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Husband: William DELAFIELD
        Birthdate: 1763 - Mecklenburg Co, Virginia
        Death date: 1860 - Marshall, Harrison Co, Texas
      Buried: 1860 - Near Lagrone's Chapel, Harrison Co, Texas
      Father: Nicholas DELAFIELD (1720-1785) (1)
      Mother: unknown
    Marriage: Abt 1785                      Place: Georgia
   1. Military, 1779 - American Militia, Capt. Reuben Vaughan's Co.
   2. Residence (2) , 1804 - Oglethorpe Co, Georgia
   3. Census (3) , 1820 - Hall Co, Georgia
   4. Residence, 1825 - Georgia
   5. Residence (4) , 1827 - Hall Co, Georgia
   6. Census, 1830 - Hall Co, Georgia, Page 69-70
   7. Residence (5) , 1836 - Barbour Co, Alabama
   8. Residence, 1850 - Harrison Co, Texas
   Wife: Nancy ???
        Birthdate: Abt 1765
        Death date: After 1830 - Alabama
1  M  Nicholas DELAFIELD (1)
        Birthdate: 1790 - Georgia
        Death date: 1854 - Marshall, Harrison Co, Texas
      Spouse: Sarah GORMAN (1805-1878)
  Marr. Date: 22 Apr 1821 - Hall Co, Georgia (6, 7)
        Birthdate: Abt 1792
        Death date: Deceased
3  M  John Glass DELAFIELD (8)
        Birthdate: 7 Sep 1794 - Sparta, White Co, Tennessee
        Death date: 27 Nov 1862 - Titus Co, Texas
      Spouse: Celia JONES (1802-1866) (8)
  Marr. Date: 21 Apr 1820 - Georgia

General Notes (Husband)

There is a historical marker honoring William Delafield as a patriot in the
LaGrone Cemetery near Hallsville, Texas. He is also listed in the Roster of
Texas Daughters Revolutionary Ancestors. There is also a book "Delafield - The
Family History" by Brigadere General John Ross Delafield.
   The marker states:
     "Son of Nicholas Delafield, a cooper in the English Navy in 1740's and an
artisan living in Mecklenburg Co., Va., as early as the 1760's. William
Delafield, as a lad of 16, served in the militia company of a neighbor, Capt.
Reuben Vaughan, during the year of 1779 when the former American
colonies--joined together since 1776 as the United States--were revolting
against the tyranny of George III of Great Britain.
     "In 1825, William Delafield, then 22 moved to Georgia. There he brought up
a family and in 1827 was awarded land on basis of his Revolutionary War
Service. By 1832, he and a son, Nicholas, lived in Alabama, where in 1836 both
received land grants in Barbour County. The son in 1846 settled here in
Harrison County, Texas.
     "By 1850, William Delafield also lived here, where he was known to
neighbors as an elderly man who sat in a rocking chair relating stories of old
times. He had lost a leg, probably in frontier fighting in Georgia against the
Indians. His descendants include persons who have attained distinction in
military and civilian life in Texas and other states."

May 4, 1785
To His Excellency Patrick Henry, Esquire
Governor of Virginia


   The power of pardoning for Felonious Offences being left with you & the
Hin'ble the Council of Stste, we beg leave to address you in behalf of William
Delafield now under sentence of death for horse stealing..
   Although we exercise the crime & are sensible that the most vigorous
infliction of the laws of our Country should attend it's conviction--Yet, Sir,
as the Mercy of our country thro' your Excellence (word unintelligle) is often
extended to Offenders of this rank;   permit us, urged by a hope, that (as this
is the first) it will be the last offence of this nature the unhappy man will
commit;  to offer our Intreaties, accompanied by  our wishes, that he may
receive a pardon.
   We might here mention several alleviating Circumstances, that might operate
with your Excellency in this consideration; but will only observe the anxiety
of an aged Father for an only Son, a Father whose Tenor of life (from a long
couple of acquaintance) has ever been esteem'd moral & irreproachable;--& the
Son (this instance excepted) as far as we know or have heard has never been
charged with offence.--
   The sincear desire we are persuaded that rests with your excellency, to
comply with every request of this sort, --not incompatible, with the security
and dignity of the Citizens over whom you preside;  & the instances that have
been attended with Happy effects during your administrations,  prompts us to
Hope our Request will be granted. --& with the Highest Respect subscribe
   Sir, Your excellencys most obedient & most Hbe servts.

May 4th 1785

Sam Hopkins, Jr.           Tingnal Jones Sr
William Taylor              Tingnal Jones Jr
Saml. Venable               Richard Swepson
Thos. Field                    Sam Goode
Henry Walker                Richd. Clausel

American Revolutionary War Patriots Buried In Texas:
William Delafield was another firebrand young man born in 1763 in Virginia, who
served in the American Revolution as a substitute for a friend. In 1785 he was
charged with stealing a horse, and sentenced to death! He received a pardon
from Governor Patrick Henry and sentenced to hard labor for three years,
however, he escaped from public jail and went to Georgia where he married and
had a two sons and lost a leg fighting Indians. In 1850 he moved to Texas to
live with his son Nicholas who had already migrated to Texas. William Delafield
died in 1860 in Harrison County, Texas and was buried in a family farm cemetery
located near LaGrone's Chapel. In 1972 there was a Texas Historical Marker
placed on his grave, but no SAR or DAR marker has been placed on his grave.

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