GA Family Group Sheet for Johnathan Wilson CROW Family

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Submitted by: Phillip D. Crow
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Husband: Johnathan Wilson CROW
Birthdate: Bet. 1815 - 1817
Birthplace: Franklin Co., GA
Death date: Aft. 13 December 1894
Place of death: Probably Mill Creek District, Whitfield Co. GA
Father: Probably Samuel Crow
Mother: Probably Susannah (maiden name unknown)
Marriage date: Probably about 1839
Marriage place: Probably in lower Hall Co., GA around Flowery Branch
or Shoal Creek in Robert's 413th. Militia District.
Wife: Martha C. FENN
Birthdate: Bet. 1815 - 1817
Birthplace: Probably Clarke of Hall Co. GA
Death date: unknown
Place of death: Not sure, Probably Mill Creek Distict, Whitfield Co. GA
Father: George Fann/Fenn
Mother: Margaret (Dorman?)
Child No. 1: Alfred Milton Crow
Sex: Male
Birthdate: 29 January 1841
Birthplace: Probably in lower Hall Co. GA's Robert's GMD 413
Death date: Bef. 13 December 1894
Place of death: Dalton, Rocky Face, or Mt. Vernon, in Whitfield Co., GA
Marriage date: 13 September 1868
Marriage place: Probably in Walker or Whitfield Co., GA
Spouse's name: Saleta Ann Francis Holcombe
Child No. 2: Nancy "Nicy" Elizabeth Crow
Sex: Female
Birthdate: December 1841
Birthplace: Probably in lower Hall Co. GA's Robert's GMD 413
Death date: 21 August 1926
Place of death: Probably in the Mill Creek Dist. of Whitfield Co., GA
Marriage date: 06 March 1872
Marriage place: Whitfield Co., GA, Book B-1, 00260
Spouse's name: Raymond Henson White
Child No. 3: Samuel Jackson Crow
Sex: Male
Birthdate: 15 April 1843
Birthplace: Probably in lower Hall Co. GA's Robert's GMD 413
Death date: 07 May 1924
Place of death: Probably Sugar Hill, Gwinnett Co., GA
Marriage date: Abt. 1862
Marriage place: Probably in Gwinnett or Hall Co. GA
Spouse's name: Melvina Orr
Child No. 4: Margaret E. Crow
Sex: Female
Birthdate: October 1846
Birthplace: Probably in lower Hall Co. GA's Robert's GMD 413
Death date: unknown
Place of death: Ellis or Hill Co., TX
Marriage date:
Marriage place:
Spouse's name: Never married
Child No. 5: Henry Lafayette Crow
Birthdate: 30 January 1849
Birthplace: Reported to be Franklin Co, GA, but suspect Robert's
District, lower Hall Co. GA
Death date: Bet. 05 - 15 August 1923
Place of death: Crow Community near Hillsboro and Whitney, Hill Co., TX cert.
Marriage date: 25 December 1873
Marriage place: Assume Hill Co., TX
Spouse's name: Cornelia Jane Childress
Child No. 6: Harrison Freeman Crow
Sex: male
Birthdate: Abt. 1852
Birthplace: Probably in lower Hall Co. GA's Robert's GMD 413
Death date: 27 April 1894
Place of death: Whitfield Co. GA
Marriage date: 21 September 1876
Marriage place: Probably Whitfield Co., GA
Spouse's name: Malinda Caroline Loner
Child No. 7: Martha Arilia "Rilia" Crow
Sex: Female
Birthdate: May 1854
Birthplace: Probably in lower Hall Co. GA's Robert's GMD 413
Death date: 15 April 1939
Place of death: Crow Community near Hillsboro and Whitney, Hill Co., TX
Marriage date:
Marriage place:
Spouse's name: unknown if any
Child No. 8: Johnathan E. Crow
Sex: Male
Birthdate: About 1857
Birthplace: Probably in lower Hall Co. GA's Robert's GMD 413
Death date: About 1892
Place of death: Near Mt. Vernon/Rocky Face, Whitfield Co., GA
Marriage date:
Marriage place:
Spouse's name: Never  married
Some Background:
Johnathan Wilson Crow and Martha C. Fenn Crow were my GG Grandparents,
their son, Alfred Milton Crow, married Saleta Ann Frances Holcombe Crow,
and were my Great Grandparents. Johnathan and Alfred were both farmers,
and boot & shoemakers too. Alfred M. Crow was enumerated with the John
Hansard family in lower Hall Co., GA in 1860. John Hansard reportedly
operated the Bond Ferry on the Chattahoochee River (Joseph Ballinger Bond
Sr. a Revolutionary Soldier living in Robert's Dist. in 1850 near our
Crows). John Hansard?s sister, Polly Archer Hansard, was married to
Johnathan's assumed brother, Norman Morrison Crow, by Silas King, MG, in
1835 in Gwinnett Co. GA.  More on Silas King and another of Johnathan's
assumed brothers, Samuel B. Crow, below under churches.
Census Records:
Hall Co., GA 1840 to 1880. Johnathan W. Crow moved his family, after the
Civil War, to Whitfield Co. GA, but returned to Hall Co. GA a short time
and was enumerated in Robert's GMD once again in 1880.  I find him back
in Whitfield Co. GA's Mill Creek Dist. 1233, Effie P.O., on Tax Digest
Records from 1890-1894 and no further records found after that date.
