No. 3: Elizabeth McMICHAEL
Sex: F
Birthdate: 1811
Birthplace: Ga
Death date:
Place of death:
Marriage date: 4 Jun 1826
Marriage place: , Greene? Ga
Spouse's name: Jesse Williams
Child No. 4: Reuben McMICHAEL
Sex: m
Birthdate: 1813
Birthplace: ,Greene,Ga
Death date: 18 Nov 1860
Place of death: Bastrop,Morehouse Par., La.
Marriage date: 7 Feb 1832
Marriage place: , Crawford, Ga
Spouse's name: Margaret Elizabeth Sanders LAWRENCE #1
Child No. 5: Jane Adeline McMICHAEL
Birthdate: bef 1805
Birthplace: ,,Ga
Death date: bef Aug 1838
Place of death: , Greene, Ga
Marriage date: 18 Mar 1830
Marriage place: , Greene, Ga
Spouse's name: John C. PEEK
1808 Aug. 6. John Sr.had died.Office of Ordinary, Book E
Pg. 48 Greene Co Ga.
Returns and Appraisements.
John McMichael deceased, Mary McMichael and William McMichael appplied
letters of admin.
A Minor when his Father died. His Mother was appointed guardian.
Greene Co. Ga. 163-109 Jms. McMichaell was qualified as Constable in
Capt. Mettins district and gave bond security as the law states.
1808 he was in Putnam-son John born.
1809 March 12  Ambrose Ransom of Hancock for $600 to James McMichael 14th
dist Baldwin now Putnam... Recorded 6th Apr. 1812.
Randolph Co.  Indenture Apr. 10th 1812 James sold to James Rivers of
Putnam   Co.  being in the furtherest dist. Baldwin Co. now Putnam...
Putnam Co Ga     Deed Book C P 42-3  1812-14. John Piper signed. Recorded
25 Jun 1812.
1809 July 29 Deed Bk. EE Pg. 44
Mary McMichael, James McMichael and John Piper all parties of Putnam Co.
Wm. Ousley for the consideration of $800.00  13 1/2 acres lying in Greene
Co. on the waters of Richland Creek, beginning at a hickory on Brown's
line thence south 65 chanins on a red oak, thence North 25 E 24 chaines
to a maple thence N 30 W. 47 Chains to a bank on the creek to the
This land belonged to John McMichael Sr.
Ga. 163-109 Jms. McMichaell was qualified as Constable in Capt. Mettins
district and gave bond security as the law states.
1816 Pg. 215 Jasper Co. Book of Wills & Mixed Records   Jasper Co. Ga.
James McMichael deceased Jasper Co. Ga  Michael Wright, James Henderson,
and David Winchester appointed appraisers Jan. 13th 1816.
1816 Wednesday,July 10 , Georgia, Jasper. Whereas Peggy McMichael and
Benjamin Ervin have applied to me for letters of administration on the
estate of James McMichael deceaded. given under my hand this 26th day of
June 1816. Signed Robert Robey C C O (Source GJ) GEORGIA NEWSPAPER
CLIPPINGS pg. 26  Jasper County Extracts Vol. 1 1812-1835 by Tad Evans
1816 Oct. 11 Sale of the estate of James McMichael dec'd household
1816  Wednesday, November 6,  Will be sold at the late residence of
James McMichael in Jasper County, all the personal property of said
deceased, cinsisting of one waggon and team, household and kitchen
furniture, hogs, sheep, and other will be on the 26th of
November 1816. Signed Margaret McMichael Admx. (Source GJ)(see above)
1818 Jan. 6 Pg. 283 Wills and Mixed Records Order of the Court
That Peggy McMichael administrator of the estate of James McMichael,
be permitted to retain in her possession the land and negroes belonging
to the estate as her reimbursement for maintaing of the children of the
1818 On the First Tuesday in November next, will be sold at the
in the town of Monticello, Jasper,County the following property...
