GA Family Group Sheet for John DUNN Family

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SUBMITTED BY: Mary Ann Willoughby
Husband: John DUNN
       Birthdate: abt 1774 , probably Onslow Co., NC
       Death date: aft 1860
      Father: Drury DUNN RS
      Mother: unknown
Wife: unknown
       Death date:
 1 M John E DUNN
       Birthdate: Feb 24 1798     Onslow Co., NC
      Spouse: Elmina (Elmyra) JERNIGAN (m Jun 19 183, Hancock Co., Ga.)
      Spouse: Malinda A. HOWELL (m Aug 20 1847, Hancock Co., Ga.)
 2 M William DUNN
       Birth: abt 1800   Onslow Co., NC
       Death: 1862        Cobb Co., Ga.
      Spouse: unknown (m abt 1825)
      Spouse: Nancy CHAMBERS (m abt 1840, Cobb Co., Ga.)
 3 M James K. DUNN
       Birth: Mar 6 1808    Georgia
       Death: Oct 24 1884    Nevada Co., AR
      Burial:      Dunn Cemetery, Bodcaw, Nevada Co., AR
      Spouse: Malinda KELLEY (m May 18 1831, Hancock Co., Ga)
 4 M Augustus Brinson DUNN
       Birth: Mar 1810       Georgia
       Death: Jun 16 1886    Hancock Co., Ga.
      Spouse: Rebecca KELLEY (m Jan 7 1830, Hancock Co., Ga.)
      Spouse: Betheny  (Thene) DENNIS (m Mar 17 1874, Washington Co., Ga.)
JOHN DUNN first appears in Onslow Co., NC as witness to transaction between
William Murrill and JAMES DUNN. Nov 29, 1793.  He last appear in 1807 when
he sold land next to Drury Dunn with Henry Dunn as witness.

On Jan. 5, 1802, Onslow Co., NC, John Dunn deeded land to Dan Nixon and the
deed was sighed by John Dunn, Anne Dunn and Deborough Dudley (wife of
Edward Dudley and dau. in law of Wm. Dudley). I have found no record of a
marriage for a John Dunn in Onslow Co.

John Dunn, along with Drury Dunn, his father, sold their land in Onslow
Co., NC in Jan., 1807 and presumably left for Georgia.

Resided in Hancock Co., Ga., April 11, 1811(date of Drury Dunn's death)

Present in Hancock Co., Ga. during 1820 census with no wife but with 4 sons.

Unaccounted for during the years between 1820 and 1860 but reappears in
Hancock County during 1860 census as an 86 year old man, living with
grandson, Benjamin, F.  Dun  (son of Augustus B.)  No Confirmation of this

John Dunn accepted  from Henry Dunn, "administrator of the estate of my
father,  Drury Dunn, $195.63 as payment in full of his share of said
estate.  signed  July 3, 1813

Hancock Co., Ga. Tax Records
1830=John E., William, and James K..
1831= John E., William, James K., & Augustus B.
1833=   John E., William, James K., & Augustus B
1835=   John E., James K., & Augustus B. William had moved to Cobb Co. by
this time.
 1840= John E. and Augustus B. were lift in the  112th district, after
James K.'s move to Cobb Co.

There is no record of John E. Dunn in Hancock Co. after the 1850 census.

Resided in Hancock Co., during 1821.  Recipient of a land grant in Henry
Co., during the 1821 Georgia Land Lottery.  Moved to Cobb Co., Ga. sometime
after 1833 and became  a respectable land speculator.

Hancock Co., Ga. 1840 census reveals four daughters.  Moved to Cobb Co.,
Ga. in the 1840s and on to Columbia Co., Arkansas in the late 1850s and
settled in the northern part which was taken into Nevada Co. (pronounced
Nuh-VA-duh) after the Civil War.
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Prepared Apr 6 2002 by:
Mary Ann Willoughby