According to old family letters, we believe Johnathan died a short time
after his son, Alfred Milton Crow, c1894, which agrees with the tax
records as well.
Poor School Students, Roberts 413 th. GMD of lower Hall Co., GA, most
likely Johnathan?s teacher was his future broth-in-law, Thomas A. Fenn,
who was paid for teaching in that district. Re: Families of Hall Co,
1817-1849 by Robert S. Davis, Jr., pgs. 86-89, and poor school records of
Hall Co. GA, 1829/30.
Military Service:
Bet. 1836 - 1839; Possibly in the 1st. Company (Forsyth Guards) led by
Captain James Gaston to control the Seminole uprising in FL. Re: History
of Forsyth Co. by Don Shadburn, pg. 73.
1861-1864: Enlisted at Hog Mountain P.O. Hall Co. GA on 24 September 1861
as a private, CSA, Army of Northern Virginia, Company H, 35th Regiment,
Hall and Gwinnett Co.'s GA, "County Line Ivincibles" as did two sons,
Alfred Milton Crow, my GG, and later on, Samuel Jackson Crow did also.
Alfred and Samuel were captured just before Lee?s surrender near
Petersburg VA.  They were sent to prison at Pt. Lookout MD, and
thankfully survived the terrible place, as many did not, and were
released a few months later.
Military Notes:
According to CSA Records, Johnathan W. Crow was born in Franklin Co. GA,
was 6 feet 1/2 inches tall, fair complexion, blue eyes, and black hair.
He enlisted at "Roberts Crossroads" at "Hog Mountain" Gwinnett/Hall Co.,
GA as a Private-September 24, 1861.  Discharged, disability, April 12,
Tax Records:
1848 & 1849; Martain's District, Hall Co. GA
After the civil war; Mill Creek Dist.1233, Effie P.O., Whitfield Co. GA.
Voter Registration:
1849; Election for the 115th. G.M. at the House of Robert Young, Hall Co.
1867-1868; Whitfield Co. GA, Vol. 262, Book 2, pg. 93, Georgia State
Archives, Drawer 297, Box 6.
Will: Known found to date.
Some additional Background: Johnathan Wilson Crow arrived in lower Hall
Co., GA?s Robert?s 413 District about 1827, or 1828, having come from
Franklin Co., GA, probably with his assumed parents, Samuel Crow and
Susannah, who are enumerated in lower Hall Co. GA in 1830 & 1840, and
likely died in the Shoal Creek area of Robert?s GMD 413 District before
1850 and were buried at the old Shoal Creek Baptist Church Cemetery in
unmarked graves, or on the Crow property near the Chattahoochee River and
Shoal Creek. I have little doubt his parents were Samuel Crow and
Susannah (maiden name unknown) both were born in the 1770's, and probably
in one of the Carolinas, but have no documentation to prove it.  I have
found Samuel Crow on the Savannah River, around the Powder Bag Creek in
Elbert Co. GA, and is today?s Hart Co. GA, in 1802 or 1803, about 3 years
before he drew in the 1806 Lottery there in Elbert Co GA. Samuel Crow is
found on the tax digest records of Franklin Co., GA from 1818-1826 and
where he purchased and sold property as well. Samuel Crow's neighbors, of
nearby Elbert Co. GA, witnesses his property deeds in Franklin Co. GA.
Franklin Co. is where Samuel also paid, or filed tax returns for the
assumed male children as they tuned of age, 21 years. Johnathan Wilson
Crow's siblings, I have no doubt, but are "assumed" to be for the lack of
primary records:
1. Coleman W. Crow (1798 SC, died c1865 in St. Clair Co., AL)
2. Carlisle B. Crow (1799 SC, died 1870 in Hall Co., GA)
3. Wm. Thompson Crow Sr. (1801 SC, died 1897 Franklin Co. GA, his
grandson, Wm. Alfred Crow Sr. (aka: W.A. Crow) was Sheriff of Hall Co.,
GA for several years and his son, W. A. Jr., followed in his father?s
footsteps and was Sheriff there as well. W. A. Sr. was the son of Alfred
M. Crow (1835-1863) that died from wounds in the Civil War in TN, and not
to be confused with my Alfred Milton Crow, son of Johnathan)
4. Samuel B. Crow (c1803 GA, died unk. prob. St. Clair Co. AL)
5. Norman Morrison Crow (1809 GA, died in Cherokee Co. AL)
6. James M. Crow (c1811/12 GA, died 1880-1890 Cherokee Co., GA)
7. Johnathan Wilson Crow (above)
8. Possibly 3 unk. sisters, one could be Lucinda Crow that married
William Hendrix in Hall Co. GA on 10 Dec. 1828, but is still unproven as
Samuel B. Crow helped establish the original Shoal Creek Baptist Church
in the area of Shoal Creek and the Chattahoochee River in Hall Co. GA
with Silas King, MG, in the 1830's, according to the History of the
Island Ford Baptist Church by Pugh, a Church in Gwinnett Co. GA, another
Church they helped establish, and where some of our Crows & Moulders also
attended and are buried as well. Another Church that Samuel B. Crow
attended and was a deacon and charter member of was Friendship Baptist
Church in Hall Co. GA. Samuel B. Crow also helped in Baptist Church in
St. Clair Co. AL where he last lived among more of the Crows of
Orange/Chatham Co., NC. Relationship to these NC Crows has not been
determined to date (2002).
Phillip D. Crow
Ventura CA 93003