GA Family Group Sheet for Zachariah HAMILTON Family

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Submitted by: Gerry Hill

Husband: Zachariah HAMILTON
Birthdate: 1787
Birthplace: Fairfield Co SC
Death date: aft Nov 1853
Place of death: , Taylor, Ga
Father: James Hamilton
Mother: Sara Black

Marriage date: abt 1817
Marriage place: Fairfield, SC

Wife: Elizabeth A E
Birthdate: 1798
Birthplace: SC
Death date: aft 1870
Place of death: , Taylor, Ga

Child No. 1: John A
Sex: M
Birthdate: 24 Aug 1824
Birthplace: SC
Death date: aft 1877
Place of death:
Marriage date: 12 Feb 1868
Marriage place: , Taylor, Ga
Spouse's name: Mary Abigail Brand

Child No. 2: William
Sex: m
Birthdate: 1826
Birthplace: SC
Death date:
Place of death:
Marriage date:
Marriage place:
Spouse's name: Eliza

Child No. 3: Mary O Ann
Sex: F
Birthdate: 1829
Birthplace: , Crawford, Ga
Death date:
Place of death:
Marriage date:
Marriage place:
Spouse's name:

Child No. 4: Sarah Eugenia Rachel
Sex: F
Birthdate: 1832
Birthplace: , Crawford, Ga
Death date: 1878
Place of death: Ga
Marriage date: abt 1855
Marriage place: Probably Macon or Taylor Co Ga
Spouse's name: James Ruffin Pridgeon

Child No. 5: Zachariah K
Sex: m
Birthdate: 1835
Birthplace: , Crawford, Ga
Death date: 1873
Place of death: , Bienville Parish, La
Marriage date: 13 Jul 1856
Marriage place: . Taylor, Ga
Spouse's name: Angeline E Hamilton