105 acres of land, part of Lot #131 in the 12th dist. of originally
levied on as peroperty of Margaret alias Peggy McMichal adm. of James
McMichal dec'd to satisfy two executions in favor or John Piper
GEORGIA NEWSPAPER  CLIPPINGS  Japser County Extracts 1812-1835 by Tad
Evans pg. 48
1818 Jan. 20 Marriage Bk. B pg. 120 Margaret McMichael and William Armor
married by J H Simmons JP
1854 Apr. 17    Greene Co. Will Book G Pg 167  Will of Margaret Armor
My will is that Elizabeth Peek, now married, and Adeline Peek, daughters
my deceased daughter, Adeline Peek the wife of John C. Peek, to have
$800.00 out of my estate. My son, Seaborn McMichael, shall have $700.00
my estate independent of his portion of said estate. ALl my effects at my
death to be divided in four shares between Seaborn McMichael, John
McMichael, Reuben McMichael and Elizabeth Williams. The portion coming to
Elizabeth Williams to be held by my son John McMichael in trust during
life and at her death to go to her children.  Witnessed by S.C. Hold,
Mathews and G.A. Hall.
1832 Dec. 10 Monday  Georgia, Jasper Co. Wm. Armour, adm. in the right of
his   wife, Margaret, formerly Margaret McMichael on the estate of James
McMichael, dec'd. applies to me for letters of dismission from the estate
of deceased. Signed Wm. S. Stokes S C O (Georgia Journal) Jasper Co.
Estracts 1812-1835 Pg. 267 (See Above)
Notes on son Jack:
He left a Bible. (Per Terrell? Jolly) It shows William Armour died Oct.
1, 1852 and Margaret (McMichael) Armour his wife died Feb. 22 1856.
He is said to be of Scotch-Irish Descent.
1850 Census
John 42
Mary 40
Mary E 19
Susan 17
James 15
William 13
Cintha 11
Martha 9
Catherine 7
John 6
John Sr. received a Distributon of Estate of Robert Howe Executors Report
3-29-1859  By Cash and Negroes paid $2067.00.
Proof of birthplace on dtr Cinthia's census record..both parents born Ga.
One family group sheet gave a dtr Lilly with no dates. I am thinking it
is a
nickname. Other dtrs.Cynthia,Kate,Martha,Mary and Susan were named.
He bequeathed his Masonic Life Ins to wife.
Jay Wells P O Box  269  Montezuma Ga Lawyer   31603 is a descendant.
Will  dated 10-21-1868 Probated 1-2-1874.
Children named and wife. Plus Morgan and Mine Sheppard. Order of children
given 4, 11,10,9,3,7,5,6.
Lived in Crawford,Marion and Talbot Co Ga.
One Record says buried Methodist Cem, but I found him buried in the City
July 2000 Jay sent me pictures of John and Mary Jane.
Will #182
Wife Mary Jane (Bequested Masonic Life Ins) dtr. Susan M, and Irvilla H
son John T dtr. Catherine A wife of R W Hicks
dtr. Mary Elizabeth deceased, Cynthia A Jolly
sons James R and William A Executors  Sighed Oct. 24 1868 Probated 1-2-
Son Morgan left out.. Estate part went to Mime Sheppard McMichael. He got
it if she died and no kids.
Notes on Dtr. Eliz.
GEORGIA MARRIAGES TO 1850-Ancestry-com
Her part of will to be held by Seaborn for her life to go to children and
they to divide negroes. If they can't decide then sell them and divide
money, but keep Malinda's children with her.
Notes on Son Reuben:
Census  records show Crawford 1830-40, Stewart 1850, Morehouse Parish La
1835 List of Letters Fri. Apr. 10 (Not picked up) Columbus Inquirer
Columbus Ga. Newspaper Clippiings
1860..with John J and William J. in Crawford..
Another record shows him born Crawford Co Ga.
\my documents\wp\research\mcmcl\discussion\McMcl_Reuben
McMichael Discussion Document No.  10  From
>From the book The Georgians Genealogies of Pioneer Settlers by Jeannette
Holland Austin on page 247, we find the family of Reuben Michael with
some additional comments or information that is quite interesting to me.
We find:
AReuben McMichael, b. 1839 Ga., lived Crawford Co., Ga., 1830-1840,
removing to Stewart Co. 1850 and Morehouse Parish, La. In 1860.  He m.
1st Margaret Sanders Lawrence 2/7/1832 Crawford Co., b. 1813, and 2nd
Emily Prather, b. 1824 Ga., Stewart Co. 1852, wid. Of William Clark
Prather [Will dtd 1849; William O. Butler Prather, b. 1846, and Emily b.
1849].  Ezekiel McMichael found in Crawford Co. 1830 and Stewart Co.
1840.  John McMichael m. Mary Jane Howe 11/17/1829 in Crawford Co., Ga.
Issue of Reuben:
A1. Lucinda McMichael, b. 1813 Crawford Co. Ga., m. John H. Sanders,
lived Stewart Co. 1850, Issue: W.R. Sanders, b. 1850 Stewart Co.; A.
