Georgia Family Group Sheet for Elder James GIBBS Family

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Submitted by: Marge G. Pierce
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Husband: Elder James GIBBS
Birthdate: July 29, 1848
Death date:
Mother: Mahala Henderson
Father: James Gibbs

Wife: Mary WARREN
Birthdate: December 19, 1867
Death date:

   Their children are:

   J. S. Gibbs,
born December 20, 1868,
married Rhoda Jane Peeples.

   William Gibbs,
born July 27, 1870,
married Nora M. Willis and Bessie Partridge.

   Nancy Gibbs,
born February 5, 1875,
married W. H. Willis.

   H. F. Gibbs,
born December 10, 1879,
married Ruby Lee Partridge.

   Mahala Gibbs,
born October 21, 1877,
married John P. Willis.

   Millie Gibbs,
born February 16, 1883,
married Russell Patrick.

   Sarah Catherine Gibbs,
born April 13, 1886,
married J. W. Taylor.

   Wright Gibbs,
born July 21, 1889,
married Hattie Pat-rick.

   G. Warren Gibbs,
born September 5, 1872,
married-Mary A. Gibbs.