GA Family Group Sheet for Henry Thomas BOSS Family

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Husband: Henry Thomas BOSS
        Birthdate: Bet. 1750 - 1760                   Place:
        Married: Bet. 1781 - 1782             Place: Augusta County, VA
        Death date: AUG 1836                            Place:  Walton County, GA
        Buried: Boss-Livsey Cemetery     Place:  Walton County, GA
        Other Spouses:
Wife: Anna Catherine OEHLER
        Birthdate:  25 JAN 1762                         Place:  Augusta County, VA
        Death date:                                                 Place:  Walton County, GA
        Buried: Boss-Livsey Cemetery       Place:  Walton County, GA
        Father:  Anthony OEHLER
        Mother:  Anna SCHMIT/SCHMIDT
        Other Spouses:
        Birthdate: 02 FEB 1783                         Place:  Augusta County, VA
        Married: 26 SEP 1808                     Place:  Wilkes County, GA
        Death date:                                                Place:  Walker County, GA
        Buried: Chicamauga Cemetery      Place:
        Spouse(s): Esther PHOENIS         Born/Death date:  1790/Bet.1861-1869
2. Name:  John George BOSS
        Birthdate: 20 APR 1785                             Place:  Augusta County, VA
        Married: 23 JAN 1817                        Place:  Wilkes County, GA
        Death date: 21 SEP 1869                              Place:  Walton County, GA
        Buried: Bay Creek Cemetery             Place:  Loganville, Walton County, GA
        Spouse(s): Mariah WELLMAKER    Born/Death date:  1794/1869
3. Name:  Susannah BOSS
        Birthdate: 30 JUL 1787                 Place:  Virigina
        Married: 22 SEP 1808            Place:  Wilkes County, GA
        Death date: 11 OCT 1818                Place:  Wilkes County, GA
        Buried:                                     Place:
        Spouse(s): Henry SHANK     Born/Death date:  27 JUN 1784/?
4. Name:  Elizabeth BOSS
        Birthdate: 02 NOV 1789            Place:  Virginia
        Married: 06 FEB 1817        Place:  Wilkes County, GA
        Death date:                                    Place:
        Buried:                                 Place:
        Spouse(s): Benjamin RAGLAND/RYLANT   Born/Death date:
5. Name:  Barbara Ann BOSS
        Birthdate: 01 MAY 1792                                  Place:
        Married: 01 JAN 1817                             Place:  Wilkes County, GA
        Death date:                                   Place:
        Buried: Boss-Livsey Cemetery               Place:  Walton County, GA
        Spouse(s): Green H. LIPSEY/LIVSEY   Born/Death date:
6. Name:  Lena Maria BOSS
        Birthdate: 26 JUN 1794                                            Place:  Wilkes County, GA
        Married:                                                              Place:
        Death date: 29 JAN 1861                                            Place:  Walton County, GA
        Buried: Bay Creek Cemetery                            Place:   Loganville, Walton County, GA
        Spouse(s): Killingsworth Durham BARKER    Born/Death date:  04 MAY 1797/30 AUG 1867
7. Name:  John BOSS
        Birthdate: 09 APR 1797                                    Place:  Wilkes County, GA
        Married:  08 JUL 1819                               Place:
        Death date: 25 AUG 1888                                    Place:  Walton County, GA
        Buried: Bay Creek Cemetery                    Place:   Loganville, Walton County, GA
        Spouse(s):  Catherine WELLMAKER      Born/Death date:  27 MAR 1804/25 JAN 1879
8. Name:  Lena Margaret BOSS
        Birthdate: 27 OCT 1800                   Place:
        Married:                                     Place:
        Death date:                                          Place:
        Buried:                                        Place:
        Spouse(s): James BENTLEY    Born/Death date:  1799/?
9. Name:  Phillip BOSS
        Birthdate: 26 JUN 1805              Place:  Wilkes County, GA
        Married: 1) 03 SEP 1830      Place:  1) Wilkes County, GA
                      2) 18 MAY 1845               2) Walton County, GA
        Death date:                                      Place:
        Buried:                                   Place:
        Spouse(s): (1) Ann POSS      Born/Death date:
                         (2) Catherine PRATT
We have no record  of Henrys immigration,  but he may have come from Germany or
Switzerland.  He did speak German and became a teacher.  He also may  have served in the
Revolutionary War, possible in Va.  It is also said he came to America with his axe and on the
handle was his initials "H.B.  I have found a Henry Boss In the Index to Revolutionary War
Service Records, pg.260 reads: served as a Private in the 3rd. N Y Regt.

I found Phillip in the Wilkes County Marriage Book Vol.2 1806-1834 as having married
September 8, 1820.  If this is true he would have been about 15 when he married.  My marriage
date came from Vivian Walls book.