1820-26 Fairfield SC 150 22
1830 Crawford Co.Ga. 398 32 Zachariah K. Hamilton
Male 30/40   Female 30/40
male 0/5      f 0/5
1834-Note of account due Page 107 6 Nov Crawford Co Ga on the estate of
Ephriam Heard --
Zachariah K Hamilton owed. Appraised by Robert Howe and James H Harris.
James Hamilton
Marion 1850-60 was either a son of brother? He was born in 1806 and wife
Nancy 1810.
Children in Census were Mary A 1832,Susan 1834, James 1836, William 1838
(Probably Wm W
who died in Prison Spotsylvania Co Va Pvt 6-15-1861.) Henry C born 1840
(Probably the Henry
C who died in Prison Spotsylvania Co Va Pvt 6-1-1863) Nancy Antoinette
1842, Zachariah T
1838- Jan 1- 63 22d DISTRICT, SECOND SECTION, CHEROKEE Zachariah K.
Hamilton Mann's
Crawford granted previous to the first day of Jan.
1840 Census  Talbot Co Ga
1850 Talbot Co.Ga.  42  821 52. No 1860
Zachariah Hamilton 52 SC
Elizabeth 52 SC
John 24 SC
Ann 21
Sarah 19
Zachariah 15
1853- Book A  1852-1866 Nov. Term Petit Jury
1. Tabner Wells
2. David Lawson
3. David P. M Brand
4. G.M. Dean
5. John W. Gassett
6. Elias Cody
7. Rob W. Walker
8. Benjamin Frasier
9. Allen Averett
10. Z.N. Brand
11. Osburn Downing
12. Samuel Jones
13. Micah Posey
14. J P Fouch
15. John J. Jones
16. Isaac Griggs
17. James Whittle
18. Briant Jones
19. Thomas Lawson
20. David H. Williams
21. Henry Joiner
22. Wilkinson Frasier
23. Markus Loyd
24. Abraham Wainwright
25. Benjamin Posey
26. C.D. Benan
27. Augustus B. Tomy
28. Moses L. Thompson
29. Thomas R. Wilson
30. William H. Brand
31. George Layfield
32. John Singleton
33. Nathan P. Short
34. Allen Whittington
35. William W. Williamson
36. James Ham
37. Isaac P. Matthews
38. James W. Jester
39. Gus Cason
40. Amos Rodger
41. Allen Pridgin
42. Washington Frasier
43. Joseph Riley (Son of my ancestor John Riley)
44. Zachariah K. Hamilton (my ancestor)
45. Thomas Wilson
46. George Knight
47. Isam Joiner? Juney
It appears to Court that Tabern Wells, John W. Gusset, Samuel Jones,
Marcus Loyd, Nathan P. Short, Jesse P. Mathews, Zachariah Hamilton, David
Lawson, J.T. Fouch, John J Jones, Wilkinson Frazier, Abraham Wainright,
John singleton were each drawn and duly summoned to serve as Petit
Juror during the present term of court and they and each of them having
failed to attend and render sufficient excuse it is therefore ordered by
the court be each severally fined the sum of $20.
1854-56 Elizabeth A. widow of Zach.Sr. with others was received by Letter
Bethel..Taylor. Four Miles
S of Cook and Eibeck's Mill, Ga.
1857-60 Adeline Frances Hamilton joined Bethel also Zachariah Hamilton.
1860  Census Taylor Co. Ga.
451-434 was John Hamilton 34 Born SC
Elizabeth A W 62
Mary A 39 (Spinster sister)
William Goff 9 orphan
next door-
Zachariah K. Hamilton 24
Angeline E 18
George W. 30     Should be 3 (See 1870)
Martha A 1"Patsy"
1860 Census   Taylor Co. Ga. Page 885 Household #370
James R. Prigeon 30 Farmer 60 Ga
Sarah 27
Eliza A E 3
Zachariah T F 1
1861- John- Private May 27  Discharged Disability Aug. 20, 1861.
Page. 351 Appendix-C Times of the Confederacy 1861-1865
H1861-Private May 27  Discharged Disability Aug. 20, 1861.
Page. 351 Appendix-C Times of the Confederacy 1861-1865
He enlisted in Co. Ga. 6th Ga. Inf. Battalion pvt.  Discharged for
constitutional disability
1861-Private 27 May Zachariah K Hamilton (Jr)Georgia 27   Confederacy
Co.G 6th Ga Inf.
(Also a Zachariah K 20 Va Cavalry Pvt Confed.)
1861-May 27 (Jr)He was promoted to Cpl. Ga. 6th Ga. Infantry-with brother
John A.
1862- James Ruffin Pridgeon-husband of Sara Enlisted Mar. 10 1862..Pvt.
Co. E 45th  Reg. Ga Inf. Muster.Taylor Co.
Army of Northern VA Taylor Co Ga Taylor Volunteers
James R 4:878
Wounded in Combat 5-5-1864.
Failed to answer muster Jan-Feb. 1865-Went home ill.
1862-Jan. 2(Jr) He was on furlough to Butler Ga. for 25 days from
Yorktown Pa.
1862-  (Jr)He was sick in Camp Jan-Feb. Admitted to Episcopal Church
Williamsburg Va. Mar. 28 1862 for hephritis. Sent to General Hospital
Apr. 5 1862. (Jr)Admitted to Chimborazo Hospital No. 1 Richmond Va. Apr.
1862 (Jr) left without permission. Apr. 28 to Apr. 31 1962 back with Co.
Names of Wives of Soldiers Now in Service.
Mrs. Bruzzill Priggin
Mrs. James A. Priggin
1863- John was married to someone---
Wives of CSA Soldiers-Taylor Co. Ga.
Mrs. J.  A. Hamilton
1864 (Jr)In Walker Hosp. Columbus, Ga. Mar. 20 and returned to his
1864 James Ruffin Pridgeon 8th page-Muster Roll of Co. C. 59th Regt. Ga.
Vol. Organized at Butler,Taylor Co Ga May 4th 1862
May 6 1864-James Ruffin Pridgeon Wounded right leg permanently disabled
at Wilderness
1865- Feb. 28 last one file-absent sick
1864 Mother on Mar. 5, 1864 applied for dismission for herself, Sarah
Pridgeon and Zachariah K.  Hamilton Jr. Prim. Bab. Ch. Taylor Co.
1865-(Jr) Surrendered Greensboro, NC Apr. 26 .Paroled at Greensboro NC
May 1 1865  with General
Joseph E Johnston at Greensborn NC Appendix C Times of The Confederacy
1861-1865 oage
1870 Census Beinville Parish, La.
Zacharia Hamilton 40
Angeline 30
Martha Hamilton 68
Adeline 28
George 12
Martha 10
Eliza 2
Josephine 4
Mayline 3
1870 Census 79-79-C  (Two doors down was William Hamilton 44)
James Pridgeon 40  Reynolds Dist. 253
Sarah 37
Elizabeth 12
Franklin 11
Alexander 9
Virginia 4
Mary 1
William Hamilton 44  $1500 $600 Ga. Farmer (2 doors from Sara)
Eliza 34
James 14
Georgia 12 at school
William attends school 10
John 8
John 6 and Josaphine 6
Mary 2
1871 He signed as witness to Theodrick Henry Hamilton  deed.
Theodrick later signed that he was his brother-in-law.
James Ruffin Pridgeon is the child of Robert and Rachel.
Ms. Gerry Hill- Albany Ga.