Moore Sanders, b. 1846 Stewart Co., Ga.
A2. James Nelson McMichael, b. 1835 Crawford Co. w., Ann G. Grubbs, b.
1835 Ga., Issue: Steph., b. 1859 Ga.; Charles, b. 1864 La.
A3. Louisiana Elizabeth McMichael, b. 1839, Ga., m. Baldwin Johnson, b.
1824 Ga., listed 1860 Bibb Co. Census. Issue, Margaret E., b. 1860.
A4. Reuben McMichael, b. 1841 Stewart Co., killed during Civil War.
A5. Eldridge McMichael, b. 1843 Stewart Co., Ga., w., Sarah, b. 1851
Ark., listed 1870 Bowie Co. Texas Census; 1880 Cass Co. Tx. Census.
Issue: Ella O., b. 1872 Tx.; Ida A., b. 1875 Tx.; Willie May, b. 1879 Tx.
A6. Texana McMichael, b. 1850 Stewart Co., Ga., m. Joseph J. Camp, b.
1847 Ga., listed 1860 Spalding Co., Ga. Census.  Issue: James, b. 1872;
Lelia, b. 1875; J. Abner, b. 1877; Carter C., b. 1879 Ga.
A7. L.W. McMichael, dau., b. 1856 Stewart Co. Ga.
A8. Gertrude McMichael, b. 1860 Morehouse Parish, La.@
AStewart Co. DB P, P. 409, Robert Hatcher for $1500 to Exekiel McMichael,
mules, horses, hogs, goats, cattle, etc. 4/101839.@
Some cemetery information is given.
The balance of the information pertains to the step children of Reuben.
This page of information brings up several questions.  And, makes me
think in a certain direction.
1. Why is Ezekiel McMichael mentioned?  I believe that this Ezekiel is
most likely the son of Ezekiel and Mary McMichael.
2. John McMichael and Mary Jane Howe?  If my information is correct, this
John is a brother to Reuben. Why are John and Mary, along with Ezekiel,
mentioned in the information that appears to be a page about Reuben=s
family?  Is there some close family relationship between these two
brothers and Ezekiel?  John and Reuben are sons of James McMichael (d.
before 1818) and Margaret __?__ (1810-1884).
3. Eldridge McMichael, the 5th child of Reuben, ends up in Cass County,
Texas on the 1880 Census.  Why?  Eldridge and his family are listed as
family 446, Prect. #3, Cass County on the 1880 census.  He is shown as 35
years old which would make him born in 1845 rather than 1843 as indicated
above.  Also, listed is Sarah, wife, age 27, born in Ark and their three
children all born in Texas.  It appears that Eldridge and Sarah may have
gotten married just before the 1870 census for Bowie County was taken.
They are listed but had no children on 1870 census for Bowie Co., Tx.
Their oldest child was 8 years on the 1880 census.  It could be that
Eldridge traveled to Texas as a single man and married there since his
wife was born in Ark. and her parents were born in Alabama.
4. On the 1880 Texas Census for Cass County, Family 445, Prect. #3, is
listed James W. McMichael, age 45, Ann, his wife, age 45, and Charles,
son, age 16.  James is living next door to Eldridge.  I believe this
James is a brother to Eldridge.  The middle initial is different, but the
age for James would indicate he was born in 1835, same as above, a son
Charles is the correct age and he is shown as being born in Louisiana.
James was also listed on the 1870 Census for Cass County, Texas.
In the 1850s several of the children of John Madison & Ghitta Frances
(Griffin) McMichael moved to Cass County, Texas.  Most of them lived in
the same Precinct that James and Eldridge are living in as indicated by
the information found on the 1880 Census for Cass County, Texas.  John is
a son of William McMichael and Polly Carmichael.
I am inclined to believe that James and Eldridge decided to move to Texas
and join relatives. The families that lived in Cass county must be
related in some way. Eldridge moved to Texas and was listed on the Bowie
County 1870 Census and then moved to Cass county where his brother lived
before the 1880 census.
It just does not seem that it is pure accident that all of the different
McMichael families ended up in Cass County, Texas on the 1880 census.
All of the above is quite interesting to me.
Notes on Dtr. Jane:
HISTORY OF GREENE CO GA by Rice & Wms. pg. 590.
Seaborn is my line. Alternate e-mail address
Gerry Hill- Albany Ga.